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“The trouble is, you think you have time.” ~ Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher, Author, Buddhas Little Instruction Book


     Our everyday existence in the physical realm that we live in gives us the impression that we are limited by a number of things.  One is time, a concept that we use for measuring when something ‘happened’.  The other is space, which is perceived to be the matter that lies between ourselves and everything around us. Taking these 2 concepts into account, we believe that we are separate from not only other forms of physical matter but from the time that these forms of matter existed.  In other words, if something existed at some point in the past and doesn’t anymore then we cannot connect to it and if it does exist in our present time but is not part of our physical self, then we cannot connect to it either.  This is the illusion that existing on a physical plane presents.  In reality, nothing is separate and time does not really exist.


Time 2


     In order for a concept of time to exist, there needs to be a reference point.  We have to use something like a sunrise or the seasons to gauge the existence of time.  Without these reference points, nothing in the order of time exists, only the present moment does, the now.  This is the way it is in nature.  If you were to ask a wild animal what the time was, they would have no idea of what you were inquiring about.  The only thing that exists to them is the present.  Taking this idea even further we can also say that time did not have a beginning, nor does it have an end.  Time has always existed.  Therefore, time does not ‘travel’ in a straight path like we think it does, since it is really just an illusion.  Think of time more as a circle, endlessly flowing, always existing and never ending.  In our true existence on the spiritual planes, the concept of time is irrelevant.   There we are aware that everything exists in the now and can be accessed whenever we want it (in fact we can experience multiple physical lives at once).  Time does not have any real existence outside of animal-sense perception in the physical realm.  It ts the process by which we perceive changes in the universe.  In our experiences in the physical realm, we become disconnected from the absolute reality and live in a place of relativity where such concepts like time are perceived to exist.  But even on the physical planes, we get phenomena that transcend our idea of time.  There have been many experiences of ‘time slippage’ events where people have lost time or even experienced events that occurred in the past.  Such is the case many times with alien abduction events or travels through such places as the Bermuda Triangle.  One interesting phenomenon is the ‘Mandela Effect‘ where many people actually remember an event happening (in this case Nelson Mandela’s death in prison in the 1980s) that is not a reality in this present time.  What causes this to happen?  The answer is that there are an infinite number of parallel realities.  All thoughts and choices, past and present are occurring.  You are only consciously aware of the most probable one when in a physical body.  But it is possible to transcend what we perceive as ‘time’.  Even theoretical physics does not rule out the possibility of time travel.


Time 1


    The same can be said of space, which also needs reference points to exist.  If you did not have the ground beneath you, the sky above you or the 4 walls around you as a reference point for your physical placement, then you would literally have no space.  The only thing that would exist is ‘nothing’.  Only when we have physical manifestations do we get a point of reference for distance.  This is, of course, the case in the physical realm, but the idea of physical objects being disconnected is an illusion.  We can look at this is a couple different ways.  Let’s take a living cell for instance.  Each part of the cell – the nucleus, the ribosomes, the mitochondria, are different entities that, on the cellular level, appear to be separate from each other, each doing their own thing.  But upon taking a wider perspective, we see that each entity is a necessary part of a larger system that upon working together creates and maintains the living cell.  If one of these elements is missing, then the cell dies.  Taking this concept further, all the cells in a living being make up that being.  All the living beings in an area make up a community and so forth until you have every living being and object in existence making up one complete thing – the universe.  We are all made of the same basic materials – carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, which came from stars.  Take away elements of the universe – stars, black holes, planets, and the universe does not exist.    So you can see that we are all literally connected and important pieces of the singular existence.  What one entity does effects another right along down the line.  You are an important piece of the puzzle.


With the advent of quantum theory, it was found that even these minute subatomic particles were themselves far from solid. In fact, they are not much like matter at allat least nothing like matter as we know it. They cant be pinned down and measured precisely. They are more like fuzzy clouds of potential existence, with no definite location. Much of the time they seem more like waves than particles. Whatever matter is, it has little, if any, substance to it. ~ Peter Russell, Physicist, Author


     Taking physical matter itself even further, we know from physics that matter is not even solid.  Looking at a ‘solid’ object on a molecular level, there is an empty space.  What we really have is not solid matter but vibrational energy.  None of this energy is static either, it is constantly moving.  Even the particles in the densest material are constantly moving.  So even though you are looking at say a rock, and it looks like it is stagnant, it is actually a dynamic form of vibrational energy.  This is what ‘solid’ physical matter is, concentrated forms of energy.  Everything is vibrational and energy consists of varying degrees of vibration.  So when it is said that you are God, powerful creators of whatever you wish, this is what it means.  Thoughts and emotions, which are less dense forms of vibrational energy, when concentrated, turn into words and actions, and eventually into physical matter.  This is exactly how you create everything that is physical around you.  This is how the Law of Attraction works.  This is how we (God) created the physical universe and how we (God) continue to create the physical universe.




