Past Life Regressions, NDEs & OBEs

“If someone’s phobia is eliminated instantly and permanently by the remembrance of an event from the past, it seems to make logical sense that that event must have happened. ~ Dr. Edith Fiore, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist


     There is much research that has been done and is being done on the topics that you will find on this website.  The information that is gathered about reincarnation, karma, the spiritual planes, the paranormal, extraterrestrials and many other areas of metaphysics is rather immense.  There is no way that it can all be provided from one source, so breaking it down and providing some resources will allow you to study and discover for yourself.  When dealing with research on what lies on the spiritual planes, there are several tools and experiences that can be used to gain a better knowledge of the overall cosmic picture.

    Past life regressions are a tool that has been utilized more and more in discovering the journey that a soul has taken so far on their path to mastery.  A past life regression session involves the use of hypnotherapy.  These sessions involve a subject being taken under hypnosis by a practicing hypnotherapist to help discover what may lie in that person’s subconscious (it can also access the superconscious, which is a higher vibration level than our subconscious).  The idea of being put under a hypnotic state is feared by many and is a misunderstood practice.  There are many myths that surround hypnosis.  The most common include thinking that your mind is being manipulated or that you will do or say something against your will.  The reality is that a person under a hypnotic state is in full control and is in no danger.  Hypnotherapist and past life researcher Michael Newton explains that people under hypnosis are not dreaming or hallucinating.  They are just in a state where they can report whatever they see and hear in their subconscious minds as if everything is a literal observation.  So this way professional hypnotic practitioners are able to get a person to access their subconscious memories.  They can be used primarily for healing purposes when dealing with phobias and negative events in a person’s past.  Under regression, the hypnotist asks to go to the source of the problem and in some cases leads to a past life.  The hypnotherapist asks neutral, open-ended questions such as “what so you see?” or “where are you?” to get the information.  This technique eliminates any possibility of leading the person to an answer, which is another common misconception.  There is much consistency between these sessions, from one person to another, who do not previously know each other.  When you get thousands of people who give the same answers to common questions, then you know you are on to something.  This is one reason why regression therapy is so exciting and being utilized as a way to gather some incredible wisdom.

      When hypnosis is utilized for accessing memories from past lives, the results can be quite stunning.  The research done by popular hypnotherapists like Michael Newton, Robert Schwartz, Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Ian Stevenson and many others have revealed a great deal of information about our previously lived incarnations as well as our lives between lives on the spiritual planes and even lives on other planets.  The experiences of the people under hypnosis are positive, enlightening and healing.  There are many instances of people who have been unsuccessful in traditional psychology or medicine at finding a cure for their ailments only to have themselves healed when discovering an instance from a past life that caused their condition. 

     For example, someone is having a recurring pain in their abdomen area.  They visit traditional doctors, who cannot find anything physiologically wrong with them and visit psychologists, who cannot point to a particular stress or situation that is causing the pain.  This person then decides to visit a licensed hypnotherapist, who then, under hypnosis, is able to locate the source of the pain from a past lifetime where that person was stabbed in the gut as a soldier.  Incidentally, this person died at age 25 in this past life from that stabbing and is also 25 in their current lifetime.  Due to cell memory, which is our collective subconscious memories of our past experiences that are stored in our cells, the physical body is remembering this event and carrying it over to the current lifetime.  Simply by gaining the knowledge of the past event, the source of the pain is revealed, and the ailment is now gone.  There are countless stories like this one that are documented in past life regression therapy sessions.  In fact, these researchers have checked obscure statements gained from past life regressions and found verifiable facts that would otherwise not be known by the subject to be true.  You can also get this from 2 separate people having been regressed, with neither one having knowledge of their past life memories and having their stories align.  There is much healing to be gained from these experiences.

     Past life regression and life between life regression therapy sessions are a great way of gaining insight into our physical journeys.  People under these regression sessions have reported very detailed accounts of the planning of their physical lifetimes.  The situations that were chosen before coming into their current lives are more understood and the karma that was involved between souls is made sense of.  For instance, if a person was raped in their current lifetime, then might be able to see that they had raped someone in a previous lifetime and made a ‘contract’ with that person before entering this lifetime to balance that experience between them.  You could also gain insight into your soul age and the work that you are accomplishing when you are residing on the spiritual planes.   Intermissiology is the study of the period of this life between our lives on the spiritual planes and has given us much information on what lies ahead for us when we pass on from our physical journeys.    Primarily, though, people use it for healing purposes, similar to the example previously given. 

