Choosing to Be in a Physical Body

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Philosopher


     Reading this title might throw you off a bit at first.  The idea that we actually chose to be in a physical body and to live in the environment that you are in may be radical thinking to you.  But it will make sense once you grasp the bigger picture.

     We were all created as beings of perfect knowledge and perfect love, all while residing in the spiritual planes.  But in order for our souls to be able to truly understand this knowledge we have to experience it.  And this is why God (we) created the physical planes.  On the spiritual planes, everything is in the realm of the absolute.  Love, peace, kindness and truth are all that is known.  We cannot experience ‘evil’ or negative emotions in a place of absolute joy and happiness.  Yes, we can study them, communicate them and re-enact them, but we would never be able to truly feel them.  So this is what the physical planes are for, to experience the realm of relativity and to have the free will to so what you want.  Here you can truly understand what it is like to be.  For you cannot have love without having hate or fear (the absence of love) as well.  You cannot have up without having down.  You cannot have beauty without having ugliness.  The polar opposites that exist on the physical planes are what we utilize to experience the emotions that are associated with the knowledge.  We are not whole on the physical planes, as being either male or female gives us a unique perspective from which to experience and create from.

     So in order for us to truly know and for God (us) to truly know, we must descend from our spirit bodies into physical bodies.  This is the only way that God (we) can be truly expressed.  We all have the ultimate goal of perfecting our knowledge and the best way to do that is to become physical.  So we make a choice.  Do we want to spend eternity in the cozy confines of our eternal home, always feeling connected to the source, or do we want to truly go out and discover ourselves and to perfect our souls?  So if you are reading this, then you made the difficult, but the extremely rewarding choice of truly perfecting your soul.  There are countless souls that never leave the confines of the spiritual planes.  They remain in a state of perfect knowledge but unevolved in their experiences of that knowledge.  In a sense, they are like babies, unaware of true consciousness.  You, however, are truly expanding your soul in ways that you could never even imagine.  This is because being in physical form is the most effective way of evolving the soul.  And the vast majority of you have chosen to live in physical bodies many times before.  The planet Earth is one of, if not the, toughest ‘schools’ in the universe, as there are many physical worlds available to us.  So be proud of your accomplishments, you have evolved a great deal thus far.  You would not be here if you could not handle the toughest circumstances available on a physical plane (just watch the news to understand what I mean).  You chose this experience here on Earth because you wanted to excel your growth quickly and in ways not possible in other physical environments. 


“Life will send you whatever experience you need to stimulate the evolution of your consciousness.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Teacher, Author


    The process of choosing to descend into a physical body is a difficult one.  You must make a conscious decision that will likely mean not turning back and carrying forward with subsequent incarnations into physical bodies until you have accomplished everything you desired.  This will take many lifetimes.  Ultimately it is up to you whether you want to excel quickly or at a slower pace, but you have an eternity of time to do it.  What will really determine the extent of your growth are the decisions you make while in a physical body and the experiences you create in those lifetimes.  But before you make any choices on the physical plane, you make a plan for your upcoming lifetime while still on the spiritual planes.


Choices 1


    After deciding to make the journey into a physical body, you lay out all the tools and circumstances that you will utilize to accomplish your goals in your upcoming lifetime.  These include your gender, race, place of birth, parents, children, relationships, friends, family, occupations, finances, sexual orientation, living arrangements, your physical death and any of the challenges that you wish to grow from living within these experiences.  There is extensive planning with all the other souls that will be incarnating with you at the time and also with your spirit guides and the Council of Elders.  It’s a process that is not taken lightly and can take a lot of ‘time’ to accomplish.  Essentially you make a ‘chart’ of your plans for the upcoming physical experience which becomes more or less a ‘contract’ between yourself and the other souls involved.  Since each soul has its own challenges and karmas to work through, you could see why it is an extensive process.  We also tend to plan our lives with those that are either in our soul groups or are kindred souls throughout many physical lifetimes.  This way we can work through our karmas and balance our experiences with each other.  No circumstance is fully determined before coming into a physical body but the most likely scenarios are laid out so that we can make the choices.  There is always free will, otherwise why even come into a physical body in the first place?  We are always choosing our reactions to the events laid out before us.

     So as you contemplate your current lifetime so far, can you point out any experiences that you went through that helped you grow or evolve?  I’m sure that you can.  Even the most mundane of experiences have contributed to your evolution.  Are you the same person that you were 1 year, 5 years or 20 years ago?  Of course not.  So keep in mind those challenges that were presented to you and begin to contemplate the possibility that you had actually planned them for the purpose of your evolution.  You wanted to see what you could create from those circumstances and how your experiences would pan out.  You wanted to take all the knowledge that you possessed, forget most of it while descending to the physical plane here on Earth, and ultimately try and remember yourself by being in a world of relativity, where you could make any choice you wanted.  And this is the goal of your soul, to become the embodiment of all that is. 


“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul.  You have a body.” ~ C.S. Lewis, Poet, Scholar


     After you are finished with your physical lifetime, you ascend back into the spiritual realm and to your eternal home.  In fact, we plan multiple ‘exit points’ that we may decide on at the time to follow through with.  If our souls feel that we have accomplished what we needed to do, then we might take one of the early exit points.  Otherwise, we stick around until we are finished.  You may have had an experience in your life that was a close brush with death.  Many people have had these kinds of experiences, known as near death experiences.  They come back to tell their incredible stories and to help us remember the truth that awaits us when we ultimately do pass on.  There are also the small percentages of souls that stick around when the physical body dies and become spirits stuck between the physical and higher spiritual planes, but those are not as common.  So the stories of seeing the white light, passing through the tunnel, reuniting with loved ones, etc. are all part of the process of crossing back over.  There is also the life review, which is viewing your previous lifetime in detail to experience again everything you went through, but in much greater detail.  And after we spend as much ‘time’ as we need back home, most of us begin the process of planning another physical lifetime, but with greater awareness and evolutionary consciousness.  And we will do it until we feel that we have utilized the physical experiences enough that we do not need them anymore to evolve.  We may then choose to become guides and continue to teach others that reside at home.  And since there are many higher spiritual realms we can also choose to evolve after our physical lifetimes are no longer needed.  It’s all up to the individual soul, as each of us has the freedom to evolve as much as we wish.  And that is the beauty of being eternal spirit beings.


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