The Purpose For Being


“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” ~ Gautama Buddha, Spiritual Teacher 


     Your true self is existing as a complete consciousness in our eternal home on the spiritual planes.  We are all infinite knowledge, but in the place of perfection and the absolute, we do not have the benefit of relative experience.  So the reason why you chose to be here is to remember your true self in a different plane of existence.  So in a sense, you are ‘incomplete’ while you are here, as you have forgotten most of your eternal knowledge.  Each and every moment you are consciously or unconsciously taking in information, experiencing life around you and learning that which you really are.  Each and every one of us is experiencing a different creation and growing at a different pace, which is the reason that there are so many souls in existence.  Think of yourself as a very slight variation of gray, a minute difference in shade from the next soul.  This way, God (we) can experience every possibility that can ever exist of infinite knowledge.  Every viewpoint, every truth, and every emotion can be created around every possible situation.

     We all come from the same source and were formed as individual souls for the purpose of experiencing the infinite knowledge that God (source) has.  The source knows all, but cannot experience it.  So God (source) ‘created’ us as extensions of that knowledge.  Without us, all the knowledge in the universe would be static and could never be truly perfected.  It would be like knowing everything there is to know about building a house, but without actually going out and doing the physical labor, creating a budget, dealing with people and going up against all the possibilities that could go wrong, you would never be able to truly know how to build a house.  You would also never be able to appreciate what it was like to go through the ups and downs of the experience.  In the end, your accomplishment would give your soul a true sense of the entire experience, and not just the knowledge of the experience.  You are experiencing the emotional side of your intellectual being, and that is exactly why we all chose to come here.  Essentially we are perfecting our perfection (God).  We do it for God as we do it for ourselves.  And we do so in physical incarnations, away from our eternal, perfect homes on the spiritual planes, so that we may learn through relative experiences, in as many physical incarnations as we need and on as many planets or universes that we need.

     So you may be asking yourself, why is life sometimes seem so incredibly difficult and stressing?  Because otherwise, you would never be able to truly know.  If you lived an existence of constant happiness, peace, and love all of the time, then how would your soul ever really evolve?  One does not truly know what love is until someone they care about abandons them or mistreats them.  One does not learn what trust is until someone lies, cheats or steals from them.  One cannot truly appreciate rest unless they put in a hard day’s work and exerts all of their energy.  So we have these experiences on a physical plane, one that allows for free will.   We determine the tools and the situations we will use before ever deciding to come to the physical plane and will have to deal with a whole host of negative energy that can be thrown our way.  But it’s all there for our own evolution as a soul.  It’s there for our own experience and for us to work through, persevere and come back to the spiritual planes as a much wiser, stronger and compassionate being.  Think about some of the most difficult experiences you have gone through on your journey so far.  Ask yourself if you would be the person you are today without going through and evolving from those experiences.  Examine them closely, and you will see that the most difficult times in your life have taught you the most and have excelled your growth the steepest.  You are a little stronger, a little wiser and a little more adept to handle what may come to you in life after going through your hardships.  And since life is a circle, you will continue to revisit those situations and gain the knowledge until you truly understand the wisdom behind your choices.  Now you are beginning to so why you are here, to become more perfect and a little closer back to the source that you and everyone else came from, which is God (us).


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     While you are here and creating experiences you make ‘mistakes’.  Not mistakes as in someone or something is judging you, but thoughts, words or actions that are not necessarily made in the context of the greatest good.  Every choice that we make does take us ever closer to the evolution and perfection that we wish to become, no matter how ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ they may seem to you or others.  Any ‘mistakes’ that are made are opportunities for growth and evolution and not grounds for eternal damnation.  There is no need to live in fear of judgment by some God or anyone else.  Your creation is your truth, and every truth is valid.  Live your purpose in the best way that you can and I promise that you will evolve, no matter how long it takes.


“It’s not the world’s job to make you happy, it’s your job to bring happiness to the world.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, Spiritual Teacher


  We are always creating new experiences and setting up ways to remember our true selves that exist in our perfect home.  Our goal is to learn to be responsible co-creators with the universe.  It may seem like we are getting tested and learning lessons, but it really is more of a journey of discovery.  We discover that all the knowledge that we have can be experienced in as many ways as we wish.  We discover that we really never die, but we just change form when the use for a physical body does not serve our purpose anymore.  We discover that we are never separate from ourselves or God.  Our physical bodies are the only things that are separate, our true spirits never are.  We will continue to evolve into our own version of perfection, whether we turn away from what you perceive as ‘God’ or not.




     So our purpose is not to suffer, but to see beyond that illusion and to find what it is that is helping us evolve.  You will make it difficult only if you resist what comes before you.  If you can find happiness and joy in your existence, then you can embody that experience and teach others the way.  This is also what’s known as our dharma.  So whatever it is that you choose to accomplish, use it to enlighten others so that they may remember the way as well.  For it is not just about you, it’s about all the other souls that you are here with.  Helping those around you on their journey can be the most rewarding part of your experience here on Earth and can be accomplished simply by being the best version of yourself.  What you are will have the most impact on others.  What you do is secondary.  There is no opposite to true love and once you realize that your purpose is to love, you can put your entire heart and entire soul into it, and you can make your and everyone else’s existence here an enlightening one.


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