Highly Evolved Beings



Angels have no philosophy but love. ~ Terri Guillemets, Quotation Anthologist


     There are many highly evolved beings that are in existence.  Many people around the world believe in angels, including the majority of Americans.  There are several reasons for these beliefs, including religious upbringing and personal accounts of miracles and spiritual encounters.  These include encounters with extraterrestrial beings, which are some of the most advanced beings that occupy a physical form.  Many people in modern times have had these encounters, and there are many accounts in our world history.   Many advanced spiritual beings, such as spirit guides and elders exist solely on the spiritual planes, but we also have highly advanced beings that are in the physical realm as well.  These highly evolved souls have the ability to create entire worlds and forms of life in any realm just by manipulating higher vibrational energy into lower vibrational forms.

     Angels are beings that are literally God’s (our) ‘army’ of light.  These beings are androgynous, able to take any form they wish and can communicate telepathically, just like we do on the spiritual planes.  There are many different types of angels, but all you really need to know is that you always have them around you for protection and guidance.  Doreen Virtue, a well-known angel therapist, claims that everyone comes into physical form with at least 2 angels and the ability to call upon more when needed.  In fact, the more angels that are around you, the more likely you are going through tougher challenges in physical form.  These beings are pure love and are here to help us keep negative energy away.  They are also known for performing some extraordinary miracles, such as saving lives.  Many people have reported witnessing a being that helped them at the moment of physical crisis, only to disappear, never to be seen again.  Since they can take on the physical form of anything, they truly have the reign to pop in and out whenever they are called to.  You can connect to your angels by simply relaxing and thinking about bringing them into your surroundings.  It does not hurt to ask for their protection, whether through prayer or meditation.  You can literally call upon as many as you wish, and if you are lucky enough to witness one in its true form, you will no doubt know that they are magnificent winged beings of love and of light.

     Spirit guides are a different type of being.  Often mistaken for angels, spirit guides are actually souls that have either advanced from the physical realm or are currently evolving in the most advanced stages of physical existence.  Everyone has at least one spirit guide that resides on the spiritual planes, and many of us have 2 or more.  Our spirit guides are those souls that we have made a very sacred contract with before coming into physical form for the purpose of bringing us along on our spiritual path in the physical realm.  We are taken under their wing from the beginning of your physical journey and throughout our evolution.  So we truly have a close bond with our spirit guides, as they are there every step of the way with us.  In fact, many of us either are or will become guides as we continue to evolve.  As a soul starts to reach the Young Soul age, they are starting to become ‘junior’ guides, as they are capable of teaching lower level souls.  An interesting part of Michael Newton’s past life regression research shows us that we can actually be living our lives on the physical plane while the portion of our energy that is left behind on the spiritual planes is still being a guide.  You could also be living many simultaneous parallel physical lives if you are one such advanced soul (to experience the many facets of choices at one time).  The more advanced you become, the more souls you can handle under your guidance and the more you can handle in your physical lives as well.  It’s not uncommon for an advanced soul to have many younger souls as ‘students’.  And since you never stop evolving, even the most advanced guides have guides as well.  So you can imagine how truly wise these higher up guides are.

     Spirit guides and angels are there for us at all times, but the life circumstance chart that was laid out before you came into a physical body will not be interfered with for the most part, as we created that chart for our personal growth.  It would not be useful to pass up what we have determined to be important situations.  Why come here to begin with if that is the case?  Only under the most extraordinary circumstances will our charts be interfered with.  So when you are attempting to connect with your angels and spirit guides, you are not asking for your circumstances to change, but for the strength and the resolve to create new or better experiences from them.  You are here to create solutions, and these entities are there for their wisdom and compassion.

     Some of the most extraordinary beings in creation are those that reside as part of The Council of Elders.  These beings are closer to the God source than our spirit guides.  As we reside on the spiritual planes, most of us take on whatever form we wish, but we are all primarily youthful looking and choose to be either male or female in essence.  The beings on the Council of Elders take on an essence that is older and androgynous.  This is to differentiate them from other spirits because of their stature.  Council of Elder members and those that are even more advanced are referred to as the Old Ones.  Of course, we are all equally important in the eyes of the universe (God) and no one on the spiritual planes is operating under an egoistic hierarchy, but we still have ways of recognizing our evolutionary state.  These beings are extremely knowledgeable, wise, compassionate, patient, kind and radiant.  One way of determining our evolutionary state is the color that emanates from our energy state.  Those that are part of the Council of Elders radiate the deepest and most magnificent shades of purple, which is the most spiritually advanced energy color.  So we are easily able to recognize these beings when we are in their presence.

     The Council’s primary purpose is to review the circumstances that we choose to include in our physical life chart.  We do this before coming into physical form.  With the aid of our spirit guides, we stand before the Council and determine, with their never ending wisdom and patience, what we are choosing to take on in physical form.  Those on the Council know everything about us, in every previous physical lifetime, and our essence on the spiritual planes.  So their wisdom is truly priceless, and we can take their advice in refining our choices.  Of course, we always have the choice to go against their guidance, but that usually ends up causing us to ‘learn the hard way’.

