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Books or links in bold were used as references in articles.  *Starred books or links are personal favorites and highly recommended.  References are being updated regularly as I accumulate new knowledge and wisdom.  New books or links in the last 3 months are marked accordingly.  I welcome all suggestions for new references.



Quantum Theory & Illusions

Are We Living in a Hologram?

Simulations Back Up Theory That Universe is a Hologram

New Experiment Will Answer Some Mind-Bending Questions on Whether We Live in a Hologram

Nature of Mind & the Holographic Brain

The Double Slit Experiment

The Double Slit Experiment (Through The Wormhole)

The Illusion of Matter: Our Physical Material World Isn’t Really Physical at All

Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy – Scientists Explain the World of Quantum Physics

Consciousness Creates Reality – Physicists Admit the Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual

Human Evolution Is Driven By Consciousness Say Researchers

5 Thought-Provoking Quantum Experiments Showing That Reality Is an Illusion

10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World

Scientific Research Suggests We Unconsciously React to Events Up to 10 Seconds Before They Happen

Parapsychology: How Science is Proving That Psychic Experiences Are Real

Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected

Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death

Parallel Universes DO Exist

Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Occurred – The Universe Has No Beginning


Existence of the Soul

Afterlife 101

Afterlife Data

A Physicist’s Explanation of Why the Soul May Exist

Scientists Offer Quantum Theory of Soul’s Existence

Does the Soul Exist? Evidence Says ‘Yes’

Neuroscientist Describes Documented Cases of Humans ‘Flying’ Outside of Their Body

This Scientist Captures a Soul Leaving the Body & Quantifies Chakras

Out of Body Experiences Proven by Scientific Study

The Afterlife Investigations (Video)

A Man Who Lives Without 90% of His Brain is Challenging Our Concept of ‘Consciousness’


Epigenetics & DNA 

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words & Frequencies

How Epigenetics is Dissolving the Lines Between Science & Spirituality

Can We Reprogram Our DNA & Heal Ourselves With Frequency, Vibration & Energy?

Everything You Are is Frequency & Your DNA is the Ultimate Antenna

New Study Reveals How You Can Upgrade Your Genes

97% Of Our DNA Has a Higher Purpose & Is Not ‘Junk’

Proof Epigenetics Is Real: Study Confirms Mother’s Diet Changes Gene Expression in Offspring


Meditation, Prayer, Intention & Healing

An Experiment With Meditators Shows That Human Mind Can Interfere with Quantum Objects

The Maharishi Effect (Meditation For Intention)

Science Has Spoken: Group Meditation Literally Changes the World

Scientific Evidence Mass Meditation Can Reduce War and Terrorism

Mind Over Matter: Princeton & Russian Scientist Reveal the Secrets of Human Aura & Intentions

Science Now Says That Your Subconscious Thoughts & Beliefs Can Actually Cause Molecular Changes in Your Genes

Scientific Evidence That Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter the Physical World Around Us

Scientists Confirm Our Minds Can Influence Matter

The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” & Consciousness

The Intenders of the Highest Good – Website

Directed Prayer & Conscious Intention: Demonstrating the Power of Distant Healing

The Neuroscience of Turning Dreams into Reality: 7 Steps to Master the Law of Attraction

11 Effective Tips on How to Attract Positive Energy into Your Life

What You Are Not Being Told About the Secret & Law of Attraction

5 Secrets to the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Resource Guide

Spirituality, Healing & Science

Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves?

Could Spiritual Healing Actually Work?

Harvard Research Team Reveals the Shocking ‘Superhuman’ Abilities of the Tibetan Monks

9 Humans With Authentic Superpowers That Completely Baffle Scientists

Scientists Show That Water Has Memory – This Video Will Blow Your Mind

A Psychic Communicates with Angry Leopard & something Unbelievable Happens

Various Hypnosis Downloads ($)



Center for Conscious Ascension

Psych-K Centre International

200+ Consciousness Raising Documentaries

The Afterlife Investigations  – Documentary

Over a Hundred Peer-Reviewed Journals on Telepathy, PSI & ESP

How to Bypass Your Reptilian Brain & Restore Your Creative Power

The Enlightenment Test

The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism

You Can Become Christ

John Hagelin, Ph.D. on Consciousness

14 of the Best Ghost & Spirit Photobombs Ever Taken


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