The Creator & The Source

“GOD (US)”


“God’s greatest moment is the moment you realize you need no God.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Teacher, Author, “Conversations with God” 

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   So much has been spoken, written, cursed, hailed, worshiped and misunderstood about God.  But most people have a narrow and simplified concept of God, brought on mostly by religion and society.  Even using that name to describe our creative consciousness has become somewhat watered down.  Let’s redefine what God is.  God is love, perfect in every way, all knowing, all powerful, always present, makes up every thing and every being and is timeless.  God has always been and so have we.  God is not separate from us and we are not separate from God.  Only our physical bodies are separate, our spirits are all one.  God is that which creates and that which is created, which means that God is the universe and so are we.  We were made from the universe and are also a part of it.  A good analogy is a human body.  The body has all its individual cells, tissues and organs, but together they must work and make the body function.  We all work together as one, so we are ultimately part of the same wholeness.

     Everything you sense with your physical senses and your intuition is created by God (us).  It has always been here and always will, in other words, existence has always existed.  The entire physical and spiritual universe are created by God (us).  God is life, as you can substitute one for the other if you wish.  If you really make a conscious effort to discover the vast complexity as well as the beautiful symmetry and simplicity of life and everything around us, whether we can see it or not, you will really begin to wonder how it could all exist without some kind of intelligent force. 

     We as souls have always existed as well.  We existed before we came into this physical plane and will continue to exist forever after we decide to leave here.  Once you really put your mind around this concept, the journey that we have all decided to take in this lifetime becomes a very small page in the overall scheme of the universe.  Of course, it’s a very important part of the journey, but you will really begin to realize how infinite you and everything else in the universe is. 


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     God does not have a gender but represents both the male and the female.  The male side is intellect and the female side is emotion.  The male side is the knowledge, holding together everything in all space and all time.  Since the universe is God (us), all thoughts of God (us) become things.  The female side is the experiencer, creating everything that is thought, written, spoken, realized and activated.  She is the emotion that creates the duality of the relative experiences in the physical plane.   Hindu Gods are a good example of the male and female aspects that are represented in ancient wisdom.  If you are not convinced that God (us) represents both male and female, then think of it this way – everything in nature is male/female, a duality which compliments and enhances each other.  Physical life cannot continue without the male/female union nor would it want to.  The balance would be lost and chaos would ensue, which of course would never happen.  Intellect and emotion must exist together for life to be complete and for God (us) to perfect.

      Our souls, which were ‘created’ as unique, individualized fragments of God (us), are the dynamic, experiencing side of the perfect and all knowing wisdom of God (us).  Even though we have always existed, we were differentiated as unique souls.  The reason is simple:  God (us), with all knowing wisdom, must experience that knowledge to understand the emotion that is behind it.  That is what we do on the physical planes. We already have all the knowledge in the universe, but we must come to the physical planes in order to experience it and to remember it through our choices and perceived limitations.  So as we experience this knowledge first hand, God is perfecting and we are also perfecting and evolving.  And since we are never separate, we are all perfecting and evolving as one entity, with no limit or end.  God is ever changing and since we are God, so are we, as nothing in the universe is truly static.  Our ultimate goal is to perfect ourselves, to realize that we are one with our eternal creator forever, and to continue the cycle of creation.


 “I was overwhelmed by the realization that God isn’t a being, but a state of being…and I was now that state of being!” ~ Anita Moorjani, NDE Experiencer, Author, “Dying to Be Me


     Do not blame some outside force such as God for ‘evil‘.  The physical planes are where what we call ‘evil’ resides and it is there for the purpose of discovering ourselves and evolving.  We, as perceived separate beings, are the ones creating this ‘evil’.  God does not have preferences as to how we are choosing to live our lives, so we are free to choose whatever reality we wish.  In other words, God does not micro-manage the universe.  Instead of perceiving God as a being, see God as a state of being.  In other words, we are the creative side of God, carrying out our karmas in whatever plane we choose to exist in.  God just is.  There is no outside force in control.  It’s all you, and most of it is a result of your own thoughts and past actions.  This is the biggest misconception that there is and is the cause for so much of the disconnection and confusion between societies and religion.  There is no judgment that God can or ever would pass upon any of us.  What purpose would an all loving, all powerful and all knowing God have for doing that anyway?  God has everything and is everything, therefore there is nothing that God could possibly desire or need.  So what purpose would it serve to allow us to suffer for eternity for making a few ‘wrong turns’ or for ‘turning away from him’?  What kind of love would that be?  Instead, think of God as an observer, inside and out, forever there to guide and to love us.  God is forever patient and compassionate towards every choice that we make.  We really can do no ‘wrong‘.  The only judge is you.  We only can create what we wish to experience and we can do so without limitation.  God does not allow or prevent, but is the support.  When you pray to God you are not speaking to someone outside of yourself, but you are speaking to your true mind.  And that true mind is God (us), who is there to give you everything you could ever want, but you must be ready to create it.  Your will is God’s command.


“Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who you’re being right now.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Teacher, Author 


    Knowing this, would you choose to live your life out of love and not fear?  Would you become more compassionate and more non-judgmental?  Would you live with more freedom?  If you knew that you would never be cast into the depths of ‘hell‘ would you create whatever life you really wanted?  Yes, you would realize that you were not separate and that you had all the time and space to create whatever you wished.  You would live in a place of patience and presence, knowing that you could evolve into whatever you wished without fear of being judged.

    So as we continue to evolve, we realize that each and every soul in the universe is a part of one massive eternal creation.  That every soul is experiencing a unique part of God’s (our) eternal knowledge and that we have the freedom to become whatever we choose in an infinite possibility of probable existences.  We realize that we don’t need a God that judges or condemns and that we really have nothing to fear.  We realize that we are pure love – all powerful creators, all knowing and timeless.  In other words, we realize that we are God.  And this is God’s (our) greatest moment.


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