     Upon our return to the spiritual planes, we also review the lifetime just lived with the Council as well.  This usually happens after we have the chance to have the physical life review ourselves, and after discussion with our spirit guides.  The Council will show us ways that we can improve upon and help us in moving forward in choosing the next physical lifetime or moving on to other experiences.  We are free to ask any questions and take as much ‘time’ as we need in taking in their guidance.  In both cases of pre-life review and post-life review, the Council can consist of anywhere from a few to 15-20 members or more.  The more advanced we become, the more members may be present at those meetings.  Those under hypnotic regression therapy have reported many such meetings and every time it is a memorable, wonderful and enlightening experience.  There is no need to be fearful of judgment or criticism, as we are the only ones who are making the choices.  These advanced beings are not there to put you down, but to help you evolve.  It’s always done out of love.


The old soul tends to live by the religion of the universe, or in other words; an intricately created patchwork of truths formed by a variety of religious, philosophical and mystical writings.   For instance, it’s not unusual for the old soul to piece together a cosmic understanding of existence using Buddhist, Sufi, Nietzsche, Krishnamurti and Kahlil Gibran writings, and continue to build upon his understanding of more perspectives.  All in all, the old soul’s religion is one of love, one of understanding, one of forgiveness and one of non-attachment. ~ Aletheia Luna, Author, “Old Souls


     There are also many advanced souls residing on this planet as well.  We know from the study of soul ages that Old Souls are close to breaking the physical cycle.  Although these advanced souls tend to incarnate into a physical form less frequently, as they are involved more in teaching and guiding less evolved souls on the spiritual planes, their wisdom is far-reaching and all-encompassing.  Transcendental Souls and Infinite Souls are also here for making a worldwide impact on our evolution.   These souls have completed the physical incarnation cycle, but choose to incarnate to help spread eternal love and oneness.  These souls are very wise and tend to live amongst the common people and often live simple lives and travel as spiritual teachers.  Jesus, an Infinite Soul, was one such example of perfect love, which impacted countless souls at the time of that physical incarnation up to the present.  But there were many other Infinite Souls, like Buddha, Krishna, MuhammadLao Tzu and the channeled entity Seth to name a few.  We also know of some Transcendental Souls such as Gandhi, Socrates, Babaji and Yogananda, who always inspire a cultural revolution.   They can also be known as sages, who are masters of knowledge.  Human interpretation may distort some of the wisdom and guidance because we are not yet capable of fully understanding the message yet, but it is there for our understanding when we are ready.  One other type of soul that has this kind of understanding is a mystic.  These are souls that choose to incarnate under any circumstances that are needed in order to help along the evolution of human kind.  Basically, they will take on the worst of life’s situations to show us true compassion, perseverance, and love.  Think of those with extreme physical ailments, children with terminal health conditions or mental circumstances.  These types of souls will radiate pure life and love while showing us incredible gifts and giving us deep and profound wisdom.  If we are listening and watching, we can take away much enlightenment from these souls, as they will tend to be of an advanced soul age.  Mystics are masters of the emotional realm.

     Yogis are another fascinating type of advanced being.  The guru-disciple relationship that exists between yogis and their followers has been passed down through many generations as a custom originating in India.  In his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, Paramahansa Yogananda recounts his spiritual journey from finding his Guru to becoming one himself.  He recounts some amazing stories of physical manifestations, reincarnations, meditations, and revelations.  The path to becoming a yogi is a sacred one that involves many years of spiritual enlightenment.  Many very advanced beings exist on this planet that can exit and enter the physical body at will, obtain any bit of knowledge they wish, not require any food or sleep and will live as long as they wish in physical form until they are ready to cross back over.  Yogis have much to teach us, as they live a very quiet and simple life, but we have to be ready and willing to listen.

     One last type of soul to touch on is Indigo Children.  These are primarily a newer type of spiritually advanced soul that is here to bring in a more evolved type of consciousness.  They have great intuition, love, and compassion.  They are a special type of Old Soul that is connected closer to the source than most of us.  They usually have special paranormal or supernatural abilities and are very intelligent.  They most likely fall under the same type of blanket that Dolores Cannon presents in her book “Three Waves of Volunteers & the New Earth”, where these recently incarnated souls are actually free of karmas and are part of the hybridization program being brought on by extraterrestrial beings.  According to Pamela Kribbe‘s research in her book “The Jeshua Channelings“, these children are lightworkers from other planets and come in with an energy that is purer and higher than ever, meaning they are able to keep more of their soul energy intact as they arrive on earth.  There are some very exciting advancements in human consciousness coming to us in the near future and these souls are bringing it to us.


Spirituality 3


     All of us are on a path of evolving, so to our current selves, higher states of advancement may seem like they are very far away, but they are really just a future state of what we may choose to become.  We are all evolving at different rates, but we are becoming ever closer to the God source so that we may become one again with creation and love.  It is our choices that get us there, regardless of the circumstances that are laid out for us.  We can advance to a higher state of being, and just by being here in physical form tells us that we are striving to get to a higher state, which is something you should be very proud of.


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