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Books or links in bold were used as references in articles.  *Starred books or links are personal favorites and highly recommended.  References are being updated regularly as I accumulate new knowledge and wisdom.  New books or links in the last 3 months are marked accordingly.  I welcome all suggestions for new references.




Dr. P.M.H. Atwater   Basic RGB

One of the pioneering researchers in the field of NDE studies, she has several decades of research into the field.  She has interviewed thousands of people who have experienced an NDE, including those in children and has had 3 NDE experiences herself.  Also, an explorer into the new consciousness involving reality shifts, psychic phenomena, mysticism and how modern generations of children are more intuitively advanced than previous generations.  She is an internationally known speaker and has appeared on many TV and radio shows.



Dr. P.M.H. Atwater Main Website

Dr. P.M.H. Atwater’s Near-Death Experience Research

P.M.H. Atwater – NDE

P.M.H. Atwater Audio Archive



Near-Death Experiences, the Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living & Dying & Our True Purpose

Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness

All Books




Judy Bachrach   Judy Bachrach

A journalist and professor, she is known for her research into NDEs, which she has called ‘death travels’.  She has interviewed and collected many accounts of ordinary people who have vivid memories of traveling to the spiritual planes.  She also interviews the doctors, nurses, and scientists who have examined the NDE accounts and their memories, thus putting together a more credible and accurate account of their experiences.  Their stories reveal a complex and joyous account of what is awaiting us after our physical lifetimes.



Judy Bachrach Main Website

Judy Bachrach – Tales of the Dead Come Back: How Modern Medicine is Reinventing Death



Glimpsing Heaven: The Stories & Science of Life After Death




Dr. Allan L. Botkin   Allan Botkin 

(Also found under Spiritual Healing)

Dr. Botkin is credited with the discovery of “induced after-death communication” or IADC.  Using a technique called Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, he is able to connect people who are grieving to come in contact with loved ones who have passed on.  Refining NDE pioneer *Dr. Raymond Moody‘s after-death communication techniques, he able to achieve a very high success rate.  He is a psychologist and is the head of the Center for Grief and Traumatic Loss at IADC.  



IADC® Therapy with Dr. Allan L. Botkin

The Trigger of Eye-Movement Desensitization: Dr. Allan Botkin’s Research

Dr. Allan Botkin Audio Archive



Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief & Trauma




Dr. Bruce Greyson   Bruce Greyson

One of the founding fathers in the field of NDE research, he is a scientist at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, as well as studying psychology.  His research spans over 30 years and is challenging the classical view of reality as well as the neuroscience-based view of consciousness.  The evidence comes from those that have had an NDE experience, who have come back and are no longer afraid of death or living their lives to the fullest.  He has written many journal articles and is regularly consulted as an expert in his field.



The Trigger of Brain Stimulation: Dr. Bruce Greyson’s NDE Research

Interview: Bruce Greyson on Researching Near-Death Experiences at the University of Virginia

Dr. Bruce Greyson – NDERF Articles

Dr. Bruce Greyson – What happens When We Die? Va. Researchers Investigate Near-Death Experiences

Dr. Bruce Greyson Life After Death Interviewed by Dean Radin (Video)



The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation




Annamaria Hemingway   AnnaMaria Hemingway

(Also found under Afterlife Research)

A spiritual counselor and teacher, she bridges the gap between ancient cultural myths and religious practices to contemporary NDEs and outlines what we have understood throughout history about consciousness.  She shows that death has become taboo in our modern society but it is something that should be better understood as an integral part of life.  As a member of the International Association of Near-Death Studies, she has authored several books, travels the country as a lecturer and also holds workshops.



Annamaria Hemingway Bio

Annamaria Hemingway – Honoring the Sacred Journey



Practicing Conscious Living & Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness

Immortal Yearnings: Mystical Imaginings & Primordial Affirmations of the Afterlife

All Books




Elisabeth Kubler-Ross   Elisabeth Kubler Ross

A well-known authority in the field of the dying process and death, she spent years with the terminally ill and elderly.  She is best known for exploring the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  Researching over 20,000 people who have had NDEs, she also explored mediumship and OBEs.  She has written many works on the dying process, grief and what happens at death.  She passed away in 2004.



Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Bio



On Life After Death

On Death & Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy & Their Own Families

On Grief & Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss




Mary Lee LaBay   Mary Lee LaBay

(Also found under Reincarnation/Life Between Life ResearchHypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A psychologist, professional hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and spiritual teacher, she brings a holistic and intuitive approach to her teaching and counseling.  She has a wide range of knowledge on past life and life-between-life regression as well as NDEs.  Her work focuses on techniques for maximum effectiveness in the practice of regression as well as healing and personal growth.  She is certified in a number of areas and holds her own training courses as well as leading workshops around the world.



