Books or links in bold were used as references in articles.  *Starred books or links are personal favorites and highly recommended.  References are being updated regularly as I accumulate new knowledge and wisdom.  New books or links in the last 3 months are marked accordingly.  I welcome all suggestions for new references.




*Art Bell   Art Bell

A popular and highly regarded journalist and broadcaster, he has been a fixture of late night conversation regarding all things paranormal, extraterrestrial and supernatural since the early 1990s.  One of the founders of the popular radio program Coast To Coast AM and previous incarnation Dreamland, he has retired and resurfaced several times in his career, including short stints as host of Dark Matter and Midnight in the Desert, where he carried forth topics not considered in mainstream media.  Known to his fans as a master showman, he normally does not screen calls and is able to keep things calm and interesting within the conversation on a wide range of subjects.



Midnight in the Desert – Art Bell Main Website

The Very Best of Art Bell (Syndicated Radio Archive)

Somewhere in Time (Coast To Coast AM Audio Archive)

Dark Matter Archive (Video)

BellGab – The Art Bell Fan Forum

Personal Art Bell Audio Archive



The Art of Talk




Jimmy Church   Jimmy Church

A musician and broadcaster, his radio show Fade to Black is a popular program formerly on the Dark Matter Radio Network.  His topics include anything regarding ufology, paranormal, lost civilizations, conspiracy theories, hidden agendas, time travel and parallel universes.  Interviewing a wide range of people, his agenda is to uncover the truth on any number of subjects.  He has also made appearances on TV, including the UFO based show Hangar 1.



Fade To Black – Jimmy Church Radio

Jimmy Church – YouTube




Scott Colborn   Scott Colborn

A musician and an expert on UFO and paranormal topics, his radio show Exploring Unexplained Phenomena is regarded as one of the world’s longest running paranormal talk radio programs, having been around since 1984.   After a UFO sighting in 1974, he was inspired to learn everything he could about the subject, leading him to facilitate international conferences on the paranormal and interviewing people who had extraordinary experiences.  His radio show explores many mysteries of our time in-depth and in a commercial-free format.  



Scott Colborn Main Website




*Linda Moulton Howe   Linda Moulton Howe

An award-winning investigative reporter and journalist who specializes in the earth and astronomical mysteries.  Her research uncovers anomalies surrounding science, environmental concerns, extraterrestrials, Bigfoot and earth history.  She regularly interviews witnesses to strange events as well as experts in the forefront of scientific and environmental breakthroughs.  She travels the world as a researcher and a speaker and appears on many radio and TV shows, sharing the latest news of high strangeness.



Earth Files – Linda Moulton Howe Main Website

Earth Files Podcast



An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations & Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms

All Books




*George Knapp   George Knapp

A reporter and investigative journalist, he is best known for first interviewing Bob Lazar and his association with reverse engineering of alien technology at Area 51.  He has won many awards for his journalistic achievements and is currently the chief reporter for KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.  He also is a regular weekly radio host on Coast to Coast AM as well as contributing to journals and newspapers.  His research uncovers many strange and anomalous events surrounding supernatural, paranormal or extraterrestrial origins and his documentary on the evidence for UFOs is highly regarded as one of the best of its kind.



George Knapp – Open Minds

George Knapp Bio

George Knapp – Hunt for the Skinwalker (Video)

UFOs: The Best Evidence: The Visitors (Video)

UFOs: The Best Evidence 2: The Government Cover Up (Video)

UFOs: The Best Evidence 3: Strange Encounters (Video)



Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah




George Noory   George Noory

A journalist and radio broadcaster, he is best known for hosting the nightly long-time running alternative talk show Coast To Coast AM since 2003.  The last night program features experts on a wide variety of paranormal, extraterrestrial, supernatural and spiritual topics as well as conspiracies and leading edge scientific phenomena.   These subjects are a platform for many controversial ideas and theories, many of which you would never hear on traditional news programs.  He also hosts a TV show exploring many of the same topics and is also an author and speaker at several national conventions pertaining to fringe topics.



Coast To Coast AM

Beyond Belief with George Noory

George Noory – The Listener

Coast To Coast AM – YouTube



Talking to the Dead

All Books




Dave Schrader   Dave Schrader

An executive producer and broadcaster, he is the host of the popular paranormal talk radio show Darkness on the Edge of Town.  He features guests that present evidence and theories surrounding paranormal and supernatural phenomena.  He has been an active participant in hundreds of paranormal investigations around the world and has access to top experts specializing in new techniques and equipment.  He travels the world as a speaker at conferences and has also been featured on popular TV programs, including Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures.



Darkness Radio – Dave Schrader Main Website



The Other Side: A Teen’s Guide to Ghost Hunting & the Paranormal




Richard Syrett   Richard Syrett

A broadcaster who has been involved with radio and TV since the early 1990s.  He is the creator as well as the host of the popular weekly radio program The Conspiracy Show, where paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial and conspiracy theories are explored in-depth as a documentary style.  He has also produced TV documentaries and been featured on several TV programs.  He is known for his story-telling style and passionate pursuit of the truth around any number of mysterious or unexplained topics.



Richard Syrett Main Website

The Conspiracy Show

Richard Syrett – YouTube




John B. Wells   John B Wells

An actor, musician, investigative journalist and broadcaster, he is the host of the nightly TV program Caravan to Midnight.  He explores all things mysterious and unexplained as well as conspiracies and alternative takes on the news and current events.  No topic is off-limits regarding paranormal, science, religion or the supernatural.  He is also a renowned voice-over artist with credits on several popular TV shows and films.  



Caravan to Midnight – John B. Wells Main Website

John B. Wells – YouTube


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