Our Eternal Home



“Heaven is not some place on a disc in the sky floating around, it’s right here amongst us.” ~ Sylvia Browne, Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Author




     Right now you may be reading this from your home.  It’s the place that you dwell in here on earth.  But this is not our real home.  Nowhere on this planet or in this physical universe is.  Our existence in our bodies is only a temporary one, a stop along the way in our eternal journey to becoming masters.  Many of us have a longing for something that they can’t quite grasp.  It’s a feeling that we do not really belong to this planet, that we are missing something.  We may even feel abandoned.  This is because we are longing for a return to our real home, the place that we exist as our eternal and whole spirits.

     We can call this place Heaven, the other side, the spiritual planes (there are many levels that we advance through) or simply home.  Whatever we want to call it, there are usually visions of floating on clouds and playing harps at the pearly gates somewhere out there in the sky.  Is that what you really think it is?  What if you imagined that most everything you were told about the spiritual planes was not true?  That it wasn’t a place where spirits float around for eternity doing nothing.  Or that is wasn’t out there in the sky.  What if you were told that was right here among us?  Would you believe that?

    The idea of a ‘Heaven’ being ‘somewhere out there’ stems from our interpretations of The Bible and other ancient texts.  But what purpose what it serve if the spiritual planes were somewhere far off?  How would our spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones be able to support us if they weren’t close by the physical planes?  That is why it makes sense that our true home is right here among us, existing on a higher vibrational level and right where we exist now on the physical plane.  You might ask yourself why you cannot see it.  This is because the energy there vibrates at a much higher frequency than anything on the physical planes.  We are at a much denser and lower vibration energy form than we are in our true home.  It’s like the light spectrum or the sound spectrum on our physical plane.  We can only see the visible light range that our eyes can process or hear within the audible frequency range that our ears can process.  We know these other frequency ranges exist because we can measure them, but you cannot see or hear them.  Now, of course, we do get ‘bleed-throughs’ or visions and sounds of spirits and ghosts, but this is not the norm, at least yet.  And if you have had a vision of a spirit or heard a story, you may have noticed that it sometimes ‘floats’ a few feet from the ground.  This may only verify the existence of the spiritual planes and its location relative to the physical planes.

     So what exactly exists over there?  The short answer is everything in the entire universe, every thought, being, place and thing that has ever existed.  There is no sense of time or space, so we can truly sense the complete vastness of creation.  Love, mastery, and oneness are the natural state of being on the spiritual planes.  We exist as our true light energy being. It’s the realm of the absolute, where love, peace, happiness and freedom exist without bounds or opposites.  Everything exists in its most perfect and beautiful form – colors and sounds are more magnificent than anything we could ever imagine and we have 100% access to all the knowledge in the universe.  And since that is the case, we are able to access anything we have experienced from any lifetime we have lived and our entire journey as a physical or spiritual being across any span of ‘time’.  We are neither male nor female in our true form, although we have our preference as to how we want to present ourselves.  For we can form our energy into whatever we want, exist in multiple places at once and create whatever ‘physical’ manifestations that we choose.  Without the attachment to a physical body, we are free to think ourselves to any place we want, at any time and not have to worry about maintaining our physiological needs like hunger or sleep.  And since we do not have what you would call ‘eyes’, we can see in every direction around us at one time.  Every soul that has ever existed is either fully residing there or is incarnated into physical form (we leave a portion of our light energy behind with every incarnation).  So that means every soul that you ever loved and every animal or plant or thing that you ever loved is there, not only from your current lifetime but from every other lifetime.  And let’s not forget angels, highly advanced spirit beings and being connected to everything in existence – God

    Now with access to all knowledge, time, space and love, what do we actually do when we are there?  First let’s clarify that you never lose your essence, which means that you are at the very best of your overall personality.  Each soul is unique in this way, just as we are on the physical planes, but we are much more aware of our true selves and do not have the boundaries of fear or anxiety to keep us from truly expressing our most magnificent qualities.  We wouldn’t want it any other way, how boring and monotonous would that be?  So we tend to ‘hang out’ with our soul groups, which are those entities that are most similar to our evolutionary advancement.  Not that we really dislike anyone else, it’s that we would rather be with those that are studying or working at the same levels that we are so that we may help each other advance through physical lifetimes.  We can think our energies to any place whenever we want, which means we are never really disconnected from any soul.  And the way we communicate is telepathically since we are energy vibrations.  So even if your father or best friend from this lifetime is not advancing the same as you are, you can be with them or communicate whenever you want.  There is no time or space, so nothing is ever truly limiting us.