Mary Lee LaBay Main Website



Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners

Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach

All Books




Dr. Jeffrey Long   Jeffrey Long

A radiation oncologist and a nationally recognized expert in near-death studies.  Along with his wife Jody, he has amassed a database of stories and evidence through people who have experienced an NDE.  His website and book collect these stories.  He has also appeared on many TV and radio shows.



NDERF – Dr. Jeffrey Long Main Website

Dr. Jeffrey Long’s Near-Death Experience Research a “Game Changer” for Science

Dr. Jeffrey Long – Near Death Experiences (Video)

Jeffrey Long Audio Archive



Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

God & the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God & Near-Death Experience




Joe McMoneagle   Joe McMoneagle

(Also found under Altered/Higher Consciousness Research)

A retired officer in the U.S. Army, he is known for his involvement with many remote viewing projects, including one of the first personnel involved in the classified Stargate Project.  His use of paranormal abilities has successfully gathered military intelligence under a variety of circumstances.  He is also known for his research into NDEs, OBEs, and UFOs.  His claim is that remote viewing is possible outside of the boundaries of time and that one can be trained to be accurate and repeatable.  



Joe McMoneagle Main Website

Joe McMoneagle Blog

Joe McMoneagle Bio

Joe McMoneagle Audio Archive



Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook

All Books




*Dr. Raymond Moody   Raymond Moody

The father of NDE research, he coined the term ‘Near Death Experience’ in 1975.  He has written many books that have sold millions of copies and appeared on many TV and radio shows.  His book ‘Glimpses of Eternity’ explores the shared-death phenomena where healthy individuals present during NDE events have the same or similar experiences as the dying person.  He is also the recipient of many awards and trains hospice workers and medical professionals on grief recovery and the dying process.  A true pioneer and leader in the NDE field.



Life After Life – Dr. Raymond Moody Main Website

The Raymond Moody Institute

Dr. Raymond Moody’s Near-Death Experience Research

The Trigger of Shared Death Experiences: Raymond Moody’s Research

Life After Life Documentary (Film)

Raymond Moody Audio Archive



*Glimpses of Eternity: An Investigation Into Shared Death Experiences

Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon – Survival of Bodily Death

All Books




Dr. Melvin Morse   Melvin Morse

(Also found under Altered/Higher Consciousness Research)

A medical doctor who has researched NDEs, particularly in children.  He has taken accounts from children who have survived clinical death and documented their cases.  His claim is that children are too young to have absorbed adult ideas about death and are willing to share first-hand accounts of telepathy, OBEs and encounters with spiritual beings.  He has appeared on several popular TV shows, in magazines and has co-authored several books with NDE researcher Paul Perry.



Dr. Melvin Morse – The Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Dr. Melvin Morse’s Near-Death Experience Research

Melvin Morse Audio Archive



Closer to the Light (Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children)

Where God Lives: The Science of the Paranormal & How Our Brains Are Linked to the Universe

Transformed by the Light: The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People’s Lives

All Books




Bob Olson   Bob Olson

(Also found under Afterlife Research & Psychics/Mediums)

An afterlife investigator and psychic medium researcher, he is a former skeptic and private investigator.  He uses his skills to test evidence and interpret data in many areas including psychic mediumship, past-life regressions, remote viewing and channeling.   He has interviewed hundreds of people who have had NDEs, OBEs, past life recalls and other afterlife phenomena.  He put together his list of best psychic mediums and also offers a course for mediums and psychics.



Afterlife TV – Bob Olson Main Website

Bob Olson – Answers About the Afterlife

Bob Olson – YouTube

Bob Olson Audio Archive



Answers About the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life After Death




Dr. Sam Parnia   Sam Parnia

One the world’s leading experts in the scientific study of cardiac arrest and NDEs.  He is the principal investigator of the AWARE study, which is one of the largest medical studies to date on NDEs.  Using hidden targets on shelves that can only be seen from above, you can track whether a person’s consciousness is really out of the body at the time of NDEs.  He also claims that physical death may be reversible, as the mind is separate from the brain.  He is director of resuscitation research at the State University of New York and has appeared on many TV shows and in many magazines and newspapers around the world.



Dr. Sam Parnia – Horizon Research

Dr. Sam Parnia Bio

Dr. Sam Parnia – Results of World’s Largest Near Death Experiences Study Published

Dr. Sam Parnia – The Man Who Could Bring You Back from the Dead

The Day I Died Documentary (Movie)

Sam Parnia Audio Archive



Erasing Death: The Science That is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life & Death

All Books




Anthony Peake   Anthony Peake

(Also found under Altered/Higher Consciousness Research)

An expert in human consciousness and the study of NDEs, he is at the leading edge of what we are capable of as conscious beings.  He has presented evidence that the consciousness survives physical death, stating that physical ‘death’ is an impossibility.  Using the latest findings of neurology and quantum physics, he explores the relationship between consciousness and reality, showing that we have a higher self that can experience precognition, states of hypnotic trance and other altered states. He has written many books and has appeared on several popular TV and radio shows.



