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Books or links in bold were used as references in articles.  *Starred books or links are personal favorites and highly recommended.  References are being updated regularly as I accumulate new knowledge and wisdom.  New books or links in the last 3 months are marked accordingly.  I welcome all suggestions for new references.




Dr. Bruce Maccabee   Bruce Maccabee

A retired physicist for the U.S. navy and UFO researcher, he is best known for his research into the FBIs involvement with UFO cases.  He has participated in top-secret government programs as well as obtained thousands of pages of secret documents on UFOs from the CIA, Air Force, and FBI.  He reveals a competition between government agencies to cover up the truth about our involvement with UFOs.  He has written dozens of technical articles and over a hundred UFO articles over the course of several decades.  He has also appeared on many TV, radio shows and documentaries.



Dr. Bruce Maccabee Main Website

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Interview, FBI-CIA-UFO Connection (Video)

Bruce Maccabee Audio Archive



UFO/FBI Connection: The Secret History of the Government’s Cover-Up

All Books




Dr. John E. Mack   John Mack

A psychology professor who researched ET contactees and the spiritual and transformational aspects for their experiences.  His career was dedicated to exploring the question of how our perceptions shape our relationship with each other and the world.  Extending this to the field of ufology, he founded the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research where he and his colleagues worked with hundreds of individuals who experienced encounters with unknown intelligent beings.  After interviewing these people, he found that their encounters affected the way they regarded the world and produced a heightened sense of spirituality and environmental concern.  His conclusion was that the contactee experience may be more transcendent in nature than physical, which sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.  He passed away in 2004.



Dr. John E. Mack Main Website

Dr. John E. Mack – Human Transformation & Alien Encounters

Dr. John E. Mack Articles

Dr. John E. Mack – Alien Abduction Research

Jacques Vallee, Terrence McKenna, John Mack & Budd Hopkins on the Alien, UFO & Abduction Phenomenon (Video)

John E. Mack Audio Archive



Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens

Passport to the Cosmos

All Books




Kathleen Marden   Kathleen Marden

A professional ufologist and alien abduction researcher, she is a leading expert in ET contact, especially the Betty & Barney Hill case dating back to 1961.  As the niece of Betty Hill, her research has convinced her that abductions are not only a real phenomenon but are being covered up by the government.  She is a director of the Mutual UFO Network, has written many articles and appeared on many radio and television shows.



Kathleen Marden Main Website

Kathleen Marden Bio

Kathleen Marden – YouTube

Kathleen Marden Audio Archive



Captured! The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction

The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported

All Books




L.A. Marzulli   LA Marzulli

(Also found under ET Research – Ancient)

A filmmaker and lecturer, he is best known for his collaboration with Richard Shaw in the creation of The Watchers series, which presents physical evidence for UFOs and ET contact.  He also researches information regarding ET and UFO cover-ups, which have been hidden from the public for years.  He has interviewed many people directly involved with UFO phenomena and presents the evidence in his lectures and documentaries.  Working with pioneer *Dr. Roger Leir, he presents alien implant surgeries and anomalous evidence.   He regularly travels the world as a speaker as well as appearing on many TV and radio shows.  



L.A. Marzulli Main Website

L.A. Marzulli Blog

L.A. Marzulli Audio Archive



Nephilim: The Truth is Here (Nephilim Series Vol. 1)

All Books




Edgar Mitchell   Edgar Mitchell

The sixth man to walk on the moon, he is a former astronaut and explorer of consciousness and ufology.  His research into ET existence began with his colleagues’ first-hand accounts of UFO sightings and experiences.  He is strongly convinced that the evidence for ET contact is real and that it is classified by governments, who are covering up visitations, technology, and alien bodies.  His exploration of the inner mind has led him to the research of bridging the gap between science and spirituality, where objective reason and subjective intuition can be brought together and old paradigms between science and religion can be resolved.  His work is grounded in data and reason, giving us a wider scope of the true nature of reality.  He passed away in 2016.



Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14

Edgar Mitchell: Apollo 14 Astronaut Testifies to Extraterrestrial Visitations

UFOs & Beyond: Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Is Looking Up

Edgar Mitchell Audio Archive



The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material & Mystical Worlds, Revised Edition

The Hidden Hand

All Books




Nick Pope   Nick Pope

A journalist and former employee of the British Government, he is a researcher into UFO incidents with the initial purpose of determining whether they were a threat to British defence.  As a freelance investigator, he studies a wide range of subjects such as conspiracy theories, fringe science, intelligence and unexplained UFO sightings.  He has been involved in the effort to declassify the Ministry of Defence‘s UFO files and send them to the National Archives.  He is an expert in the Rendlesham Forest UFO Encounter and lectures regularly around the world at some of the most prestigious institutions and societies.  He also works to develop new ideas for films and documentaries and has appeared on many popular radio and TV shows.



