Soul Age & Evolution



“When you see the utter perfection in everything, not just those things which you agree but those things which you disagree, you achieve mastery. ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Conversations with God


     Every one of us is evolving.  Regardless of our situations, our experiences, what we are creating or what others are creating around us, we are always evolving.  After grasping reincarnation and the meaning of karma, the path of evolution in a physical body can be explored.  One of the best models for studying the evolutionary process is the concept of soul age.   The basic premise revolves around the number of times that you have incarnated into a physical body and the quality of the experiences that you have had during those incarnations.  In truth, no soul is really ‘older’ than any other, as we have always existed.  The concept deals with our accumulated journeys in physical lifetimes.  The more experiences you have, then the more evolved the soul becomes.  The benefit is a greater awareness of universal truth, love, patience, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and wisdom.  Since the best way of discovering this awareness is through physical incarnations, we use soul age as a way of measuring our progress in a relative plane of existence.

     In each lifetime that we live, we develop our personality, which is the learning and growing part of our soul.  On the spiritual planes, you keep your current personality and you are also the sum of all your personalities from previous incarnations (the oversoul is the accumulated essence of our personalities (soul group) and resides exclusively on the spiritual planes.  Our oversoul can never incarnate into one physical being as the energy is too great but can live parallel lives as different souls, even in the same time periods.  An example of an oversoul is Abraham).  Some of your current personality traits are for this incarnation only and are meant to help you to work through your current evolution stage.  These personality traits may contradict your soul personality traits, which help you learn.  So what may be observed as a ‘negative’ personality trait is actually helping you evolve.  It may take you several lifetimes to overcome these negative traits, but that is what reincarnation is for.


“Mastery of life is not a question of control, but of finding a balance between human and being.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Teacher, Author, “A New Earth


     Contrary to popular belief, the reincarnation process is not just an endless cycle of misery and suffering.  It was never meant to be that way.  Our physical lifetimes are carefully planned in order to give ourselves the circumstances and tools to create our evolution.  If we are suffering, it means that we are resisting what has been presented to us and are attracting that suffering as well.  The true reason that we keep incarnating is to evolve to a point that we no longer need to utilize a physical body to further evolve ourselves.  At that point, we may choose to come back into physical form again to teach or continue on into the spiritual planes.  The process of getting to that point in our evolution can be measured by our soul age.

     A very comprehensive model for this concept is the Michael Teachings (which also correlates to Maslow’s Hierarchy).  Michael is a group of highly evolved souls that have completed the physical incarnation process and have been able to channel their knowledge and wisdom through a number of spiritually intuitive people.  Soul age has also been studied extensively by researcher Michael Newton and his groundbreaking regression therapy sessions on thousands of clients.  Under hypnotic regression, his subjects have given much knowledge on their own stage of soul age evolution and that of other beings they know in the physical or spiritual realm.  Newton’s hypnotherapy process has been carried forward by many other hypnotherapists through the Newton Institute.

     Soul age can be broken down into 7 different stages.  5 of which are experienced in the physical planes and the last 2 are primarily experienced in the spiritual planes, although there have been cases of these higher evolved beings incarnating into physical form.  The physical plane stages are not unlike those that can be categorized with a single physical lifetime – infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and elderly.  As we move through a single physical lifetime, we become more aware of ourselves and others.  We also accumulate more knowledge, wisdom, and experience.  This can also be applied to our accumulated physical incarnations.  The first few incarnations can be compared to that of being born – needing constant care and attention.  Then we will move on to the next stage, which requires structure, discipline, a bit more awareness and so on.   Each stage can take many lifetimes, and it all depends on how far we progress through in those lifetimes.


Evolution 2


     The 5 soul ages that are experienced on the physical planes are Infant Souls, Baby (or Child) Souls, Young Souls, Mature Souls and Old Souls.  There are also 7 levels within each of these stages, but they will not be discussed in detail here.  Just know that as a being enters into a new soul age, it takes a number of lifetimes to fully realize and incorporate the essence of that soul age and then they will spend the remainder of lifetimes in that soul age teaching their wisdom to the rest of us.  The soul age levels are not a hard and fast hierarchy and tend to blend from one physical incarnation to another.  For instance, if you may be just entering into the Mature Soul stage in this lifetime, then you will have many qualities associated with the Young Soul stage still.  It takes time and experience to really immerse oneself into a particular soul age.  We are also not always fully living out our true soul age and can be manifesting a portion of ourselves in a younger soul age than our entire selves as our true soul age (for example partitioned at 75% Young and 25% Baby).  Regardless of the stage we are at, we start each lifetime at the Infant stage and progress through until we reach our highest essence level.  So if you are an Old Soul, you will live the first 25-35 years re-acclimating yourself with all the previous soul ages until you reach your relative plateau.  If you are a Baby Soul, then you will start out as Infant in your present lifetime and progress up to your plateau at Baby.  You will continue to live out the rest of your current existence at that soul age or lower, depending on your circumstances.

