Abortions, Suicides & Homosexuality

They say life is a gift, not a choice. But what you chose to do in life is the best gift of all…because you choose it. ~ Unknown

     Living here is about making choices.  Choices made not only during our lifetimes here but before and after we are in a physical form.  There are some choices that, on the surface, are perceived as being made only on the physical plane.  But many of the choices we are faced with stem from decisions that were planned out well before we ever incarnated into our physical bodies.  We know that we lay out the parameters in which we live our lives through before descending into our bodies.  There are a few choices or lifestyles that must be examined a little closer in order for us to understand them better.  What is misunderstood can cause a lot of confusion, shame, guilt and ridicule.  But when you can become knowledgeable about certain life situations, then you will come from a place of understanding, patience, tolerance and compassion.




     Abortion is a subject that is widely debated and highly polarizing.  On one side, you have people that wish to protect the sanctity of life and are against the act of killing an unborn baby under any circumstances.  On the other side, you have people who feel it is up to the mother to make that choice whether to abort her baby before a certain time period.  From the perspective on our planet, it is difficult to determine exactly what the ‘right’ way of going about this issue is.  Taking a look at it from a larger perspective, we know that each and every soul is choosing to incarnate into physical form.  We also know that the parameters of that life are also chosen by that soul as well.  This includes the birth of that soul and the situations surrounding that birth.  So when the possibility of a pregnant mother aborting their baby exists, the unborn soul is already well aware of that situation.  Research into pre-life planning shows that the soul does not usually connect with the body of the unborn baby until about 5 months after conception (and many times even later).  Even then, the soul will jump in and out of the unborn body and exist outside in the spirit realm for periods of time.   So if that abortion is carried out, which is usually done in the first three months anyway, the soul will retract back into the spiritual planes and simply find another physical host in order to carry out their sacred plan or wait until the time is right when the mother is ready to carry out the birth.  There are many times when the birth of the child is planned but the mother is simply not ready.  It is very important to know that pregnancy and infancy are really just a trial period for incarnating souls, kind of like ‘window shopping’.  So this is why we will see miscarriages and SIDS early in a physical lifetime.  Everything can be planned for both parties, but sometimes one or both of them are just not ready yet.  What must be understood is that no soul is ever ‘lost’Our physical bodies are really just a vehicle for our souls.  They are temporary.  The destroying of a physical body is not a destroying of life itself.  Life can never be destroyed.  So you can see that the choice of aborting a baby is not ‘wrong’ but simply an act that is carried out under the pretense of karmic situations.  The unborn soul may be choosing to be aborted out of a ‘contract’ with the parents so that all of them can experience the situation and evolve from it.  Maybe the mother was killed by the unborn soul in a previous life, or maybe the mother is still in the early stages of her soul evolution and is creating karma to be balanced out in a future lifetime.  Armed with this kind of understanding, we do not have the right to judge anyone.  Those souls that are involved in this type of life situation are living their experiences for their own benefit and evolution and this is why highly evolved souls know to let others make their own choices.  Eventually, the idea of aborting a fetus will become an unnecessary discussion, but for now, the planet is still evolving and the karmic wheel must continue to turn in order for us to get to that point.

