How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Spiritual Teacher, Author


     What goes around comes around.  You have no doubt heard this expression before.  This is the essence of karma.  Each and every one of us is connected to each other (God), making us all the same.  So whatever you are thinking, you are also attracting to yourself and whatever you are doing, you are also bringing back to yourself.  This circle of completion may not come to pass in your current lifetime, but over the course of many physical incarnations, you will eventually come to experience all that you are putting out into the universe.

     The most common misconception, which religions teach us, is that karma is a sort of ‘payback’ or ‘retribution’ for doing acts that are ‘bad’ or a ‘reward’ for doing acts that are good.  God is not throwing punishment out there or sending good will to souls based on their actions.  There is no cosmic retribution for what you are doing; rather it is an imbalance that is created between souls, mostly while on the physical planes (there is karma on the spiritual planes as well).  Karma is just the way that you balance the experiences that you are having while you are here.  Since we live our physical lives in a world of relativity with the free will to do whatever we wish, there are certainly going to be experiences that are going to be created which will cause some kind of imbalance.

     This is an important concept to grasp.  You are not being judged by an outside force or being, rather you are giving your soul the full experience of what the physical plane has to offer.   For instance, in the early levels of your physical incarnations as an Infant Soul, you are just learning how to survive in the relative physical planes.  So you will no doubt be acting out more of your animalistic side and may be doing things like stealing, killing and rape.  This is creating karma.  The person or people on the other side of these acts have had an experience that goes against their will, which creates an imbalance between you and them.  After your physical life is complete, your life review on the spiritual planes shows you exactly what another person was feeling when the act was happening.  Your soul then has the urge to balance out the experience by choosing to come back into another physical body, only this time you may be on the receiving end.  It may not be from that same person, but you will create a situation in your life planning that will give you the opportunity to experience the other side of the coin.  Instead of an eye for an eye, karma can also be carried out the ‘soft’ way, say if you murdered someone and now are coming back as their servant.  This prevents the cycle of killing and more negative karmas.  You can see why reincarnation becomes so important in the evolution of the soul.   

     Another way of looking at it is that when someone essentially limits the choices another person has to make (going against their will), then they are creating karma.  The other side of this is ‘philanthropic’ karma. which is creating more choices for another person than they expected.  It’s a kind of way to build ‘good’ karma, but it also creates an imbalance between those people.  The other person will now eventually feel the urge to ‘pay it back’.   Advanced souls are more likely to create this kind of karma, but will eventually seek to not create any at all.  The more advanced you become, the less karma you desire to create (even ‘good’ karmas), as you are beginning to prepare for the end of the physical incarnation cycle.  So a soul that is near that point is dealing primarily with self-karmas like addictions, self-esteem or other personal issues. 


 “There are two eternal paths in this universe. One is of light, the other of darkness. The first leads to freedom from the wheel of birth, death, and rebirth; the other leads back to this world once more.” ~ Krishna, Spiritual Teacher, Paraphrased from “The Bhagavad Gita




     Karma can be viewed as maintenance of order over the course of your physical lifetimes or as a system of checks and balances.  Our earthly lives can appear chaotic at times without the knowledge of our past lives.  It can seem like tough circumstances are happening to us and we may feel that we do not deserve it.  We must remember that we have lived before and are most likely living the balance of previous life experiences in the present lifetime.  We have planned many of the circumstances before entering the physical body as well, in order to give ourselves the opportunity to create experiences that will help us to evolve.  You must also be aware of the power of your thoughts, as positive thoughts will bring those experiences closer to you as well as negative thoughts, regardless of whether you want them to.  This is known as the Law of Attraction and is responsible for much of the karma that we are experiencing.