     Every being that chooses to enter into a physical body for the first time will come in at the very beginning of the Infant Soul stage.  Since the experience of being in a physical body is a brand new one, these souls tend to be very raw and deal primarily with issues of survival.  There is not a developed sense of right or wrong and cannot understand what is out there in the rest of the world beyond their little worlds (The Garden of Eden story is an allegory for the middle level of this stage).  They tend to live in areas of the planet that are in warmer climates and live in primitive close-knit social groups like tribes or clans.  They do not have developed senses of intellect or emotions.  The complexity of the developed world is too much for these souls and they tend to live shorter lives.  They usually only practice the religion that is learned in their upbringing, although there is not much depth of understanding.  There is likely a lot of karma that is incurred through these early levels since these souls are just beginning to learn what is appropriate and decent.  The wisdom we can learn from these souls is how to survive and be close to nature.

     After a being has incarnated enough times as an Infant Soul, they will have mastered that stage and will begin to move into the Baby Soul stage.  This stage deals primarily with structure and living with black and white beliefs on what is right and wrong.  Conservative, orthodox or fundamentalist religious groups that teach dogmatic lessons are attractive to these types of souls.  The same conservatism goes for politics.  Similar to children or teenagers, they tend to have simplistic views of the world and become confused when other people act or think differently than them.  They tend to live in smaller communities that stress the value of family and morals.  Doing things the ‘right’ way is the only way to live and ideas around marriage, child rearing, political views and hobbies tend to be conservative.  So topics like sexuality and violence are taboo and the line between good and evil is clearly drawn and not questioned.  They live by an outside authority, usually driven by religion or social structure, instead of what lies within.  Because of this, they tend to still be a bit uptight or uncomfortable in life until they can make sense of the right way of doing things.  Like other younger souls, they can be hurried, frantic and seem like life is always stressing them.  The wisdom we can learn from these souls is a high code of morality, structure and an essence of innocence.

     The next stage is the Young Soul.  This is the stage where souls start to become fully externalized in the world and strive to be an impact on others.  Material possessions revolving around money, cars, large houses and a lavish lifestyle are at the top of the list.  This is the most competitive soul age, as these souls are trying to get the most out what the physical world has to offer.  Having the most toys is the ultimate goal, no matter what the cost.  Success and achievement are what they strive for.  The morals that were learned in the previous soul ages is questioned as they tend to see ways around these ideas and are willing to break the rules in order to achieve to the highest pinnacle.  There are more souls on this planet that fall into this level than at any other, as is apparent in many developed countries around the world.  These souls are the furthest away from being one with the universe and are highly driven by the ego and separation.  There is not too much introspection in this soul age, as being extroverted and socially accepted is what drives them.  Getting older is terrifying, as those that have a ‘midlife crisis’ usually fall into this soul level.  The last level of this Soul Age is the farthest the soul will journey into the external world, with the beginning of the Mature Soul stage marking the return to the inner world, but with much a much more enriched knowing and experience.  The wisdom we can learn from these souls is achievement, hard work and success.

     Next is the Mature Soul stage.  These souls start to become more introspective and tend to start questioning their purpose in life.  The viewpoints of others are taken to heart, which creates a lot of internal turmoil.  Relationships are of the utmost importance and there is usually a lot of drama that surrounds them, similar to reality shows.  Subjectivity is what is explored, as what other people are feeling and thinking is brought to the forefront.  They are constantly exploring and searching for answers, and rarely getting to a place where they are satisfied.  For instance, why do bad things happen to good people?  This causes a lot of stress and confusion.  Their views are often liberal and inclusive.  The areas of fine arts and music are attractive, as are realms of unorthodox religions and philosophies.  They are genuinely involved in world affairs and are striving to make the world a better place.  Think socialism and left wing politics, as the search for truth and equality for everyone is what they strive for.  The wisdom we can learn from these souls is introspection, how to respect others viewpoints and creating a better world for all souls.


“Do not follow any master that is brought before you by tradition or by books or by anything someone else is telling you. Find your own mastery – that’s what it’s all about.” ~ Jeshua, Channeled Through Pamela Kribbe, Author, “The Jeshua Channelings


