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George Adamski   George Adamski

(Also found under ET Research – Contemporary)

One of the original UFO researchers, he is famous for presenting clear photographs and videos of UFO crafts from 1949 through 1965 throughout the world.  He is also a UFO contactee, being met and traveling with benevolent species of alien beings.  He was a pioneer in the movement towards establishing greater public awareness and education the existence of ETs.  His evidence was presented in a time before computers or altering software programs, bringing an authenticity to their existence as fact.  He lectured to many different speaking groups around the world in his time and continues to have an effect on UFO circles to this day.  He passed away in 1965.



Adamski Foundation – George Adamski Main Website

King of the ‘Contactees’: The Bizarre UFO Saga of George Adamski



Inside the Spaceships

All Books




Kim Carlsberg   Kim Carlsberg

(Also found under ET Research – Contemporary)

An artist, photographer and UFO researcher, she had an alien abduction experience in 1988, which resulted in the creation of her own hybrid children.  She witnessed alien beings conducting tests on human beings and extracting DNA for the creation of human-alien hybrid beings.  Her encounter is considered on the most credible documented cases of abduction and she is considered one of the top experts in the UFO field.  She travels the world as a speaker and has been featured on many TV and radio interviews.  She also holds her own UFO Sky Tours with military night vision goggles in the Sedona, Arizona area.



Kim Carlsberg Main Website

Sedona UFO Sky Tours: Night Time UFO Sky Watching with Military Night Vision Gear

Kim Carlsberg Bio

Kim Carlsberg Audio Archive



Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee

The Art of Close Encounters

All Books




Betty & Barney Hill   Betty & Barney Hill

An American couple who are the first and one of the most famous documented ET abductee cases.  Occurring in 1961 and known as the ‘Hill Abduction’, the couple observed a UFO with figures inside and subsequently experienced a missing time episode where little was recalled immediately after except anxiety and illness.  The couple was later hypnotized and had detailed recollections of the incident.  The couple’s experience is documented in notes, pictures, and tapes and is on permanent collection at the University of New Hampshire.  Barney passed away in 1969 and Betty passed away in 2004. 



The Betty & Barney Hill Abduction, Part 1

The Hill Abduction

Betty & Barney Hill Abduction Case

Betty & Barney Hill: Where the Debunkers Went Wrong

Betty & Barney Hill Audio Archive



Captured! The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction (Stanton Friedman)




Melinda Leslie   Melinda Leslie

(Also found under Psychics/Mediums & ET Research – Contemporary)

A researcher and investigator in the field of ufology, she is a UFO abductee who has made public her experiences around the phenomenon.  She regularly holds tours in Sedona, AZ with the use of military night vision goggles, investigating the skies for UFO activity.  She has interviewed hundreds of abductees, chronicling their experiences with harassment, surveillance, and re-abduction.  She is also a professional psychic and medium, helping clients contact loved ones who have passed and holding classes on psychic development and psychokinesis She has lectured across the country at some of the most prestigious alternative knowledge conventions and appeared on several TV and radio shows.



Alien Experiences – Melinda Leslie Main Website

Melinda Leslie Bio

Sedona UFO Tours

Melinda Leslie Audio Archive




Dr. Jonathan Reed   Jonathan Reed

One of the most controversial and documented ET contactee stories, he has some of the best evidence ever collected related to alien life forms.  His experience in 1996 was during a hiking trip in the Pacific Northwest with his dog, where he came in contact with an entity that took his dog’s life and left him completely traumatized and almost physically paralyzed.  His photographic and video evidence of the craft he witnessed and the alien body that he recovered is not only compelling but agonizing and frightening.  He has been the target of many debunkers, which has questioned his credibility, so it will have to be left up to the individual to determine whether this is one of the most incredible ET contact stories ever known or a well-organized hoax.



Odisealink – Dr. Jonathan Reed Main Website

Dr. Jonathan Reed Photos

Dr. Jonathan Reed – Alien Encounter (Video)

Dr. Jonathan Reed Audio Archive



LINK – An Extraterrestrial Odyssey




Derrel Sims   Derrel Sims

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy &  ET Research – Contemporary)

One of the world’s leading experts on alien abductions, he had his first encounter with a negative alien presence in his teens.  His focus is on physical evidence of alien implants and an alien organization that he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency.  He has influenced pioneers such as *Dr. Roger Leir in performing surgeries to remove anomalous objects from abductees.  He has also pioneered hypnotherapy techniques for revealing memories of abductions as well as even initiating reactions from alien species via post-hypnotic suggestions.  He has appeared on many TV and radio shows and regularly travels the world as a speaker.