Nick Pope Main Website

Nick Pope – Why I believe Aliens Landed in a Suffolk Forest

Contact in The Desert – Nick Pope – Deep Politics, Government & UFOs (Video)

Nick Pope Audio Archive



Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World’s Best-Documented UFO Incident

The Uninvited: An Exposé of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon

All Books




Nick Redfern   Nick Redfern

A journalist, ufologist, cryptozoologist, and researcher who has studied a wide range of topics such as UFO sightings, alien abductions, Bigfoot, government conspiracies and paranormal phenomena.  He is an advocate for government disclosure of UFO information and has uncovered thousands of pages of previously classified government files on UFOs dating from World War II.  He has contributed to many journals and newspapers and has appeared on various popular TV and radio shows.  He currently hosts a radio show in the U.K called EPIC Voyages Radio, discussing various ‘extraordinary phenomena’ pertaining to ETs, cryptozoology and the paranormal.



Nick Redfern Main Website

Strange Secrets: An Interview with Author Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern Audio Archive



Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders & Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History

The Pyramids & the Pentagon: The Government’s Top Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts & Lost Civilizations

The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases & True Stories of These Mysterious Men & their Connection to UFO Phenomena

All Books




Mary Rodwell   Mary Rodwell

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A professional counselor, hypnotherapist, and ufologist.  She is recognized as on of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO contact phenomenon and is the founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network.  Her research into Star Children or Indigo Children shows that they have telepathic abilities and have recollections of encounters with ETs and UFOs.  She also explores a genetic engineering program to upgrade the human species, creating a shift in human consciousness, which these children demonstrate.  She has appeared regularly in Australian media and has lectured around the world.



Australian Close Encounter Research Network (ACERN)

Mary Rodwell – ETs, Souls, the New Humans & A Coming Global Shift

Human Evolution & the E.T. Human Hybrids – Mary Rodwell (Video)

Mary Rodwell Audio Archive







Donald Schmitt   Don Schmitt

An investigator and ufologist, he is the former director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies.  He is best known for his research on the Roswell Crash of 1947.  As an expert in the event and the subsequent retrieval and cover-up of the spaceship that was recovered there, he has worked to disclose the truth about what really happened.  One of the more compelling research projects was his work with colleague Tom Carey on the analysis of a photograph of the memo from General Ramey in Photoshop, revealing words that were not able to be seen otherwise.  He has written dozens of UFO articles, has appeared on many popular TV and radio shows and produces his own Latin American radio show as well.



Roswell Investigator – Donald Schmitt Main Website

Kevin Randle & Donald Schmitt – Roswell Files

Roswell UFO Crash by Donald Schmitt (Video)

Donald Schmitt Audio Archive



Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-Up

All Books




David Sereda   David Sereda

(Also found under Altered/Higher Consciousness Research)

A scientist, filmmaker, composer, spiritual explorer and UFO researcher he has an interest in a wide range of subjects related to space, religion, philosophy, astrology, and music.  In 1968, he and a friend witnessed a UFO along with hundreds of other witnesses.  This leads him to explore NASA footage of ambiguously classified disc-shaped objects that has the ability to become invisible and an analysis of a lost scale of musical tones that was used by ancient Egyptians during the building of the Great Pyramids.  He claims these tones are used to achieve a higher state of consciousness, tying an ancient wisdom with modern scientific knowledge.



David Sereda Main Website

David Sereda Blog

David Sereda – The Quantum Pyramid

David Sereda & Pyramid Technology Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

David Sereda Audio Archive



Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs

Face to Face with Jesus Christ: Apparitions to a Modern Visionary


All Books




Derrel Sims   Derrel Sims

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy & ET Abductees)

One of the world’s leading experts on alien abductions, he had his first encounter with a negative alien presence in his teens.  His focus is on physical evidence of alien implants and an alien organization that he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency.  He has influenced pioneers such as *Dr. Roger Leir in performing surgeries to remove anomalous objects from abductees.  He has also pioneered hypnotherapy techniques for revealing memories of abductions as well as even initiating reactions from alien species via post-hypnotic suggestions.  He has appeared on many TV and radio shows and regularly travels the world as a speaker.



Alien Hunter – Derrel Sims Main Website

Derrel Sims – The Alien Hunter

Topic: UFO – Derrel Sims – The Alien Hunter (Video)

Derrel Sims: Hypnotherapy & Alien Abduction (Video)

Derrel Sims The Alien Hunter (Video)

Derrel Sims Audio Archive



Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light

Alien Hunter: Evidence & Truth About Alien Implants




Jim Sparks   Jim Sparks

(Also found under ET Abductees)

An abductee and professional in the human abduction scenario, he has been having experiences with ETs since 1988.  He has had clear and conscious memories of his experiences, witnessing advanced technology and giving him insight into what the purpose of the abduction program is.  He classifies 2 types of ETs – the Grey aliens that are popular figures in ufology are the half-robotic ‘worker’ ETs and the taller, fully biological ET beings are those with large heads and skinny bodies.  Their purpose is to create a hybrid species that is more intelligent and telepathic than current human beings to promote evolution and also provide insurance in case the planet goes in the wrong direction.  Their technology was given to our governments as an exchange for carrying out this program.  He has become the voice for those abductees that have been ridiculed and dismissed by the public and continues to lecture across the country about his experiences.