     The idea that everything is connected through vibrational energy is evident in Quantum Entanglement.  When 2 entangled particles, such as photons or electrons are separated, even at great distances, they remain connected to each other with regard to their physical values.  An example would be the ‘spin’ of photon particles, which are always opposite to each other.  The catch is that we do not know the direction of the spin (clockwise or counterclockwise) until we observe it in one of the particles.  When one of the particles is observed, then the other particle automatically takes the opposite spin direction.  The unobserved photon, according to Quantum Physics, exists in all possible states simultaneously until it is observed or measured and at that point, it exhibits only one state, such is clockwise spin.  So we can see that observation is what brings about physical existence.  It is the consciousness that creates the physical form.  In other words, the mind creates matter, not the other way around.  Although the popular theory that consciousness comes from matter continues to be explored by physics, it still has not been proven.  This is because physical reality is just an illusion, like a hologram, created by our consciousness.  “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot explains this quite well.  We are making 3D projections with our minds and the picture shown in the hologram is based on the frequency with which it is seen

     Everything exists in all dimensions until you choose (consciously or sub-consciously) to experience it.  Only then does it appear to exist.  This means nothing can exist physically without an observer and this observer’s frequency state decides the time and space realm which it is believed to occupy.  This is just another way that we are all creatively connected.   And science is backing it up.  With the Unified Field Theory, science can explain the interconnection of everything in existence.  Quantum Mechanics also tells us about the dual nature of particles, being both vibrational waves and particles.  When an electron is observed, it acts as a particle and when it is not, it acts as both a particle and a wave simultaneously (known as the Double-Slit Experiment).  An example of this consciousness creation of reality is a rainbow.  Without an observer, trillions of potential rainbows exist due to sunlight and raindrops.  Only with an observer does one appear, due to the position of the observer and the biological brain receptors.  This scientific explanation explains that everything we see physically is vibrational.  So just as light can exist both as a single wave of energy and as many particles of light, any single wave of consciousness can also exist as many individual particles of consciousness. And that’s what souls are — a wave of consciousness that has taken the form of many particles or fragments.  We are all mind, matter, and consciousness.  We are all vibrational energy.  In fact, the entire universe (God) is conscious, alive and sentient.

     Vibrational energy starts with our thoughts and emotions.  Examples of this energy are with prayer or intention.  There is plenty of evidence that prayer, intention or whatever you want to call it has an effect on physical matter.  This is because of our intention, combined with a vibrationally matched emotion, brings about physical reality through energy concentration.  This is also evident in the Placebo Effect or the Nocebo Effect.  Our minds have much more power that we think, and we can convince ourselves of most anything if we believe it strongly enough, even if it does not seem possible to the outside observer.  This is how a tulpa is created.  And take this man who no longer eats or drinks.  Highly evolved yogis have been known to eliminate the need for physical maintenance as well.  The same mind over matter holds true for telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, mesmerism and psychic abilities. These phenomena are great examples of how we are powerful creators and can transcend time and space.  The higher the conscious state you reside in, the more potential you have to create whatever you wish.


 Prayer 2


You are not IN the universe; you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle. ~ Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Teacher, Author, “A New Earth


    Since we are all connected through vibrational energy, if we can learn to slow down and use our senses and intuition, we can not only create whatever we wish, but we can also gain knowledge on anything we wish as well.  This is because the universe is sentient.   One person’s knowledge is available to everyone, we just have to be able to focus inward and remember it for ourselves.  It may seem at times that there are coincidences when it comes to gaining knowledge or an event taking place that is there at just the right moment, but these are just examples of timeless knowledge and energy being remembered.  Extreme examples of coincidences, known as synchronicities, are unmistakable events that remind us that we are all connected.  I’m sure you can think of a few examples in your lifetime that cannot be simply explained away.  The more you can become in tune with your inner being, the more you will notice that what is happening around you is being created by your thoughts and emotions.  There are no boundaries to your infinite abilities to create.  Life goes out in all directions; it cannot evolve in a single line.  Time and space cannot limit you, as long as you realize that you have that ability and believe in it.  Know that you are God.  Know that you are the universe.


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