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The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla, Engineer, Inventor of the Alternating Current




     The definition of paranormal is “experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.”  You could also substitute the term ‘supernatural‘.  This can apply to a wide range of subjects including telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, UFO experiences, psychic abilities and so on.  Although, when most people hear the term paranormal, they usually think of ghosts, demons, and spirits.  This is a subject that is widely researched but misunderstood.  There is a certain stigma or fear related to experiences around ghosts and the like.  Most likely these misconceptions are brought about by popular culture like movies and books.   When you actually understand what labels like ‘ghosts’ or ‘demons’ are, then your fear can dissipate.

     A ‘ghost’ is usually referred to a disembodied spirit, a soul that is disconnected from the living and makes an appearance physically.  There have been numerous accounts of people seeing, hearing or communicating with something that they know is not ‘normal‘.  And while some of these experiences can be explained by conventional means, many cannot.  The accumulated evidence of strange sounds, unusual videos and personal accounts of communication can give us an idea of what these entities really are, but much of it is fragmented, grainy or anecdotal.  It can be difficult to really offer a substantial explanation from much of this evidence, but there has been an advancement in the knowledge of whom or what ghosts, spirits and demons really are from many intuitive people, mediums, and channels.

     Let’s define the difference between a few of the most common labels for the paranormal.  A ghost is nothing more than a soul whose journey to the spiritual planes is not yet complete.  When a soul has completed its physical journey, it usually makes the transition to the spiritual planes either immediately or after a short amount of ‘time‘.  Sometimes the soul will stick around to make sure their loved ones are taken care of or to try and communicate with the grieving for a little while, a task that can be difficult to accomplish.  Most souls pass on without much of a problem, especially the older souls.  However, there can be a multitude of reasons that a soul might get ‘stuck’ in what is the upper level of the physical planes (also known as the etheric planes)  The soul either refuses or is too afraid to complete the transition to the spiritual planes.  There can be many reasons for this.  If the soul’s death was tragic or sudden, then the soul may be in a state of shock as they suddenly exit their physical body.  It’s understandable that a soul could be confused, angry or fearful if they are not expecting to leave their physical body.  They have the chance to continue the journey to the spiritual planes but they deliberately hold themselves back because of ‘unfinished business’.  Another reason may be because of extensive physical abuse to the body, like with drugs or alcohol, which would block the soul from becoming pure energy immediately.  Abuse of substances sort of ‘muddies up the waters’ as far as our consciousness goes in a physical body and this could carry over to the higher vibrational planes.  Healing would need to be done before reaching the pure plane of spiritual consciousness so the soul will get temporarily stuck before making it back.  This could also happen due to a belief in a religious stigma, such as hell or purgatory.  A soul that leaves its physical body, believes that it did not lead a worthy enough life and is destined for eternal suffering would deliberately hold themselves back from proceeding to the spiritual planes.  You could also have souls that do not believe in an afterlife or heaven, so they have no urge to proceed anyway.  Souls that are still unevolved are apt to stick around as well and can cause troubles for those that are still incarnated physically.

     So these entities we refer to as ghosts still exist in the physical planes either by their own choosing or because they are not willing to cross over to the spiritual planes.  It can be said that this is sort of like a ‘purgatory’ where the soul is in sort of limbo state, and may not even be aware that they are physically dead.  Interestingly enough, some of these entities do go into a deep state of depression and will hang out with other ‘lost’ souls like them, with no intention of moving past their state of lower consciousness level.  It takes some effort from spirit guides, angels and loved ones already in the higher planes of existence to convince these souls that it is OK to pass over and continue their journey.  No soul is ever ‘lost’ or forgotten about forever, even the most negatively intentioned souls in the universe.  A pure conscious loving God (universe) would never condemn a soul like that.  All souls return back to the higher spiritual realm in their own due time.  There may be copious amounts of healing that need to be done while these troubled souls are crossing back over, but since time does not really exist there, it is not really much of concern.  There are plenty of entities on the spiritual planes that are dedicated to the healing process for these types of souls.  It all stems from a state of love, patience, and wisdom.