     Our free will allows us to create whatever experiences we choose.  But all choices have consequences, so if we are not making choices that are for our greatest good, then eventually our essence will want to balance them.  These types of ‘negative’ choices are what we can tag as so-called ‘evil’.  If we make a choice to murder or rape someone, then our subsequent lifetimes will be lived in the contrast of that choice, which may be direct karma as the victim or another form of karma that involves service or sacrifice for that person.  The agreements that are made with other souls between lives are what set up the circumstances around those experiences.   This can also be true of our social status, gender, family and so on.  We may have lived many lives before as a male and then will choose to live this lifetime as a female so we can experience the other side of the gender balance.  This kind of karma is what can cause confusion over sexual preference.  You may also have lived before in another family role, such as the child of one of your children in this lifetime or the sibling to your mother in this lifetime.  We tend to stick to soul groups, which are the same souls over many lifetimes but in different roles.  This helps complete the circle of experience and gives us the best opportunity to work out our karmas.


Seek now the meaning of all things so that youre suffering may end. Do not wait, believing that you will find knowledge after you have taken on a new body. ~ Jesus, Spiritual Teacher, Paraphrased from “The Pistis Sophia


     Our life plans in a physical body are designed to heal energies left over from previous incarnations.  After balancing the experiences we can let go of fears and therefore heal.  Our souls learn from opposites.  Deliberately experiencing something on the other side in order to overcome it is how this can be accomplished.  Your greatest challenges are not about what other people do, but how you respond, which means our greatest teachers are those people or things that present us with the greatest challenges.  The intent is not to be immersed in your problems but to rise above them.  This is accomplished by forgiveness and letting go.  This is how we release karma.  Know that you attract things in your life and have power over them.  The aim of the soul is to grow through joy and not through suffering.  This is a very important part of being spiritual.

     In addition to the traditional path in a physical body, there are a couple of uncommon ways to experience karma that are perfectly acceptable.  One is as a ‘walk-in’, which is essentially where another soul enters an adult body in place of the soul that is currently there.  That soul may not want to work its karma out anymore in its present situation and so it allows another soul to use its physical body to work through its own.  This is a preferred way of leaving the physical body, as suicide is creating a whole mess of massive karma that will have to be worked out eventually.  Walk-ins are rare but are becoming more common, as we are realizing that the physical body is a useful tool that can be utilized in different ways.  Another way to experience is through ‘imprints‘.  This is a way to experience a physical life without actually living it.  It’s done on the spiritual planes as a way of gaining knowledge.  You actually download all the information from that lifetime and utilize the wisdom gained from it for your subsequent lifetimes.  It’s not a substitution for a physical life, but it’s a way to accumulate knowledge.  You can actually have past life memories that are really imprints.  This is how many people can have knowledge of the same past life.  Only one person actually lived it, but others can gain the wisdom from it.


“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out who you Are, but seek to determine who you want to be.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Teacher, Author


Karma 1


     So as you can see, karma is not at all a ‘bad’ thing, nor is it a good thing either.  It really is just our souls expanding and evolving through a wide range of experiences.  Everyone has their own karmas.  It is not shared.  You must experience it and release it yourself.  There is no urgency when it comes to creating this balance, so you have the freedom to live as many incarnations as you wish until you balance out your karma.  It depends on the soul, as some have the desire to balance immediately in the next lifetime for something they may have done, or they may choose to wait until they are ready.  More evolved souls can handle the harsher conditions and may act in roles of service to others to help balance or break a karmic cycle for someone.  What really needs to be understood is that nobody really has the right to judge.  If someone carries out an act that you view as horrible, neglectful or ‘wrong’ then there is nowhere that you can put a judgment on that person, since you are not aware of their previous life experiences.  Those souls involved may already have an agreement worked out previous to this lifetime to work through their karmas.  What is viewed as ‘wrong’ is relative, since, from their point of view, it is exactly what was needed to help those souls evolve.  How you react to what you observe around you or what is happening to you is the mark of your journey on the evolutionary path, as the more evolved you become, the more you understand that everything has a purpose and the line between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ does not really exist.


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