Good & Evil



Evil is relativeYou cant hang a sign on it. You cant touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword. Evil depends on where you are standing, pointing your indicting finger. ~ Glen Cook, Author


God & Evil Riders


     It’s the ultimate battle, forces perceived to be coming from complete opposites, clashing in a world that gives us free reign to make whatever choices we want.  To the conservative religious person, commit too many acts of evil and you will likely be punished forever in the pits of hell.  Atone for yourself and live a good life and you will be rewarded with an eternity in heaven.  But is this really what we are living here for?  Do truly ‘evil’ souls really exist and are they here to tempt us away from what is decent and good?

     The concept of evil is really nothing more than an illusion.  It’s a perception that we have of others who do not seem to have any good intentions and are only out to create havoc and chaos.  What is considered evil to one person could be considered good to another.  For instance, killing someone in the name of war may be justified as destroying the enemy, but to the other side, that person which was killed is someone else’s child or friend, who was called upon the same duty to kill the enemy on the opposite side.  So who is right?  Which person is considered evil and which is good?  Is it possible that both people could be considered evil or good?

     The answer is yes.  This is because what is considered good or evil is relative.  It’s nothing more than someone’s idea or belief in what is right or wrong.  These ideas are usually passed on to us by society or religion and are agreed upon as acceptable or not.  This is unless you are using your own inner compass to determine the best course of action for the greatest good.  If someone breaks into your house with the intention of robbing to killing you, are you inclined to let them take their course of action, or are you willing to fight back and maybe kill them?  If you or your family is starving, are you going to lie down and die or will you steal from others so you can survive?  If you are living under the impression that killing or stealing are evil acts under any circumstances, then you will likely succumb to the circumstances that are laid out before you.  But if your intention is for your protection or survival, then you can certainly take any act that is considered evil and create something good.


“Life is completely neutral and will bend to the meaning you give it.” ~ Bashar, A Highly Evolved Consciousness Channeled by Darryl Anka


     There is only one real truth in the universe, and that is love.  So in that sense, you can’t do anything wrong.  This is because any imbalance that is created through your actions will ultimately balance back out in the form of karma.  Any acts that create an imbalance, which are those that are carried out against the will of another person, are necessary for the growth and evolution of the souls that are choosing to incarnate in physical form.  These actions are possible because of free will, something which the God source (we) gave all of us in order for us to evolve.  Without free will, any concept of evil is impossible, and the only place that evil can happen is in a plane of relativity, such as the one we are all currently living in.  So anything that is considered evil is made by our perceived separations and can only be experienced through our choices away from the absolute realm of the spiritual planes.

     Even someone that is carrying out acts that we as a society consider ‘evil’ are actually justified as OK in the mind of that person.  A great example of this is Hitler.  Convinced that his viewpoint on white supremacy was what was best for society, he went to great lengths to carry out his vision.  In his mind, the killing of millions of people because of their beliefs was necessary and even good.  Because of this, he was able to convince his followers of the same idea.  Eventually, though, humanity as a whole was able to break through this illusion and halt what could have been a worldwide conquest and a complete change of how we know society.  This is because his ideals were not in harmony with the greater vision of the majority of the world’s ideals.  So we, as powerful creators, were able to shift the consciousness of the world and define what was decent and good.  Was it God’s choice as well?  Yes, because we are all GodThe choices we make are up to us.

     Now this is not to say that there aren’t some truly powerful entities out there that are really up to no good.  Their purpose, in their own minds, is to create negative energy and use their power to control, manipulate and destroy.  Not because they are controlled by some devil or demon, but because they choose to turn away from the idea of God consciousness and that we are connected.  Their egos have convinced them that they are separate and are not subject to the karmas that exist in the universe.  They reject any notion of the spiritual planes as well and may choose to just keep incarnating into physical form after death and continue to inhabit bodies without much contemplating between lives.  All this is done with their own choices and rejecting the help that exists here and on the spiritual planes.

     It may seem like these types of entities are not part of the creation scheme of the universe, but they are actually necessary for the development and evolution of our universe.  During the differentiation from the God source, some entities chose to go their own path and rejected the God oneness.  It was a natural part of the creation process, as free will gave every entity the ability to do what they wanted.  So the existence of these entities is what gives us the framework for what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’.  Without them, we would have no gauge for true love, compassion, bravery or peace.  As our society continues to evolve its ideas of what is decent, shameful and what is contributing to the greatest good of all, then these entities will be more easily identified.  What really needs to be understood is that there is no such thing as pure evil.  It is just disconnection caused by the denial of a soul’s pain and not being able to recognize it.  This causes a soul to inflict pain on others.  It all comes from your thoughts.  The more evolved you are, the more you can recognize these thoughts and be conscious of the energy you are giving out.


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~ William Shakespeare, Author


     Every one of us has control over what would be considered negative energy.  Any type of energy cannot manipulate you unless you allow it to.  By thinking about anything you are actually attracting it to you.  This is why positive thinking and defining your beliefs is important.  If you think that you are weak and can be possessed, then you will bring that type of energy to you and the chances of being manipulated by it will increase.  Of course, no one can truly be ‘possessed’, since our soul essences are always our own, but we can give the impression that we are being controlled by outside forces if we allow those forces to gain access to our spirit energy.  You can actually protect yourself by reinforcing the strength of your aura, calling on your spirit guides and your angels for protection or by simply envisioning yourself as an all-powerful and loving part of God that cannot be manipulated by any type of energy that you do not desire to be around you.  You are more powerful than you think.


Good Evil Einstein


     Use the idea that nothing in the realm of the relative physical world is defined as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ unless you actually give it that meaning.  We know from Biblical references that stoning and crucifying were justified means of punishment at that time in our earth’s society.  Are these means justified as a whole today? Of course not, because they are cruel forms of punishment and would be looked upon as ridiculous and barbaric.  So our definition of what is the ‘right’ way of handling a situation has evolved over time.  The same can be applied to most anything, which is why the rules and laws that govern us are always changing.  There are always exceptions to any rule or law that we make, which really means that it is not a rule or law to begin with.  It’s more of a collective truth, one in which we decide is the way we would like to be defined as the ‘greatest good’.  God consciousness has no preference as to what we define as the ‘greatest good’.  This is because we already know what that is and will eventually come back around to applying it.  Give it as much time as it needs, as some things tend to evolve more quickly than others, as in the case of religion, which insists on staying as static as possible.  Religion too will evolve to redefine what is good and evil, as the power of our collective spiritual consciousness will prevail over what has been perceived as right or wrong in the past.


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