Auras, Soul Age Colors & Chakras

“Someone’s energy and Aura and soul are so much more important – they don’t compare to what you have on.” ~ Rachel Roy, Fashion Designer


     We are all pure energy.  When we are incarnated into physical forms, it is just our energy concentrated into a more solid matter.  Because we are nothing but energy, we give off energy as well.  This energy, known as our Aura, is the electromagnetic field that surrounds us.  This field produces different colors, which many intuitive people are able to see and interpret.  The Aura colors that we give off while in physical form are not to be confused with our soul age colors, which are the true colors of our souls on the spiritual planes.  These colors are what our souls radiate as we evolve through our physical incarnations and will change as we continue to evolve.  The Aura colors are a combination of base colors and those that change with our moods.  We also have a number of Chakras throughout our bodies, which are centers of energy.  Each Chakra corresponds to a certain type of energy and by focusing on them we can balance the energies throughout our body.  Auras and Chakras are connected in this way, as they are nothing more than energy systems that we have full control over.

     For those people that can see it, the Aura is something like a halo that surrounds a person’s head or body.  Auras have been depicted throughout history and show up on artistic paintings as halos of light or color.  Usually they depict a highly evolved or spiritual being, but in reality, everyone has an Aura that they give off.  Those that are more spiritually evolved can radiate a stronger and wider Aura, but it’s still there for all souls.  When interpreting someone’s Aura, there are inner bands and outer bands.  The inner bands consist of one or two colors that are your primary life colors while incarnated in a body.  These colors define your personality and purpose for being here.  The outer bands can vary and will change as your moods change or what is happening around you.  Both sets of bands are important, but the inner bands are what will tell you more about a soul than the outer bands.




     The colors of the Aura bands are what tell us more about these personality traits and moods.  Each color has a different meaning.  Reds express physical and sexual behaviors and are courageous and brave.  Oranges are thrill seekers and daredevils, always looking for new challenges and adventures.  Yellows are free-spirited, generous, compassionate and fun loving people with great senses of humor.  Tans are mental people who enjoy structure, discipline and are generally not much into risk taking.  Greens are highly motivated and successful people who are drawn to power and money.  Blues are supportive and nurturing people who enjoy teaching and giving.  Violets are the visionaries who are spiritually centered and have an urge to live life with purpose and inspire others.  Indigos are the intuitive and psychically conscious people who are here to share a higher awareness and wisdom.  These are just some of the examples of what colors in an Aura can represent.  Someone who is able to see an Aura and understand what the colors mean can tell a great deal about a person.  Of course, you can always control what you put out in the outer bands of your Aura, and it depends on your mood and your energy level.  Meditating or concentrating on your spiritual center can strengthen and balance your Aura so that you are giving off positive energies.  This is an important part of creating the experiences that are happening in your life.  Thinking positive and being emotionally grounded brings these thoughts and feelings right back to you.

     Soul Age colors are different from those that are in your physical Aura but also give some similarities as well.  These are the colors that correspond to your state of evolution through your physical incarnations.  There are five different stages of evolution that are experienced on the physical planes and each stage has its own colors.  Best laid out in Michael Newton’s work, we can use a color gradient scale to identify the soul evolution process.  Your inner light is what radiates these colors in your true energy state on the spiritual planes.  So another soul can identify where you are in the evolutionary process simply by observing your soul energy color.

     As Infant Souls we start out white and move into a pink hue as we move into the Baby Soul stage.  Then we move into an orange and eventually yellow hue as we get into the Young Soul stage.  As we move out into the Mature Soul stage, we see more gold, browns, and greens.  Then we get into the Old Soul stages where we see the blues and eventually purple, which represents the most spiritually advanced souls in existence.  You can see the correlation between blue and purple auras and soul age colors, as these represent the souls that are the teachers and wisdom givers.  The colors of the more advanced souls (blue and purple) are of a shorter wavelength, which emanates a more intense vibrational frequency.  It takes many lifetimes to accumulate these colors into your soul energy.  Once you are radiating deeper blue and purple energies, you are not in need of the physical incarnation experiences anymore and generally will reside permanently in spiritual being in a very high vibration state.  The higher 2 soul age stages are where we will be radiating these deeper and magnificent purple colors.




