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Books or links in bold were used as references in articles.  *Starred books or links are personal favorites and highly recommended.  References are being updated regularly as I accumulate new knowledge and wisdom.  New books or links in the last 3 months are marked accordingly.  I welcome all suggestions for new references.




Dr. Mark Pitstick   mark-pitstick

(Also found under Afterlife ResearchHypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A doctor, theologian, and counselor, he has been helping many suffering and dying people in hospitals and medical health centers since the 1970s.  His research into what happens after we die and why we are here is based off evidence and many transformative experiences.  He is certified in Past Life Regression Therapy by *Dr. Brian Weiss and in Facilitated After-Death Contact technique by *Dr. Raymond Moody.  He has given many workshops on spiritual awareness and optimal wellness as well as appearing on many radio shows.



Soul Proof – Mark Pitstick Main Website


Radiant 101

Soul Proof Documentary

Mark Pitstick Audio Archive



Soul Proof

All Books




Barbara H. Pomar   Barbara Pomar

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

Having several decades of past-life regression experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, she has regressed thousands of people in individual and group settings.  Using her techniques she can release harmful past life events and help fulfill their present life destinies.  She also teaches meditation, past-life therapy classes, and dream interpretation classes.  



Barbara H. Pomar Main Website

Barbara H. Pomar Audio Archive



Confessions of a Regressionist: Is There a Life or Time Other than the Present?




Elizabeth Clare Prophet   Elizabeth Clare Prophet

(Also found under Knowledge Channeling & Spiritual Healing)

A teacher, messenger and an author, she was believed to be a channel for ascended masters and angels.  She taught a wide range of spiritual subjects such as healings, angels, karma, reincarnation, soul mates, and meditation.  Never claiming to be a master herself, but just an instrument, she wrote many books and carried her message throughout the world.  She passed away in 2009.



Elizabeth Clare Prophet Main Website

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – The Summit Lighthouse

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Audio Archive



Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality)

Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity

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*Robert Schwartz   Robert Schwartz

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

Certified through the International Between Lives Regression Network as a regression therapist, he helps others resolve life issues and healing through his past-life and life-between-lives therapy.  His books explore his work with clients, mediums, and channels in the intricate pre-birth planning of our lives on the spiritual planes and how you can use that knowledge to make positive karmic choices in the physical world.  He has outlined many situations that you may plan for your lifetime and reasons why you may have chosen them, that is to grow spiritually.



Your Soul’s Plan – Robert Schwartz Main Website

Robert Schwartz – YouTube

Robert Schwartz Audio Archive



*Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

*Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

All Books




Dr. George Schwimmer   George Schwimmer

(Also found under Altered/Higher Consciousness Research & Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A trained past-life therapist and master Usui Reiki healer, he has researched many topics including past lives, chakras, consciousness, and mediumship.  He also has been instructed through The Monroe Institute on the utilization of altered states of consciousness.  He has written many books including those on how to regress yourself and his regression sessions with many other people.  He gives lectures, seminars and workshops on past-life therapy.



Dr. George Schwimmer Main Website

Dr. George Schwimmer – Laika Shaman

Dr. George Schwimmer Audio Archive



How to Regress Yourself to Your Past Lives & Heal Yourself

Past Lives of Star People – A True Account of How a Metaphysician Learned to Do Psychic Readings for Extra-Terrestrials

All Books




Walter Semkiw   Walter Semkiw

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

An occupational medicine physician, he is best known for his research into reincarnation since 1995.  He has worked with pioneer *Dr. Ian Stevenson, compiling numerous cases of reincarnation and presenting objective evidence that is utilized with regression therapy.  His research has shown us the big picture of why we reincarnate and the nature of the spiritual planes.  He has presented at many academic societies and conventions as well as appearing on a number of radio and television shows.  



Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition & Spirit (IISIS) – Walter Semkiw Main Website

Walter Semkiw Bio

Walter Semkiw – IISIS Reincarnation Research & Ian Stevenson, MD Children’s Past Life Stories: Alphabetical Listing

Walter Semkiw – YouTube

Walter Semkiw Audio Archive



Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past Lives, with Xenoglossy Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD

Origin of the Soul & the Purpose of Reincarnation, with Past Lives of Jesus: Expanded Edition with Past Lives of Jesus

Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation & Soul Groups Reunited

All Books




Tom Shroder   Tom Shroder

A journalist, writer, and investigator, he has documented many cases of past life memories and reincarnation, most notably those of children.  During his research, he accompanied pioneer *Dr. Ian Stevenson in his past-life memory cases and is bringing his work to the mainstream.  The remarkable cases that are brought forward show that children are able to speak of people and events from the past in great detail and from a time before the child was even born, thus giving way for confirming what they bring forth.  Along with his reincarnation research, he is also an author and editor of narrative and humorist journalism.



Tom Shroder Main Website

Old Souls by Tom Shroder



Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives

All Books




*Dr. Ian Stevenson   Ian Stevenson

A pioneering psychiatrist and founding director of the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies, he is internationally known for his research into past lives, especially those of children.  There have been many documented cases, which are laid out in his many books, where children remember what adults tend to forget.  His investigations of over 3000 cases of reincarnations of children from around the world have given evidence that phobias, unusual abilities and physical injuries in the form of birthmarks are carried over from previous lives.  Their knowledge of past events and places have been verified through his meticulous research.  He passed away in 2007.



Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Reincarnation Research

Scientific Proof of Reincarnation – Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Life Work

The Reincarnation Research of Ian Stevenson, MD

The Ability to Speak a Language from a Past Lifetime & Retention of Past Lives Personalities within the Soul & Conscious Experience of Death & Rebirth



*Life Before Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives

Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation

Where Reincarnation & Biology Intersect

All Books




Tony Stubbs   Tony Stubbs

(Also found under Afterlife Research &  NDE Research)

A master teacher and ghostwriter, he has provided some of the most popular works on spirituality, death, and NDEs.  He outlines how souls design all aspects of their lives on the physical planes.  As a student of the *Michael Teachings, he provides in-depth insight into our reasons for choosing to come into a physical body and the reasons why it is important that we continue to evolve.  Leaving traditional organized religion behind and referring to it as a grand deception, his work is about revealing the truth and using your own judgment.



Tony Stubbs – Living with Soul

Earth Life Preparation: Excerpts from Chapter 5, Living with Soul by Tony Stubbs



Living with Soul, Vol. 1

Living with Soul: An Old Soul’s Guide to Life, the Universe & Everything, Vol. 2

Ascension Handbook: Channeled Material by Serapis

The Other Side: Wisdom About the Other Side from Those on the Other Side

All Books




Dick Sutphen   Dick Sutphen

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A specialist in past-life regression and spirit-contact therapy, he is a leading psychic researcher.  He has regressed many clients with his regression therapy and laid out how we make soul contracts and karmic plans for our physical lives in his many metaphysical books and CDs.  He also hosts a popular weekly radio show and has traveled the world hosting conventions as a speaker and trainer.  Appearing on many radio and TV shows, he is one of the most popular and well-respected leaders in the field of past lives and hypnotic regression.



Dick Sutphen Main Website

Dick Sutphen Audio Archive



You Were Born Again to Be Together

Soul Agreements

All Books




Sandra Anne Taylor   Sandra Anne Taylor

(Also found under Visualization/Intention/Law of Attraction)

A psychological counselor and consultant, she is internationally known for her teachings on consciousness, karma, past lives and the energy of attraction.  Her Quantum Life Coaching program offers techniques for connecting mind, body, and spirit.    She has written many books and hosts a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio.  She travels the world as a speaker and has also appeared on many radio and TV shows.



Sandra Anne Taylor Main Website

Sandra Anne Taylor Bio



The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives: Revealing Your Encoded Consciousness

Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth

Secrets of Attraction

All Books




*Dr. Jim B. Tucker   Jim Tucker

Carrying on the work of pioneer *Dr. Ian Stevenson, he is an associate professor of psychology and neurobehavioral sciences and the director of the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies.  His work on the past lives of children takes Dr. Stevenson’s work and further verifies that children can remember their past lives and that we carry forward phobias and physical injuries in the form of birthmarks into our physical lives.  He has written numerous journals and publications documenting his research on the survival of consciousness and the ability to recall previous incarnations.



Dr. Jim B. Tucker Main Website

Dr. Jim B. Tucker Bio

Dr. Jim B. Tucker Interview

Dr. Jim B. Tucker – Searching for the Science Behind Reincarnation

Jim Tucker Audio Archive



*Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives

Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives




Paul Von Ward   Paul Von Ward

(Also found under ET Research – Ancient)

A psychologist and cosmologist, he is an independent researcher into many different fields, including frontier science, human anomalies, reincarnation and human origins.  His work is focused on the self-learning nature of the universe and how human beings fit into universal evolving consciousness.  He provides evidence that our human origins are influenced by ET contact, who continue to interact with humans today.  His research into reincarnation shows that there is verifiable scientific information that can be tested, which provides more than just a metaphysical concept.  He has produced many TV programs and videos in the area of frontier science and also lectures around the world.



The Bigger Picture – Paul Von Ward Main Website

Paul Von Ward – Aliens Lies & Religions

Paul Von Ward – God, Genes & Consciousness

Paul Von Ward Audio Archive



We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention

God, Genes & Consciousness: Nonhuman Intervention in Human History

The Soul Genome: Science & Reincarnation

All Books




Dr. Helen Wambach   Helen Wambach

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

One of the earliest researchers in the field of past lives and reincarnation, she originally set out to debunk the phenomena and ended up surveying people who were hypnotized and had past-life recalls.  Through her research, she found impressive evidence in favor of reincarnation, including evidence from doing past-life hypnosis on hundreds of clients herself.  She was able to find evidence that the soul does not enter the fetus until around 6 months of gestation, coming in and out throughout the pregnancy period.  She also did future progression therapy.  She passed away in 1986.



Dr. Helen Wambach & Reincarnation

Dr. Helen Wambach – Is There Life Before Life – Evidence That We Have Lived Before

Evidence for Reincarnation from Western Medical Research: (Part I) Dr. Wambach’s Past Life Regression Studies

Helen Wambach, Part 1 (Video)

Helen Wambach, Part 2 (Video)



Life Before Life

Reliving Past Lives

Mass Dreams of the Future




*Dr. Brian L. Weiss   Brian Weiss

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A traditional psychotherapist, he fell into the field of past life research when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas during a hypnotherapy session.  Since then he has published many books and appeared on TV and radio shows outlining the survival of the human soul.  He research includes both past life and future life progression, where the soul can see possible outcomes of future lives based on how they are living their current lives.  He also conducts seminars, workshops and training programs around the world.



Dr. Brian L. Weiss Main Website

Dr. Brian L. Weiss Bio

Dr. Brian L. Weiss Audio Archive



*Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist

*Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy

Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories

All Books




Dr. Joel L. Whitton   Joel Whitton

(Also found under Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy)

A psychotherapist and clinical hypnotist who has done many years of research on subjects who have been regressed to the period between lives.  The soul returns to the physical planes to fulfill its karma and to spiritually evolve.  Physical lives are chosen by the soul, and people are able to heal as a result of this knowledge.  His book compiles the work of 30 subjects with contemporary researcher Joe Fisher.



Dr. Joel L. Whitton – Activities on the Other Side



Life Between Life

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