Highly Evolved Societies



The degree to which a culture is evolved is demonstrated by the degree to which it labels a being or an action ‘Shameful’ or Guilty. ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual teacher, Author, Conversations with God


     On the heels of discussions about Extraterrestrials comes a fascinating look at what these advanced societies look like and how they operate.  “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch is referred to many times on this site and for good reason.  His third book dives into a much more cosmic look at the universe and specifically looks at what highly evolved societies would be like.  The insight provided correlates well with many of the ideas and ways of being presented throughout this website.  You will find the way of living in a highly evolved society very desirable if you are coming from a high state of consciousness and enlightenment.  Otherwise, you may find that it’s either too outrageous or simply absurd.  This may come from your upbringing, your religious doctrines or your comfort level from which you currently belong to within our modern society.  You may have to throw some of these dogmas away and look at things from a fresh perspective (‘Old Souls’ in particular will align well with this way of living).  Like anything else presented here, it’s up to you.

     Neale (God) refers to the entities in his book as Highly Evolved Beings or HEBs for short.  This is what we will refer to them as.  “The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon points to a few star systems in the universe (Aldebaran, Betelgeuse (Orion’s Belt) and Sirius) that house these HEBs, or Extraterrestrials, so we know they exist.  HEBs have a much different way of living than we typically do.  This is because the focus is simply on being and not doing.  There isn’t a push to be better than anyone else; instead, all beings are revered for their uniqueness.  For this reason, failure does not exist and neither does success for that matter.  There is no need for competition, so the term ‘work’ does not have the same definition.  Tasks and activities are performed as needed and all beings are taken care of regardless of circumstances.  This means that resources and ideas are shared equally no matter where the resource originates from.  This is because there is no ownership of anything.  This stems from the very basic knowledge that we are all one and there is enough to go around, therefore there is nothing we have to do other than allow this flow to happen.  On Earth, we are very possessive, especially if a valuable resource is located in the area we live in (for instance oil in the Middle East).  Ideally, something like this would be shared with everyone because there is plenty – just like food, water, shelter and any other need we can think of.  Instead, the distribution is very much imbalanced, which causes suffering and poverty.  Of course, this sounds like a socialist society, but as a whole, we on Earth are not consciously ready for that way of living.  HEBs embrace and thrive within it.

     So what does that type of society look like?  It is one that does not need a government or laws.  The entities govern themselves, and offspring are raised by elders instead of parents.  They are one with the environment, which means there is no pollution or waste.  In fact, there is no need for housing and many live very close to nature.  HEBs live in clusters rather than large cities or communities so that resources can be kept track of.  Of course, they do have a very high technology, but they are responsible for it (unlike Earth, where we can literally destroy ourselves at any time).  There is also responsibility with health and for that reason, you won’t find any vices, but a conscious care for the physical vessel that they inhabit.  In fact, the physical body is not shamed upon either, and there is no real need to be clothed.  The physical body is revered for its beauty, but they do not see themselves as physical beings, but rather spiritual beings being physical.  For this reason, they are well aware of their creative powers and can be whatever they choose to physically be. 


“Highly evolved people have their own conscience as pure law.” ~ Lao Tzu, Spiritual Teacher, Paraphrased From “The Tao Te Ching


     The main focus of an HEB society is based on what works, not from any moral imperatives or dogmas.  If something serves the greatest good for everyone, then it is adopted.  What is followed is known as the Triangular Code: Awareness, Honesty, and Responsibility.  Since HEBs understand the truth, there is no lying and they are able to observe fully and communicate truthfully and telepathically (like we do on the spiritual planes).  There is no secrecy, nor is there any need for it.  No need for the hiding of feelings or the need for shame or guilt.  It’s all out on the table, and for that reason, there is no judgment.  In fact, no highly evolved person anywhere in the universe is judgmental (this is a very telling sign of how evolved a soul is).  So there is no denying of what is seen – everything is acknowledged, understood and cared for.  Every soul is taken care of.  This makes the HEB lifestyle void of any stress, worry or hatred, a very desirable way of living.


 Spirituality 5


     Highly evolved beings are the truth.  There is an inherent understanding of the way of the universe, the reason for life and the importance of being in a physical body for the evolution of the soul (reincarnation and karma).   The intentions of the HEB are always for the greatest good and everything is ‘acceptable’ as long as it serves this purpose.  The more evolved souls on our planet are already living within this premise.  There are still many souls evolving towards this way of being and will take a shift in conscious thinking to make it universal.  You presently may not agree with or understand the HEB way of life, but I promise that there will come a time when you will.  If you do understand, then be the highest version of yourself.  Be God.  Be a powerful creatorBe the truth.  This is what true spirituality is all about.


Reference Books:

Dolores Cannon: The Custodians

Neale Donald Walsch: The Complete Conversations with God (Trilogy)



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