“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost, Author, “The Road Not Taken”



     My name is Mike.  I was born and raised in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, OH and currently reside in the area with my wife and 2 young girls.  I am surrounded by a wealth of great family and friends and am happy living in our comfortable dwelling with consistent income to help support my family.  I am a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently work as a design engineer for a growing packaging company that is owned by a worldwide leader in the industry.  Right now this is the perfect position for me as I am close to home and have found stability after being laid off twice from the equipment industry.  My wonderful wife is a caring humanitarian who works as a special education teacher with autistic children and is the supportive, creative and loving person that I always envisioned to have raising my own children.  As for my beautiful girls, I only wish to offer them love, support and the freedom to explore their own spirituality without walls and to let them evolve into the best expressions of who they could possibly be, which is, of course, boundless souls like the rest of us.

     For most of my entire life that I can remember, I have been a little different.  Unique is a better word for it.  I’ve always felt as if I was a couple of steps from what you would consider ‘normal’ in terms of social, intellectual, or spiritual nature.  As a kid, I never really fit into any social groups.  Sure, I had friends, but I could not identify with any ‘cliques’.  I was my own person, and accepting of most anyone.  School seemed pretty easy for me.  When I really did try, I would flourish, but sometimes I didn’t really care all that much.  My mind was preoccupied in its own little world.  I always had a knack for obtaining knowledge, breaking it down, and forming my own conclusions from it.  Sometimes, they were not what everyone else was being taught, but I was OK with that.  Being an introvert kept me from really participating in a whole lot of social grooming, but my shyness faded when I started to accept that I was a great person and that people would accept me for who I was.  Eventually, I had integrated myself into the social norm and had a boatload of great friends by my side.  Being an introvert as an adult is a trait that I utilize to focus inward, reflect and express as an important part of my being.  I have no shame in this part of myself and am learning to utilize its characteristics to their fullest potential to help me evolve.

     As far as my exposure to spiritual practices growing up, I was taken through the Catholic Church.  My parents took us to church on a weekly basis and Sunday school.  I was exposed to a relatively conservative approach to religion so there wasn’t much in the sense of your own views; it was whatever they taught you.  I had a lot of questions but was never really given a satisfactory answer or was just left with more questions.  It seemed like some of what I was being taught was based out of fear and it didn’t sit well with me.  I also often wondered why I wasn’t being exposed to the rest of the world’s religions and philosophies and given the chance to see what else was out there.  I wasn’t really anyone’s fault as I was just being taught what they knew, but I needed more than what I had been exposed to.

     After I got out of high school in 1996, I had my first real awakening.  No longer housed in the safety of my familiar school walls and friends that I grew up knowing my entire life, I had to face real questions about what life really was and what my purpose was.  What I had been taught about God and the devil, heaven and hell, good and evil, sin and punishment were not good enough for me.  There was something missing (in fact there was a lot missing).  Are we supposed to live our lives in the fear that our souls could be eternally damned and for some reason we needed to be ‘saved’?  That God was judging our every move and if we didn’t repent our ‘sins’ we would be doomed forever?  There had to be more to it than that.  Like I said, how could I possibly be aware of any kind of real truth without ever being exposed to anything outside of the church or school walls that I grew up in?


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     I started to study other religions, other philosophies, other ideas.  Surely there had to be some basis for reincarnation, karma, multiple Gods and so forth (ideas that were not accepted by traditional western religion).  I often wondered what it would have been like to grow if in a place like India, where reincarnation and karma are a way of life, and Christian dogmas are not even a part of the picture.  How would my views on life’s purpose differ than they already do?  Over the years, I have found a number of resources on subjects like reincarnation, NDEs, karma, the spiritual planes, creation, soul evolution, the paranormal, extraterrestrials and any number of metaphysical or spiritual concepts that you can think of.  What I found is a very different world than the one that I was ever introduced to as a young man.  It’s the world that I am now comfortable in sharing and one that will certainly open your eyes to what could be really out there.  My intuition has grown a great deal over time, so I am able to sense what has credence and doesn’t.   So what I have found makes sense to me, and for the most part, the knowledge that I share is something that I have always known.  I had to take the journey in this current physical incarnation to rediscover this knowledge; otherwise, I would have never remembered it.  I am always learning and refining my truth, therefore I do not associate with any religion or philosophy in particular.  That kind of thinking system would only box me in and would not allow me to truly know.  So I am able to piece together wisdom and truth from as many sources as possible, and leave the rest behind, as no religion or philosophy is by any means complete.  I do have preferences, which stem from a combination of Eastern philosophies (reincarnation and karma), Gnostic philosophies (knowing from within), ‘new-age’ or contemporary research (channeling, mystics, psychics, NDEs, past life regressions, extraterrestrial contact, etc.) and personal experiences.  These ‘new-age’ philosophies are ‘filling the gaps’ in the more ancient philosophies, thus helping to bring outdated things into focus.