Alien Hunter – Derrel Sims Main Website

Derrel Sims – The Alien Hunter

Topic: UFO – Derrel Sims – The Alien Hunter (Video)

Derrel Sims: Hypnotherapy & Alien Abduction (Video)

Derrel Sims The Alien Hunter (Video)

Derrel Sims Audio Archive



Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light

Alien Hunter: Evidence & Truth About Alien Implants




Jim Sparks   Jim Sparks

(Also found under ET Research – Contemporary)

An abductee and professional in the human abduction scenario, he has been having experiences with ETs since 1988.  He has had clear and conscious memories of his experiences, witnessing advanced technology and giving him insight into what the purpose of the abduction program is.  He classifies 2 types of ETs – the Grey aliens that are popular figures in ufology are the half-robotic ‘worker’ ETs and the taller, fully biological ET beings are those with large heads and skinny bodies.  Their purpose is to create a hybrid species that is more intelligent and telepathic than current human beings to promote evolution and also provide insurance in case the planet goes in the wrong direction.  Their technology was given to our governments as an exchange for carrying out this program.  He has become the voice for those abductees that have been ridiculed and dismissed by the public and continues to lecture across the country about his experiences.



Jim Sparks – Project Camelot

Jim Sparks Presents the Keepers (Video)

Jim Sparks Audio Archive



The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race




Whitley Strieber   Whitley Strieber

(Also found under ET Research – Contemporary)

A fiction writer who in 1985 was contacted by ETs and became one of the most famous cases of UFO abduction around.  His recollection is of being floated out of his bedroom to a UFO and witnessing 4 different types of alien beings who then performed a number of medical procedures on him.  To this day there remains a mysterious small device implanted in his ear that can not be removed.  He remains one of the more publicly known cases of ET abductions.  He hosts his own regular radio show called Dreamland, discussing the realm of ufology and the unexplained.  He has also appeared on many radio and TV shows and continues to write both fiction novels and alternative non-fiction. 



Whitley Strieber Main Website

Whitley Strieber – Unknown Country

1985-Alien Abduction of Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber, ‘Communion’ Author, Describes Bizarre Encounter with Mystery Man

Whitley Strieber Audio Archive



Communion: A True Story

The Key: A True Encounter

All Books




Stewart Swerdlow   Stewrart Swerdlow

(Also found under Psychics/Mediums)

One of the world’s foremost metaphysical leaders, he is a spiritual intuitive and teacher.  He had encounters with ETs at a young age as well as being taken into the U.S. government’s Montauk Genetic Experiment Program because of his abilities.  Along with his wife Janet, he is able to use his intuition to help others with their health, money and relationship issues in their current lives as well as past lives.  Moving his consciousness beyond physical time and space into the realm of the ‘God-Mind’, he can access information through communication with higher levels of consciousness.  His mission is to help heal others and he teaches seminars on how to align and enhance mental capabilities.


Expansions – Stewart Swerdlow Main Website

Stewart Swerdlow – YouTube

Stewart Swerdlow – The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Survivor Accounts

Stewert Swerdlow Audio Archive



The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace

Montauk: The Alien Connection

All Books




Travis Walton   Travis Walton

A logger and UFO abductee, his story is one of the best-known abduction cases out there.  His encounter occurred in 1975 with a group of workers where they witnessed a bright light in the sky and the subsequent UFO that knocked him unconscious and went missing for days, returning to eventually tell his story.  His memories of alien and exotic human entities have been subjected to much scrutiny as well as the testimonies by his colleagues.  While he and the other people involved have all passed polygraph tests, the case remains controversial and was eventually made into a movie called Fire in The Sky.  He has also appeared on several radio and TV shows and continues to state his version of the truth.



Travis Walton Main Website

Travis Walton Abduction, Part 1

The Travis Walton UFO Abduction Case

Travis Walton Abducted by Aliens in Fire in the Sky (Video)

Travis Walton Audio Archive



Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience

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