Fear & Love



There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life. ~ John Lennon, Songwriter


     Much of what we are taught from the time we are born stems from a state of fear. We are told what to do and what not to do, out of fear of being hurt.  Our schools teach us the same curriculum throughout our childhood out of fear of new ideas and questioning the establishment.  Religions teach us to fear God and to follow the laws set forth out of fear of our souls being lost forever.  We go about life in a state of anxiety and fear that something will happen to us which will cause pain and suffering.  We fear losing our jobs, our loved ones, our possessions and our securities.  Why do we fear so much?  Is it so ingrained in our psyche that we can’t avoid it?

     Fear is defined as the absence of love.  It’s not the opposite of love, as love has no opposite.  Rather, when love is not present, we have fear.  It is similar to light.  The absence of light is darkness.  Only by creating light do we rid of the darkness.  The same goes for fear.  By creating love, we destroy fear.  All negative emotional states such as hate, anxiety, judgment and greed are brought about from a state of fear.  Every one of these states is also an illusion.  Illusions that are created by us, in a state of forgetfulness of who we really are, which are love.  When we forget our true essence, we create thoughts that manifest into what are perceived as real.




     The biggest example of this manifestation is of the Devil.  Created out of our fear of the unknown, out of our misunderstanding of ancient texts and out of the agenda of religious institutions comes to us an entity that is controlling all evil and tempting our souls.  If we are not careful, we will be taken by the Devil and be lost forever.  It’s the ultimate control mechanism and is there because of fear.  Many people believe in such an entity, but why?  Is it because they were told so, or because they don’t know otherwise?  Is it an easy cop-out, to blame the Devil for much of the problems that exist in our world?

     The idea is actually pretty ridiculous when you take a closer look.  There cannot possibly be an entity of pure evil since God exists everywhere and is everything.  And since God is pure love, the idea turns into an illusion.  The only Devil that exists is the one that people construct.  The less energy you put into the idea, the less chance it will have to manifest.  If you ignore the idea completely, then The Devil will simply go away.  You should actually call the ego the real Devil.  Ego is what causes the separateness that exists in the world.  The more energy you put into your ego, the more you will be living from a state of fear.  That is fear of losing your ego.

     So even if you do not fear the Devil, we are taught that we must fear God as well.  For God is all powerful and if we do not obey his commands, we will burn in hell and not be saved.  Now this concept is even more ridiculous.  How can a God of pure love operate from a state of fear?  A God of pure love is not going to give us anything to fear and is certainly not going to judge either.  The idea of a judgmental God stems from ancient man’s misinterpretation of things that they did not understand in nature, like thunder or earthquakes, as well as extraterrestrial or evolved beings or that existed at the time of the writing of their ancient texts, which were mistaken for God.  It is not the true God consciousness that they are speaking of, for God cannot possibly judge.  God (us) has everything and is everything, therefore needs nothing.  There is nothing that God (we) could possibly want.  There is nothing to fear about God (us).

     Many feel that they are being judged by their ‘sins’.  The idea of sin being a bad thing also stems from misinterpretations from ancient texts.  The original Greek translation of sin is ‘missing the mark’, in other words, missing the point of existence.  Our ‘mistakes’ that we make in physical form are ‘sins’.  But we know that mistakes are nothing more than forgetting who we really are.  There are no ‘sinners’ but people who are carrying out acts that go against their true self.  We all do this, and some do it on a larger scale than others.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ with missing the mark, as we will eventually experience the other side of whatever we are choosing to create (karma).  From the soul’s perspective, there are no failures or mistakes, just experiences.   So there is no need to judge or blame yourself as you are in the process of evolving.  And there is no outside God entity that is judging you either.  Highly evolved beings do not judge.  And the God consciousness (tao) is the highest state of being that there is, operating out of true love, compassion, and patience, not fear.