     You can also progress to possible future lives with the help of progression therapy.  This was pioneered by hypnotherapist Brian Weiss.  Similar to past life regression, future life progression will allow the person to see possible outcomes of decisions that they may make.  It’s based on your choices.  So you can see what your future lives will be like if you stay on your current path or what would happen if you let go of certain karmas.  Your future lives can change based off what you decide to do in your current life.  This can also affect the overall future of the planet.  Again, it’s a very powerful tool, and even though you can’t prove whether these future possibilities will come true, it certainly gives you insight on how your current decisions affect your future karmas.

     There are also instances of people having memories of past lives without ever going into a regression therapy session and some are able to recall a great deal.  Dr. Ian Stevenson is very well known for his research into this area.  Children are the best candidates for remembering past life events, especially children between the ages of 3 and 5.  This is the age range where the child is able to access their subconscious freely and is able to communicate it to adults.  Children carry over past life phobias, fondness or dislike for certain things, recognition of people and places and can remember death and life circumstances from the previous lifetime.  Obscure facts and events from children’s past life memories have been verified through this research as well.  Also apparent can be birth marks, which could represent the location of a stab or gunshot wound that killed the person in the previous life.  Only when children get older do they start to process more of what is being fed to them by adults and they start to forget these ingrained memories.  We tell children that they are just imagining things or making them up so they start to actually believe it.  Their imaginary ‘friend’ could not actually be a disembodied soul or their spirit guide, could it?  Their memory of being your parent or grandparent in a previous lifetime is only a nice fairy tale, right?  Listen to your children when they are young and ask questions.  You may be surprised at what is revealed.


Consciousness 1


     Near death experiences (or NDEs) are another fascinating subject.  There have been millions of reported cases of NDEs.  These are experiences that people have when they are close to physical death (and are also reported with the use of the ayahuasca drug) which reveal the dying process and the journey to the spiritual planes.  People recall their consciousness floating out of their bodies, viewing things from above, traveling through a tunnel of light, meeting loved ones that are passed on, communicating with spirit guides or angels, having a life review, traveling around the spiritual planes, experiencing God source energy and feeling happy, peaceful and joyous.  There are many attempts at explaining the NDE, as being something that the dying brain creates due to lack of oxygen or simply the person having a hallucination due to the state of the physiological body near death.  They may explain some, but not all of the experiences that people have during an NDE.   Hallucinations are a sign of mental illness and will vary in experience.  NDEs have consistent attributes.  For instance, communicating with deceased loved ones or having a complete life review is not something that can be explained easily by these theories.

     Perhaps the best evidence that the NDE is a true journey of the dying process and of the existence that is awaiting us comes from the father of the NDE, Raymond Moody.  New research into shared death experiences gives us accounts of healthy, living people that are at the bedside or near the dying person having the same NDE experience along with that dying person.  This can be one person or many, but the stories are remarkable and the healthy people have the same experiences and memories as those that are about to pass.  These types of accounts are remarkable because there is no way that the theory about the dying brain creating the experience can be valid.  A healthy person should not be able to experience the same thing that a dying person does when it comes to NDE phenomena.  So this kind of research is groundbreaking and is a real game changer into the field of NDE research.  Essentially this tells us that our consciousness is not generated by our physical brains, but the other way around.  We can learn much information from those that have these experiences.  The messages are always clearly of love, unity, peace and eternity.  There is also healing that can be gained from this insight, as many people have had their beliefs changed or clarified as a result of an NDE.  Many change their lives and become teachers of what they discovered, so ultimately it is the message that is brought back which turns out to be the most important part of the experience.


“Matter is energy (light), whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter. ~ Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist


     Out of body experiences (or OBEs) are a little different from the previous topics.  An OBE can be accomplished through meditation or intense concentration, where the soul literally ‘pops out’ of the physical body.  That person is then able to either float around or to astral travel to any place in the universe.  Astral travel is the ability to ‘think’ yourself to anyplace you want and takes training and practice.  You may be able to experience other disembodied spirits through an OBE as well.  It’s different from the NDE since you are not actually in the dying process, but are able to disconnect temporarily from your physical body for a period of time to explore or heighten your awareness.  Highly evolved souls, like yogis, can separate their spiritual selves from their physical bodies at will.  This is because the physical body is not you, nor is it even solid.

     What we can discover from studying these subjects is that there is much more to our existence than what is revealed to us in our daily lives.  What we experience as part of our day to day routine is really just an illusion.  This is not our true existence, as there awaits us much greater planes of awareness beyond the physical realm that we often refer to as ‘home’.  We just have to open to sensing it.


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