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     So what exactly are these ‘hauntings’ or encounters with physically departed souls known as ghosts?  They are either attempted communications by these souls to those still in a physical body or energy imprints that continue to hang around, kind of like a broken record or tape recorder.  Since everything is made of energy, these imprints will continue to cycle over ‘time‘.  Those that are not imprints are actual communications by those souls that reside in the upper planes of existence.  It is difficult to communicate with that plane since the vibration level is a little higher and the energy less dense than on the physical plane we live in.  It’s like trying to see the ultraviolet light spectrum with your eyes, which cannot pick up that high vibration level, or trying to tune a radio to a higher frequency than the bandwidth allows.  It can almost be described as a 4th dimension, where time does not exist, so when something on that dimension passes through ours, it looks like fragmented or garbled pieces of information.  It would be a 3-dimensional object passing through a 2-dimensional plane.  To a (theoretical) 2 dimensional being, the 3-dimensional objects would appear, change its size and disappear, kind of like a ghost would appear to us.  Also, when we do witness something or catch it on video, sound recordings or pictures, it seems transparent or shadowy, because it takes a great amount of energy to try and manifest to a frequency that we would be able to pick up.  So what we do catch is usually not clear or is anecdotal, which to critics and cynics, make it easy to dismiss.  Not everything can be easily dismissed, and there is plenty of great evidence out there.

     While many of these experiences with ghosts are positive or somewhat neutral, there are also experiences that can be very unpleasant.  This is where the term ‘demon’ comes in.  The perception is that there are entities that come from some kind of ‘devil’ and are pure evil.  But since evil does not really exist, this is not possible.  These entities are energy beings just like the rest of us, created by God (us) and are just as much a part of the eternal reality as any other entity.  The difference is the intention.  With the ability to have free will comes a choice that all entities take, whether to come from a place of light or turn from it.  So these entities have the intention of harm, chaos, fear, anxiety and any other emotion or action that results from the lack of love.  By residing on the upper planes of existence, these entities can use their energy to cause unpleasant things for those still on the denser physical plane.  You can only experience these energies if you allow them to.  Those that seek them out or bring the thought or emotional energies into their essence can open themselves up to these experiences.  A Ouija Board is a good example, where communication can be opened to entities that may be unpleasant to be around.  You need to know what you are doing when using a tool like this so that you can have a positive experience.  What needs to be understood is that you can be manipulated by anyone, especially those that have fear-based intentions, but you cannot be ‘possessed’ without an agreement by both souls.  Your soul essence is yours alone; it cannot be ‘taken’ or destroyed, even though it can be greatly influenced and seem like it is being controlled.  Positive always takes over the negative, just like a single match can light up an entire room.  Again, no entity is ever ‘lost’ forever or destroyed, as all entities will eventually find their way back to love.

     Another realm that needs to be discussed is those of spirits, which are entities that reside on the spiritual planes and are making themselves known to us on the physical plane.  Whether it is loved ones, spirit guides, angels or other highly evolved souls, these encounters are mostly always positive and enlightening.  These entities are much different than ghosts or negatively intentioned spirits as they are already crossed over or reside temporarily or permanently in the spiritual realm.   Many people have had experiences with spirits, whether through near death experiences, regressions, communications through channels or mediums or in everyday life.  It may be that these spirits are attempting to communicate with you or your intention is to communicate with them.  If it’s a deceased loved one, they may just want to let us know that they are OK and happy or they may actually have something to tell us.  Spirit guides are there for support and love.  Angels are there for the same reasons and may actually intervene in extreme situations.  As with any of these types of entities, the intention is usually out of love.  They may come through in dreams or leave behind physical items like coins or manipulate light, sound or scent energies as a way of communication.  It just may simply be a feeling of their presence and a knowing that through some emotional cues that a departed loved one is there and is still around.




The greatest discovery and development of the coming years will be along spiritual lines. Here is a force which history clearly teaches has been the greatest power in the development of man and history, and yet we have been merely playing with it and have never seriously studied it as we have physical forces. Someday people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men and women creative and powerful. Then the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over to the study of the spiritual forces. When this day comes, the world will see more advancement in one generation than it has in the past four. ~ Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Mathematician, Inventor


     The term paranormal exists to try and explain what we don’t comprehend.  Nothing is really paranormal, though, we just don’t understand it yet.  What cannot be explained by modern ‘hard’ science is often dismissed as imagination, coincidence or fallacy.  As the overall consciousness of the planet rises, the concept of what is considered paranormal will be more understood and recognized.  This is because as the consciousness level rises, so does the energy vibration level, which brings us closer to those realms that are considered spiritual or non-physical.  This means more of us will be able to sense these higher vibration realms because we will be more of an energy match to them.  Thus, the term ‘paranormal’ will be replaced simply with ‘normal’.  Many people are already aware that ultimate reality exists in a higher vibration realm and that where we are in physical form is really just an illusion.  As the veil is lifted, so is that illusion.  It’s a great time to be in physical form, and the more you are in tune with these higher vibrations, the more you will realize the ultimate truth.


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