  “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” ~ Modern Buddhist Wisdom


     So you can also forget the idea of ‘Hell’ as well as this is religious dogma.  Any place that we call Hell is created only by us.  It is of your own making, derived from your own misery.  A physical place that we call Hell can only be experienced by those who believe that it exists.  Even people who have near death experiences have had visions of Hell.  What they fail to realize is that all thoughts are things, and the experience is a construct of their own minds.  These thoughts have to go somewhere, so planes of thought exist that house these creations.  They are called the lower astral planes and can be perceived as ‘hell’.  These planes of existence can be visited by those that are choosing to turn away from the God concept.  Many who have these types of experiences come back as changed people and learn to live their lives from a state of love, not fear.  No soul is ever stuck in these lower planes for eternity but can get caught there through their own making.   It is a state of purgatory, so to say, but it is truly self-imposed.  It takes a higher state of consciousness to ‘leave’.  You perceive what you believe at the time of death, but there is no place of existence that you can ever get ‘stuck’ in or suffer in forever, for a finite cause cannot have an infinite effect.  There are only really just varying degrees of ‘Heaven’.

     Let’s put one final stake in the idea of the Devil and Hell.  If we are all children of God or a part of God as we say, why would a God even allow us to be lost forever?  Would you allow this to happen to your own children?  Even if they persistently went against you, there is no way you would let them slip away forever because you love them too much.  Now multiply this by infinity and you will get an idea of how much the God source loves us and would never allow any of us to slip through the cracks.  This is because the cracks do not really exist.  Think about this as well:  If there are souls that suffer in ‘eternal Hell’, then what about those entities that love them?  If those chosen entities exist in the perfect, peaceful bliss of the spiritual planes, then how is it possibly be perfect and peaceful for them if their loved one is suffering in eternity?  Even Hitler had a mother.  Mathematically there are roughly 2.2 million Christians in the world today (31% of the population).  If conservatively we say 75% of Christians are practicing believers, that leaves about 75% of the planet doomed to ‘Hell’ for not believing.  That means we all have many people we love dearly that are going to ‘suffer in eternity’.  What about all those poor souls that existed in physical form before the incarnation of Jesus?  How about the billions of poor souls on the planet since his incarnation that never got a chance to hear of Jesus?  Are they lost forever?  Of course not.  That’s ridiculous, cruel, unfair and has nothing to do with spirituality or an all loving God consciousness.  It makes no sense and serves no higher purpose.  Ask yourself if this is what you truly think our lifetime on this planet comes down to.  No soul is ever ‘lost’.  They will eventually all be ‘saved’ by their own doing.  Evolved souls know this, and that is why they allow their loved ones to ‘sin’ and make ‘mistakes’, as they will eventually all come back to know themselves again.  You don’t even have to have a belief in a God or faith in one to eventually make the trip back safely to the spiritual planes, as you will be guided back by those higher evolved beings that are always with you.  There is always healing available for those that are in trauma or believe that they are going to suffer in Hell.


Orthodoxy means not thinkingnot needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness. ~ George Orwell, Author, “1984


     Salvation is nothing more than the joy and the peace of just being.  It is not a state that you can get to, but one that you have to be.  It is a matter of being present.  It is a state of freedom from the external fears that crop up around us.  We must realize that they are illusions.  The more you make your thoughts and beliefs your identity, the more you are cut off from true spirituality.  This is where most religions operate at – the equating truth with thought.  But how spiritual you are has nothing to do with what you believe, but with your state of consciousness.  So we need to stop being so self-judgmental and guilty for the actions that we take.  We must strive to be non-attached to external things that we think make us happy and to not let the ego get in the way.  This is how we can ‘save’ ourselves.  This is the message that highly evolved beings like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Muhammad have taught us.  No one on the outside is going to do the work for us.  It is the reason that we are here in physical form to begin with, to evolve to the point that we are free from fears and can become one again with the eternal timeless source, which is our true self, God.


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