     Suicide is another widely misunderstood subject.  The person that is carrying out the act of killing themselves is either very confused, depressed or mentally unstable.  The conscious choice of taking one’s own life can be viewed as detrimental, but not in the way that you might think.  Every one of us has a life chart that is created before coming into physical form which has many life situations written into it.  What is never written into our life’s plan is suicide (only the probability).  We don’t plan the taking of our lives before coming here, which is what makes a suicide very far-reaching on many levels.  Those souls that are connected to you in that lifetime now must rewrite some of their life situations in order to work around your act.  Your spirit guides may have to do a little altering of what is presented to you and there are some ‘lessons’ that may have to be carried out in another lifetime.  For the person that has committed the act of suicide, sometimes they do not get much time on the spiritual planes to rest or plan another life.  They can be right back into another physical body where they will have to live out similar life situations just like those that caused them to commit suicide in the first place.  So the act of killing yourself is not going to take you away from the situations that you need to evolve from, as you will eventually have to face them anyway and find a way to solve them.  Those that commit acts of suicide usually feel much regret as they enter the spiritual planes and know that what they did has created much karma.  The exception to this is suicide resulting from mental illness, extreme pain, and suffering or to help someone else evolve (usually carried out by older souls as a non-karmic agreement).  A great example is those people that jumped off the World Trade Center buildings as they were on fire during the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  The likelihood of that soul dying from the fire was high so the act of taking their life to avoid the inevitable is viewed much differently.  These souls are much less critical of their acts as they know their decision was a very tough situation.  But committing an act of suicide out of spite or ego will always cause much more pain than positive energy.  Of course, we all have as much ‘time’ as we need to evolve to where we want to go, so even suicide is not going to set us back in the grand scheme of things.  We may have to live out more physical lives and some tougher situations, but we will eventually evolve through them.  And of course there is no physical ‘hell’ either, so no soul is going to be ‘lost forever’.




     Homosexuality is a lifestyle that is often confusing and also debated.  On one side, some people take the message in the ancient texts from the Bible and use that to justify their view on the lifestyle as ‘wrong’ and not ‘approved’ by God.  They even lump those types of people with killers and thieves, who are all ‘sinners’.  Those on that side view the lifestyle as a choice, which can be changed (in a sense it is a choice, but not in the way that you think.)  On the other side, the lifestyle is viewed as something that person is born with and cannot change.  They state that wild animals’ exhibit homosexual behavior and that those people that are living that type of lifestyle are not ‘evil’ people and just want to be loved and accepted.  Again, from the perspective on the physical plane, the homosexual lifestyle can be misunderstood.  So we have to look at it from a higher perspective.  Similar to those souls that choose a life where their fetus may be aborted, there are many souls that also choose a life where their sexual orientation may be opposite of most other people.  There are many reasons for this.  But first, something very important to understand is that the soul (God)(us) represents both genders in its pure spirit form.  Only when we incarnate into physical beings do we take on a specific physical gender.  Most souls have a preference of gender one way of the other, so they live out most of their physical incarnations as the gender of their preference.  But as is the ‘law’ of karma, we also strive to achieve balance.  So living your next lifetime as a woman when the last 20 lifetimes were lived as a man may cause a bit of subconscious confusion when that soul is in physical form again.  There are also many souls who explicitly choose to live a homosexual lifestyle before ever incarnating in order to teach others about tolerance, kindness, acceptance and love.  It  really is backward that some see the act of loving another soul as ‘wrong’ or ‘unnatural’ even if that soul happens to be taking on the same gender in that particular lifetime.  What difference does it make?  Pure love has no boundaries and has no opposite.  And romantic love is just about as intense as love gets on this planet.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ with expressing yourself sexually, whether it be with someone of your own gender or opposite.  God is not going to judge anyone, regardless of how they choose to live.  This is because God is love and a condemnation is a contradiction of that love.  Again, eventually, the idea of homosexuality being ‘wrong’ will also become a ridiculous concept since we on this planet are still evolving.  So if you are living as a homosexual or know someone that is, keep spreading the message of unity, oneness, and love, as these are the messages that will strike a blow to ignorance, intolerance, and fear.  Ultimately, the male and female energies on this planet must balance in order to achieve perfection, so we will all live both sides of that energy.  And keep in mind that you most likely have lived the other side of the coin yourself in previous incarnations and will choose to live there in the future.


“That which you condemn will condemn you, and that which you judge, you will one day become.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Author, “Conversations With God

     The main thing to take away from these subjects is how to be non-judgmental.  Since most of us are not aware of our karmic ties and life planning choices, there is really not a lot of room to judge others on the choices or situations that they are living in.  The biggest critics to our own choices are going to be ourselves.  We can also have compassion for our own choices, which comes from a perspective that goes beyond what we immediately observe in the physical universe.  So in order for us to become more ‘Godlike’, we have to be our true selves (God).  That is, coming from a place of love and non-judgment.  Knowledge and wisdom will accelerate that place of being, so always be expanding your realm of awareness.


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