“As we explore the Auras and the Chakras, it is important for us to view our journey not as revolutionary, but rather as very traditional. Chakras, as well as Auras and electromagnetic fields, are as old as the earth itself. The Chakra system, in fact, is a part of the ancient and lost mysteries. And, in the end, the Chakra system in our bodies is how we find our way back to the most ancient mystery of all God, the Oneness, the Omniscient.” ~ Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Spiritual healer, Clairvoyant, Author, Wheels of Light


     Chakras are the energy centers throughout the body.  Thoughts and emotions are focused in these areas.  There are 7 Chakra areas that are located in the center of the body in a vertical fashion.  Each Chakra represents a different type of energy and each has a corresponding color, similar to the Aura.  You will see a correlation between the colors of Chakras and those of Auras and even soul age colors.  Starting at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra is red and represents basic survival needs like food and money.  Above that is the Sacral Chakra, which is orange and located at the lower abdomen area and represents sexuality and pleasure.  Above that, in the upper abdomen is the Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra, which is yellow and represents self-confidence and power.  The Heart Chakra lies above that, in the upper chest area, which is green and represents love and inner peace.  Above that is the Throat Chakra, which is the throat area, light blue and represents communication and self-expression.  The last 2 Chakras, similar to the deeper and more spiritual colors of the Auras and soul ages, are the spiritual centers of the body.  The Brow or Third Eye Chakra, which is on the forehead between the eyes, is a darker blue.  The Third Eye Chakra represents intuition, wisdom, and imagination.  At the very top of the head is the Crown Chakra, which is violet and represents spirituality and inner peace.


Chakras 4


     Each Chakra can be focused on and kept positive so that the emotional energies that flow through them and be open and free.  There are many techniques for cleansing, healing and opening up Chakras and they will always start at the base or Root Chakra.  Meditation practices are a good way to focus and open up these centers so that you can stay centered and calm throughout your day, similar to expanding the energies in your Aura.  It only takes a small portion of time to focus your energy on these important areas of your body, which will ultimately connect you with the emotional, intellectual and spiritual sides of yourself, essentially making you whole and complete.

     Studying energy and how it is created and represented throughout our physical bodies is important for staying grounded and eliminating negative emotions based off of fear.  Eliminating fear based emotions leaves only love, which is really what we all are.  These negative emotions are what get in the way of living an open, compassionate, tolerant and peaceful life.  So you can see the value in understanding Auras and Chakras while in a physical body.  It does not matter where you lie on the evolutionary scale of your soul, understanding and utilizing energy keeps us connected and brings whatever you wish into your life.  Even if you are not open to the concept of Auras and Chakras you can certainly see the impact of how your attitude, your beliefs, and your emotions have on the people and the environment around you.  What is interesting to know is that your heart is really your emotional brain, as it actually has a form of neurons.  So what you are feeling is very important to the energy that you are giving out.  And since your body, your mind, and your spirit are all connected, what you think and what you feel translates into what you are, which an energy creator, God.


Chakras 1


Reference Books:

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4 thoughts on “Auras, Soul Age Colors & Chakras

  1. Hi – If the shaman was correct then a soul color of blue would mean you would be an “old soul” but the pink hue would indicate a much younger soul age of “infant” or “baby’. I am not sure what blue with pink hue would mean…possibly meaning that you are an old soul manifesting a younger soul age at the time (not manifesting to your full soul age potential). That is just a theory. Anything else you can share about your healing experience?

    • Thank you for the response! The shaman lady said that it was a big, exotic butterfly that brought back a ball of my soul energy. She just said the energy colour was blue with a pink hue… This makes me wonder because I know for sure that my aura colour is very orange which would suggest a young soul or at least a soul struggling with basic matters. She also said that I had many lives before but most of them were full of pain and suffering and it did not look like I did well in them….
      I can understand that most likely I am an old-ish but not very successful soul… What makes me wonder is how, in this case, have I managed to turn blue at all? Shouldn’t the soul energy present a ‘lower’ colour then? Just my reflections…

      • I don’t think you are a younger soul. The fact that you are going to a shaman to begin with and visiting a metaphysical site like this suggests that you are more mature in your soul age. Younger souls would not have this kind of interest. Aura colors are different from Soul Age colors. Maybe this is what you are getting mixed up. You can be an older soul with many different types of aura colors. Search some of the links I have provided.

  2. Hi, thank you for the post. It seems very reasonable. I had a healing session with a real shaman and after a soul retrieval she said my soul colour was blue with pink hue. Could you please explain? Thank you. A.

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