     Some of you may have never thought much about some of the concepts that I present.  They may seem to be a bit radical or new age, but in fact, many of the ideas presented around Gnostic spirituality are older than any established religion, we have just forgotten them.  New or old ideas are often scoffed at until a greater understanding can be obtained.  One thing to keep in mind is that the amount of knowledge available to us is extremely vast.  What you think you have accumulated as knowledge up to this point is very small.  So by no means do I know all the answers, as I am only one soul that is still on a journey, but what I have to offer is a much broader, deeper and higher picture than you may have been aware of.  That alone should be enough to at least make you think about what you already believe.


“He only is wise who devotes himself to realizing, not reading only, the ancient revelations. Solve all your problems through meditation. Exchange unprofitable religious speculations for actual God-contact. Clear your mind of dogmatic theological debris; let in the fresh, healing waters of direct perception. Attune yourself to the active inner Guidance; the Divine Voice has the answer to every dilemma of life. Though man’s ingenuity for getting himself into trouble appears to be endless, the Infinite Succor is no less resourceful.” ~ Lahiri Mahasaya, Spiritual Teacher, Indian Yogi


     The purpose of this website is not to try and convince anyone of my viewpoints.  What you read here is my truth and may not be what works for you.  I respect that each and every soul on this planet has their own unique viewpoint and purpose for life here, so there would be no reason to try and persuade anyone.  What I am trying to do is to help spread the conscious awakening that I have been feeling unfolding on this planet for quite some time now.  The current model for explaining God and the universe is outdated and needs to be clarified.  It’s time for a better understanding of our loving creator, one that nobody needs to fear.  The way we live on this planet is not working as resources are not being properly distributed, war is justified, unnecessary competition is out of control and too many people live in poverty.  I am sure there are many that feel the same way as I do – we are fed up with the suppression of knowledge, excessive greed, the controlling elite who abuse their power, religious and scientific dogmas, fear, hate, intolerance and overall ignorance.  There are many wonderful tools that we can use to awaken ourselves, increase our knowledge and therefore raise our level of consciousness – including books, websites, TV, radio shows and person to person conversation.  Many of us seem to be caught up in a competitive game that revolves around ‘my views are superior to yours’ or ‘my traditions are the right ones’ and so on.  What we need to realize is that we are all one, we all come from the same energy and we are all part of the source, God.  In fact, we ARE God.  We are the experiencing part of God and each and every one of us is creating through our choices.  So that means we are all connected.  All the knowledge in the universe is available to use if we choose to discover it.  So for those that are feeling the connected awakening and are trying to become a part of it, you will find many useful topics on this website.  In fact, if your heart and mind are already open to this knowledge then you will find that the information provided here will ring true with your soul as well.   I realize that for some of you this material will be challenging to understand and will even confuse or anger you.  There is nothing wrong with that, as your current beliefs have the most influence on your understanding of life and the universe and we are all at different stages of spiritual evolution.


“I am the soul that exists in everything.  I am the beginning, middle and end of all lives.  I am the mind dwelling in all things. I am light. I am consciousness. I am the eternal word. I am the one who never changes. I am the master of the future, and Lord of death. I am in all things, and nothing moves without me.” ~ Krishna, Spiritual Teacher, Paraphrased from “The Bhagavad Gita


     I have realized that one of the goals to accomplish in this incarnation is to expand the light and help others open up to what every one of us already knows.  So I created this website as a way of giving my accumulated wisdom back so that others may come to understand.  It took me many years of research and introspection and about 3 years to put this website together.  I feel it is very exciting time to be alive, as many doorways are opening that have not been previously available to us.  I may not choose to incarnate in a physical body again, so I feel the urge to share what I have realized and to remind everyone on the planet what they are capable of learning.  I do my best to explain and to provide links to websites, books, video, and audio so that you can explore the basis for the knowledge provided and further your own consciousness.  This is a very important part of the process.  In fact, don’t accept anything – be critical of everything you read here.  Find out for yourself, as I cannot force the research or knowledge on anyone, all I can do is put it out there.  From that point, it is up to you whether to take it further or to ignore it and continue on with your lives.  I can only show you the door.  If you are not ready, that is perfectly alright, as there is no such thing as the right way of viewing your life and your truth is perfectly valid.  If you are ready, however, then come along and see what is outside of that little box that you may be living in.  I have spent a lot of time compiling this knowledge and wisdom for people just like you.  Once you break down those walls and start to explore, you may find it very difficult to ever turn back.

~ MDE (Mike)


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