Anthony Peake Main Website

Anthony Peake on Near-Death Experiences Versus Actual Death Experiences

Anthony Peake – The Man Who Remembered the Future (Video)

Anthony Peake Audio Archive



Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die

The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self

The Labyrinth of Time: Revealing the True Nature of Reality

All Books




Patricia Pearson   Patricia Pearson

An author who has had experiences with dying relatives and has explored the realm of NDEs, documents her research in her book ‘Opening Heaven’s Door’.  Her sister had a spiritual premonition with the death of her father, which led her to research the phenomena of nearing-death awareness.  She explores spiritual connectivity, grieving and the dying process in her work.



Patricia Pearson Main Website

Author Patricia Pearson Explores Spirituality of Dying

Opening Heaven’s Door, by Patricia Pearson: Review

Why Ghosts Are Good For You: Patricia Pearson at TEDxTucson 2012 (Video)

Patricia Pearson Audio Archive



Opening Heaven’s Door: Investigating Stories of Life, Death & What Comes After

All Books




Paul Perry   Paul Perry

A documentary filmmaker and a researcher into NDEs, he has co-written many books with experts such as *Dr. Raymond Moody, *Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Jeffrey Long.  His work has also appeared in many major magazines and in several TV specials.  His documentaries are not limited to NDEs however, as he has explored the life of *Jesus as well as Salvador Dali.



Paul Perry Main Website

Paul Perry – YouTube

Afterlife Documentary (Video)

Jesus: The Lost Years Documentary (Video)



All Books




Rev. John W. Price   John W Price

A pastor, spiritual director and NDE researcher, his work takes a Christian angle on NDEs and the afterlife.  His assurance is that having a belief in NDEs does not contradict traditional faith. He has spoken to over 200 people who have has an NDE and documents them in his book ‘Revealing Heaven’.  He demonstrates that NDEs can help us understand the dying process and what awaits us after physical death.



Rev. John W. Price – Revealing Heaven: An Episcopal Priest is Transformed by What He Learns About First-Hand Accounts of Heaven

Rev. John W. Price – Pastor, Author: Near-Death Experiences Challenge Established Beliefs

Rev. John W. Price Audio Archive



Revealing Heaven: The Christian Case for Near-Death Experiences




Dr. Kenneth Ring   Kenneth Ring

Co-founder of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and founding editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies, he is an internationally recognized expert on the subject of NDEs.  As a psychologist, he has interviewed thousands of people who have had a near-death experience and has chronicled their stories in his many books and journal articles.  He has found that the NDE experience and the after-effects are consistent, dramatic and profound.  He has also appeared on many radio and TV shows.



Dr. Kenneth Ring – The Founding of IANDS

Dr. Kenneth Ring’s Near-Death Experience Research



Life at Death

Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience

All Books




Dr. Penny Sartori   Penny Sartori

An intensive care nurse at a British hospital she has done extensive research into the field of NDEs.  She has had direct contact with hospital patients who have had NDEs and chronicles their stories in her books and journals.  She has been given worldwide attention for her work and also gives lectures and workshops as well as appearing on many radio and TV shows.



Dr. Penny Sartori Main Website

Dr. Penny Sartori Blog

Penny Sartori Audio Archive



Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences: How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully

The Near-Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients: A Five Year Clinical Study

All Books




Tony Stubbs   Tony Stubbs

(Also found under Afterlife Research & Reincarnation/Life Between Life Research)

A master teacher and ghostwriter, he has provided some of the most popular works on spirituality, death, and NDEs.  He outlines how souls design all aspects of their lives on the physical planes.  As a student of the *Michael Teachings, he provides in-depth insight into our reasons for choosing to come into a physical body and the reasons why it is important that we continue to evolve.  Leaving traditional organized religion behind and referring to it as a grand deception, his work is about revealing the truth and using your own judgment.



Tony Stubbs – Living with Soul

Earth Life Preparation: Excerpts from Chapter 5, Living with Soul by Tony Stubbs



Living with Soul, Vol. 1

Living with Soul: An Old Soul’s Guide to Life, the Universe & Everything, Vol. 2

Ascension Handbook: Channeled Material by Serapis

The Other Side: Wisdom About the Other Side From Those on the Other Side

All Books




Dr. Pim Van Lommel   Pim Van Lommel

A cardiologist from the Netherlands, he has been studying NDEs in patients who went into cardiac arrest.  In 2001, along with fellow medical researchers, he published an article on NDEs in the renowned medical journal The Lancetwhich was the first scientifically rigorous study on the subject.  He contends that the current view on the relationship between the brain and consciousness held by most medical professionals is too narrow.  Consciousness can be experienced separate from the body, and this type of experience always has a profound effect on his patients. 



Consciousness Beyond Life – Dr. Pim Van Lommel Main Website

Consciousness & Near-Death Experiences – Pim Van Lommel, M.D.

Pim Van Lommel ‘Consciousness & The Near Death Experience’ Interview (Video)

Pim Van Lommel Audio Archive



Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience

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