     The last stage in the physical realm is the Old Soul.  This is the stage where the soul seeks the largest perspective in life, becomes more detached from physical things and begin to learn the mastery of the physical existence.  They exist in this world but know that they are not of this world.  Things are viewed from the larger context and spirituality tends to be all-encompassing, wise, patient, loving and non-judgmental.  You won’t find too many ultra conservative or ultra liberal views, but a more balanced, spiritual and ‘live and let live’ attitude.  Old souls tend to go their own ways and let others live out their lives.  Karma is not being accumulated like in younger soul ages, as Old Souls understand the Law of Attraction.  Whatever they have accumulated is ‘burned off’ as they prepare to ultimately break from the physical incarnation wheel.  They have few psychological problems and tend to be easy going and laid back, so a lot are often loners and enjoy nature.  Energy levels tend to be lower since a larger portion of the soul’s full energy is left on the spiritual planes than in less evolved souls.  They tend to move and talk a bit slower, are sure of themselves and their skills and can have the ability to look through you instead of just at you, since they see the bigger scope.  They don’t make huge contributions to society but tend to teach those that are willing to listen.  Ethical values at this stage are inherent and the inner authority is relied on, as accumulated wisdom can be obtained from the numerous lifetimes that have been lived.  Old souls can summon essences from previous stages and utilize them when needed.  In other words, they have more tools to rely on to remain centered in adverse situations.  Life is viewed through the cosmic picture rather than what is happening in the drama-filled world, so the understanding of reincarnation, the true purpose for life and the non-separation of our souls with the source is apparent, but you don’t necessarily have to be a spiritual guru.  There are also old souls that willingly take on a ‘negative’ role in order to teach others and can come across as being ‘evil’.  This is one of the reasons why we have no room to judge others on their life’s purpose and previously held agreements with others prior to coming into physical form.  The wisdom we can learn from these souls is tolerance, compassion, understanding the larger purpose and being one with life and the universe.


A true master is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most masters.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Teacher, Author


      The last 2 soul ages are the Transcendental Souls (sages) and Infinite Souls (the Old Ones).  These beings do not usually incarnate into physical form and reside on the spiritual planes as guides and teachers.  We actually start to explore being spirit guides during the Young Soul phase, but these are the higher levels of consciousness that are master teachers.  Examples of Transcendental Souls that choose to incarnate include Gandhi, Babaji and Sai Baba, who encompass higher consciousness, knowledge, and oneness with the universe.  Infinite Souls are very rare and include Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad and Lao Tzu and encompass pure love and the Tao.  These highly evolved souls have the ability to do things beyond normal humans, like perform miracles, levitate and teleport.  Both of these types of souls always make a huge impact in the world.

     We can apply soul ages to countries as well.  For instance, the United States (and the world as a whole) is in the later levels of the Young Soul phase and are starting to explore the early Mature Level consciousness.  Barack Obama is a good example of a liberal leader who steers towards this new way of being.  It may seem like the U.S. is falling apart, and in some ways it is, but with the new ways of thinking will come a falling away of old values.  You may not be on board with the direction things are going, but changes must be made to counteract the Young Soul competitive and often destructive ways of living.  It will continue to move in an evolutionary direction (similar to where socialist societies in Great Britain are or have been).  If you are looking for evidence of the soul age model, stick around and observe how the U.S. and the world in general move toward the Mature Soul ways of being.

     No soul age level is better than another, just like being 15 is any better than being 50.  So if you find yourself as a less experienced soul, take the experience that you have accumulated and teach it to others so that they may follow your wisdom.  There is much to learn from any soul age, especially if you are at the mastery level within that soul age.  If you are an older soul, there is no reason to go around boasting and looking down on other less experienced souls (Old Souls would not do this anyway).  Others will be willing to follow in your ways if you show compassion and patience.  Also be aware that you don’t need to continue to evolve in a physical body just on Earth.  There are many physical worlds available to us where we can progress as well.  In fact, there are many advanced souls from other physical worlds that are incarnating on Earth for the first time.  They are usually free of physical karmas and are here to teach us great wisdom.  So whether or not you are willing to accept the soul age idea, it is a great model for viewing the physical experience.  Study and observe people and you will be able to discern where they may lie on the evolutionary scale.  You may be surprised at how accurate the soul age model is when you study and apply it.


Evolution 1


A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.” ~ L.P. Jacks, English Philosopher


     Getting to the last levels of the Old Soul phase takes many lifetimes (can be over a hundred) and takes much persistence and bravery.  It is not easy to live in a physical body but accumulated karmas and the desire to truly know oneself can drive you to complete the physical path of enlightenment.   One interesting point to make is that since time does not exist, we actually live all of our incarnations all at once.  This means that even a ‘future’ incarnation can effect a ‘past’ incarnation.  Since we live in a place where time is measured, this is very difficult to grasp, but it is reported in many NDEs and past life regressions.  You also do not have to complete the entire reincarnation cycle, but it would be like climbing a roller coaster hill and not being able to enjoy the ride back down or having sex without being able to climax.  You must experience the entire path in order to conquer the fear that comes from being in physical form.  Total acceptance of being in a physical body, getting beyond suffering, transcending ego and understanding that you are the creator of your experiences and seeing the perfection in everything, whether it is viewed as right or wrong, is when you will know that the physical journeys have lead you to mastery here in a physical body.  It doesn’t end on the physical planes though, as once you are done with karma and the soul ages on the physical planes you move up to working out karmas on the various levels of the spiritual planes.  The path to mastery continues far beyond what we experience on Earth, and that is why we are always evolving.


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