Jim Sparks Main Website

Jim Sparks – Project Camelot

Jim Sparks Presents The Keepers (Video)

Jim Sparks Audio Archive



The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race




Lee Speigel   Lee Speigel

A journalist and ufologist who was the only person in history to produce a major presentation on UFOs at the United Nations, establishing an international UFO study panel.  Over the years, he has brought together military experts and scientists together to disclose their personal UFO encounters and to call for government recognition of UFO experiences.  He was also one of the first people to bring public awareness to the cover-up of the 1947 Roswell Crash.  He has written hundreds of journal articles, hosted thousands of radio programs and appeared on many TV and radio shows.



Lee Speigel Main Website

Lee Speigel Blog

Reporter Lee Speigel Talks UFOs on Open Minds Radio (Video)

Interview with Lee Speigel – UFOs & More (Video)

Lee Speigel Audio Archive




Whitley Strieber   Whitley Strieber

(Also found under ET Abductees)

A fiction writer who in 1985 was contacted by ETs and became one of the most famous cases of UFO abduction around.  His recollection is of being floated out of his bedroom to a UFO and witnessing 4 different types of alien beings who then performed a number of medical procedures on him.  To this day there remains a mysterious small device implanted in his ear that can not be removed.  He remains one of the more publicly known cases of ET abductions.  He hosts his own regular radio show called Dreamland, discussing the realm of ufology and the unexplained.  He has also appeared on many radio and TV shows and continues to write both fiction novels and alternative non-fiction. 



Whitley Strieber Main Website

Whitley Strieber – Unknown Country

1985-Alien Abduction of Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber, ‘Communion’ Author, Describes Bizarre Encounter with Mystery Man

Whitley Strieber Audio Archive



Communion: A True Story

The Key: A True Encounter

All Books




Dr. Barry Taff   Barry Taff

(Also found under Altered/Higher Consciousness ResearchParanormal/Parapsychology)

A psychologist and biomedical engineer who has investigated thousands of cases of ghosts, hauntings, telepathy and precognition.  He developed the initial protocols and methodologies for what is now known as remote viewing.  He has consulted for many governments, business and law enforcement agencies, providing his expertise on a range of paranormal subjects ranging from precognition to UFOs.  He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, as was himself investigated as a psychic subject, which appeared in a Neuropsychiatry Journal.



Dr. Barry Taff Main Website

Demystifying the Paranormal: Dr. Barry Taff Unravels the Poltergeist Mystery

Barry Taff Audio Archive



Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown

All Books




Nancy Talbott   Nancy Talbott

An expert in unusual crop formations known as crop circles, she is the Field Research Coordinator for the BLT Research Team, which examines plants and soils as well as electromagnetic environments and unusual animal deaths.  Her group is focused on applying scientific methodology and expertise to these mysterious crop formations which have been ignored by the establishment for too long.   It can be proven that there is much more to many crop circles than their appearance being formed by a simple wooden plank and rope as a hoax.  She lectures internationally with her group’s findings and hypothesis surrounding their origin.



BLT Research Team

Nancy Talbott Bio

Nancy Talbott & Robbert Van den Broeke Talk About Crop Circles on Open Minds Radio (Video)

Nancy Talbott Audio Archive




Jacques Vallee   Jacques Vallee

(Also found under ET Research – Ancient)

One of the pioneers of modern ufology, he is a computer scientist and astrophysicist.  His first UFO sighting was in the 1950s and subsequent UFO sightings led him to validate the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis where these UFOs are best explained by physical aircraft with intelligent beings.  He has since suggested the Multidimensional Visitation Hypothesis, where UFOs involve visitations from other realities or dimensions.  His research is based on the many sightings, abduction reports from present to antiquity and the apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate time and space.  His thinking was original for his time and continues to influence many people in his field.



Jacques Vallee Main Website

Jacques Vallee Discusses UFO Control System

Jacques Vallee Articles

Jacques Vallee Audio Archive



Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times

DIMENSIONS: A Casebook of Alien Contact

Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts & Cults

All Books




*Neale Donald Walsch   Neale Donald Walsch

(Also found under Conscious EvolutionSpiritual Teachers – Contemporary)

One of the most popular contemporary spiritual teachers, he is a spiritual messenger who has impacted millions.  His wisdom comes from his automatic writings, which are conversations with his higher self.  His most popular work, ‘Conversations with God’, clarifies the meaning of true spirituality, taking long-standing religious beliefs and dogmas and turning them on their heads.  The message is that we are all God, experiencing life as one conscious entity and evolving through our physical incarnations.  He has written dozens of books and founded many outreach projects across the globe, shifting spiritual paradigms.  He has traveled the world as well as appeared on many radio and TV shows.



Neale Donald Walsch Main Website

The Conversations with God Foundation

Humanity’s Team

Neale Donald Walsch Bio

Neale Donald Walsch – Your Life is Not About You

Neale Donald Walsch Quotes

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with Neale Donald Walsch About God & Other Things (Video)

Neale Donald Walsch Audio Archive



*The Complete Conversations with God

*The New Revelations: A Conversation with God

*Happier Than God: Turn Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary Experience

*Tomorrow’s God: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge

*Home With God: In a Life That Never Ends

All Books


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