The Illusion of Death

“You can’t die for the life of you.” ~ Gordon Smith, Psychic Medium


     How do you view the concept of death?  Is it something you fear?  Something you are trying to avoid?  Do you put everything into your life like this was the only one you will ever have?  Or do you try not to think about it at all?  We all have our own ways of looking at the unavoidable conclusion that we will all have to face someday.  That eventually we will all ‘die’.  And if you are living your life under the impression that the body you have and the life you are living is all that is, then the concept of death is most likely not a pleasant thought.  But you will have to face it, and the sooner you can get a grasp on what physical death really is, then you sooner you can get over the fear and denial of the process.

      There are many beings on this planet that are very attached to their physical existence.  Worldly things like your job, money, success, physical appearance, relationships, sex and material possessions are very important and to some, the only things really worth living for.  Physical life is cherished to the point that dying is seen as a failure, especially when one passes on ‘before their time’.  The fear is that physical death is the end, and when you go, that’s it.  So many people end up living to excess, doing and accomplishing as much as they can before their time is up because they believe this is the only chance that they will ever get to be alive.  The notion that we ‘only live once is where many of us end up coming from.  This is where the illusion begins. 


Consciousness 5a


     The first illusion is that we believe that we are our bodies.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While the body is a part of our essence here on the physical planes, it is only something that you have.  The physical body is a tool, something that we are utilizing as a vehicle for our souls while we are on our journey here.  Our true essence is energy, beings of light that exist eternally as a part of the God source.  When we choose to descend into a physical body, a portion of our energy is manifested into the physical plane and into a much denser form of being, which is the physical body.  So our true consciousness – our true higher self exists outside the body and is only using the body as a temporary form so that it can maneuver within this realm of existence.  So don’t think of yourself as a body with a soul, think of yourself as a soul with a body.

     The second illusion is that we believe that our physical death is the end, that when our body dies, we cease to exist.  If you are under this impression, then take some time to study the phenomenon of near-death experiences.  There are countless stories from people and very credible researchers that have either had a near-death experience or have logged and studied accounts of near-death experiences.  The amount of information and research is impressive as is the consistency of the accounts.  The experiences they have are teaching us that our consciousness does not cease to exist when we die, but rather moves on to a higher plane of existence that is far beyond anything that words could justifiably describe.   Our existence here is only a small part of our eternal evolutionary journey.  The physical body will eventually ‘die’, but our true being can never cease to exist.  In fact, physical death is the end of one big illusion, which is the world that you perceive and create every day.  Our true place of existence is on the spiritual planes, and clinging to things that exist in this physical world is what can cause many of us so much pain and fear.  The only ‘death’ that you will ever experience is descending from the spiritual planes to the physical one, not the other way around.

     The third illusion is that we only experience one physical lifetime.  We get one shot here and if we fail, we are doomed.  This kind of thinking not only creates unnecessary fear but causes anxiety.  What If I don’t do it right?  What if God does not like what I am doing?  What can I do to be forgiven?  How do I know I am being forgiven?  This kind of thinking will fall away if you understand that we can and do choose to incarnate into physical form as many times as we wish.  Why would we only get one shot anyway?  What kind of unconditional love is that?  There are numerous accounts of people remembering information from previous lifetimes as well as groundbreaking research into past life regressionHypnotherapy is the most effective way of recalling not only past life experiences but life between life experiences (the spiritual planes).  The amount information that has been researched is massive and consistent.  When we realize that we have most likely lived in the physical form many times before and will live again in physical form as many times as we wish, the fear of judgment from a God and the anxiety that arises from trying to get everything ‘right’ while we are here in this particular lifetime becomes unnecessary.  With each physical death comes another opportunity for a birth into a whole new physical experience, one that you will carefully plan and attempt to execute when you are ready.  And if you feel the need to keep coming back, then you will choose to do so until you evolve into the highest form of being that you wish to create.


“If there were no illusion, there would be no enlightenment.”  ~ Gautama Buddha, Spiritual Teacher


     So the entire concept of ‘death’ is really just an illusion.  We can never really ‘die’, but instead we just change form.  Being on the physical plane will create this illusion, but it is necessary.  Without the smoke and mirror impression that we will die and cease to exist, we would never strive to expand our awareness and seek ways of creating happiness and joy out of what seems like the worst of circumstances.  When we can truly end our resistance to physical death, and allow our lives to proceed without the fear that our ‘time’ is limited, then when it does finally come, we will be ready and willing to move on to the next phase of our eternal journey.


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