We Are Not
“Fear is the absence of love.
Not the opposite of love, the absence.

Just like darkness is the absence of light.
God is pure love.
Judgment comes only from a state of fear.
Therefore God does not judge.
Only beings in a physical form judge.
Evolved beings do not judge.
You are here on this physical plane to evolve.
Strive to be non-judgmental.
Seek within, you are pure love.
You are God.” ~ MDE


     Welcome to my website.  I am calling for a change in our generally accepted views on spirituality.  Not being satisfied with the way the world has become disconnected through religious, political or cultural differences, I am calling for oneness.  Not on a regional or countrywide scale, but on a global and universal scale.  The time has come for us to realize that we are all one conscious entity, regardless of our differences or perceptions of separateness.  It’s time to redefine conventional religion and politics to better serve humanity on a global level.   If we can do this, then we will evolve to become one on a universal scale.  This is not an easy task, so I am also calling for others to share this message as well.

     Here you will find an ever-evolving compilation of wisdom that will hopefully expand the width, depth, and height of the experiences that you are having here on this planet.  It is my way of giving back to the universe.  If some of this wisdom has already been discovered by you, then I hope there will be some additional useful concepts that will expand that knowledge.  If you are new to the information presented here, then I hope you will keep an open mind and find something that will enlighten you.  Please be aware that a clear understanding of this material will not happen overnight, nor should it.  It’s taken me a good deal of time to put it together and I am still learning it myself.  Many people will struggle with what I present.  Understand that the content on this website may not be comfortable for you.

     I encourage you to always have a critical mind.  Never accept anything at face value, even on this website.  Instead, do the research.  Break it down, internalize it and then draw your own conclusions.  Use your intuition.  This is what it means to be critical.  I have written over 2 dozen articles as well as provided a large number of resources.  There are over 290 individuals, thousands of books, thousands of web links and over 2000 hours of audio files (including my own personal archive of talk radio shows going back to the 1990s) to refer to on this site.  If what you find rings true with you, then utilize it for your own evolution and pass it on to others.  If you choose to be cynical, then simply leave it behind.  Each and every one of us is on a path of discovering our own truth.  How you get to that truth is up to you.  Nobody is on the same exact path, but we will all get there together.  This is not something I believe, it’s something I know.  

Thank you for stopping by, however long you wish to stay.

~ MDE (Mike)



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