     Back to what we specifically do – every soul may wish to live in a place, like a house (that it creates with thought energy), but it’s not necessary.  We also have our work and studying along with the freedom to watch or participate in any kind of activity.  On the spiritual planes, work is not the same – we define work on the physical planes as something laborious or mundane, but in out true home, it is the same as play.  There is no limiting physical energy that needs to be exerted or pressure to perform.  Work is done as something we enjoy for the betterment of ourselves and others.  We can help others on their journeys from the physical planes to the spiritual planes and back, guide others on planning their physical lives, care for plants or animals, research science, create art or teach others in any subject in the universe.  We have access to the Akashic Records, which is a record of all knowledge in human history and the universe.  We can access this information at any time and use it to study or create.  There are so-called classrooms where we learn and study subjects that will help us to evolve in our physical incarnations.  Similar to school, we study with our soul groups by advanced guides and beings.  In fact, there are souls on this planet right now that are physical incarnations of some very advanced beings.  You may know one or even be one.




     We have the freedom to stay in the spiritual realm as long as we wish, to work, study, play, rest, interact, explore, grow and experience God consciousness.  We really do have the freedom to do whatever we want, and since we are surrounded by constant love, peace, and happiness, just enjoying our existence is really enough.  If we are advanced enough in our evolution to be spirit guides or higher evolved beings, then we most likely will remain and advance in the spiritual planes for the purpose of teaching and guiding less evolved souls, whether they are on the spiritual or physical planes.  We may choose to incarnate for the purpose of raising the consciousness of the planet (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Gandhi, etc.) but for the most part, reside at home.  If we are in the process of still incarnating into physical bodies then we will get the urge at some point to start planning another lifetime.  We can choose to come to Earth or to any of the other physical worlds in the universe.  It’s up to us, but we must also consider the other souls that we are planning to incarnate with, as there are those that are part of our soul groups that we may need to work through our karmas with.

      A huge part of the life planning process is meeting with the Council of Elders.  We have these meetings right before we incarnate and also upon our return to the spiritual planes after a physical incarnation.  The purpose is to help us plan our circumstances and to review our choices, both in a non-judgmental and loving way.  We also have the life review, where we can literally see and feel the impact we had on others in our physical lifetimes.  We will know how it felt when we hurt or helped other beings.  There is no moment that goes ‘unrecorded’, so it can truly be an eye-opening experience which will ultimately help you to achieve mastery.  Of course, there is no judgment, either by a God or our guides.  It’s for our own growth as we will end up being the one that is the critic.  So think about this anytime you are in a situation that may drive you to create an undesirable experience.  You will end up seeing it from the spiritual planes and knowing exactly how it impacted the other beings involved when you are back home doing your life review.  Nothing goes unnoticed in the grand, eternal scheme of the universe.  What you create will ultimately circle back to you.


“Heaven is a state, not a place.” ~ Anita Moorjani, Author, “Dying to be Me


     Your connection to the spiritual planes is something that should be kept in your mind while you are living your life here in the physical planes.  It’s not a place that is way out there and inaccessible to us.  In fact, we can learn to travel there as well as go there regularly when we sleep.  While our physical bodies are repairing themselves, our souls are also resting at home.  In fact, this is the main purpose for sleep.  It is very demanding on a soul to be in a physical body, so it needs to rejuvenate.  You may have also heard of the silver cord.  It’s the very thin energy connection that we have to the spiritual planes and it is always there, sometimes seen by a person having an OBE or NDE.  Keep in mind that your spirit guides and angels are always there as well for wisdom and protection.  And we can always receive knowledge from the source energy – God (us).  All you have to do is open up your mind and be present enough to receive it.  By doing so, you will know that you are eternally connected to your true home and it will never feel far away.


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