“You are loved and cherished.  You have nothing to fear.  There is nothing you can do wrong.” ~ Dr. Eben Alexander, Author, “Proof of Heaven


     The above quote comes from a classically trained neurosurgeon that almost died from an extremely rare form of bacterial meningitis, and upon coming out of his 7-day coma, recounted the most ultra-realistic experience of his life.  And while it’s not a classic near-death experience case, it is one that reminds us of the true nature of our being and the place we call home, which awaits all of us.  The information was given to him from the divine God source. It completely changed the beliefs of a man, who previous to his experience, would have written off any of the personal accounts given to him by a multitude of his patients as a fantasy that stemmed from the dying brain.  It’s a very simple, yet profound bit of wisdom, that if were applied by every human being on the planet, would immediately eradicate the vast majority of our ‘problems’.

     Most everything that is presented on this website revolves, in one way or another, around these 3 simple sentences.   You are loved more than you can ever truly know.  You may be experiencing times where you are turning away from your inner being (God), but there is no time that the God source ever turns away from us, in fact, it is impossible.  Imagine the love that you have for your significant other, parents, children, family and friends and multiply that by infinity.  Then you will get a sense of how much God (the universe) truly loves each and every one of us.  For that reason, you really do not have anything to fear.  You are not going to slip through the cracks.  There is no external hell waiting for you, even if you do the worst possible to humankind or nature.  You are free to create whatever life you choose and to evolve to the very best being you could possibly want to attain.  So there is nothing you can do wrong.  Whatever you may feel to be mistakes or ‘sins’ are nothing more than experiences that help you to achieve your ultimate goal.  The only judge is yourself, and if you can have compassion for yourself and others, then your journey will be on a pathway to mastery.

     Your lifetime in this body is not even about yourself.  It may seem, from your egotistic self, that your life is the most important and that you are separate from everyone else.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are all part of the same universal conscious being, that of God, and are never separate.  Whatever you choose to create in this physical incarnation, do so for the benefit of other people.  And while it is not selfish to want to create the best life possible for yourself, as you must be able to do that first in order to be able to help, your ultimate goal is to teach and enlighten others, as we are all connected.  Doing so will bring any positive energy that you give right back unto yourself.  This is the basis of the way the universe operates: the very powerful Law of Attraction, and will give you anything and everything you could possibly want out of your life.   If you can live through that kind of simple existence, then you will have accomplished exactly what you came here to do, which is to love, to eradicate fear and to make each choice be in the context of the greatest good. 


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Reference Book:

Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven


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