“Ninety percent, perhaps even more, of history is not documented. And as for the little that is documented or recorded, much of it may not be history at all but the warped perception, dissimulation, cover-ups and bias of those documenting or recording it. The task of the true historian is to detect the history which is not told, much like a cosmologist ‘detect’ the structure of the universe which is not seen. To ‘read’ between the lines or ‘see’ between the empty space, that is the exciting challenge.” ~ Robert Bauval, Ancient Egyptian Researcher, Author


     The concept of life outside of our planet has been discussed, debated and pondered upon since the beginning of mankind.  A recent survey found that at least 1/2 of Americans think aliens exist.  More than 3 out of 4 Americans believe that the government has kept information about Extraterrestrials from the public.  Even the Vatican has stated that Extraterrestrial life does not contradict a faith in God.  It seems like more and more people are being convinced that intelligent life not only exists outside of our planet but that they have been here for thousands, maybe even millions of years and that there is much more information out there about their existence and influence on our planet.  So even if you are not a believer right now or think that there is not enough information, you will certainly find much more than you ever thought, given that you are lead in the right direction.

     First, you must ask if there is intelligent life outside of our little planet, what purpose does it serve and where could it fit in with the overall scheme of physical life?  It does, in fact, coincide well with the magnificent creation scheme and the reincarnation cycle.  You don’t necessarily have to incarnate back to Earth in subsequent or previous lifetimes, but you may choose to live out a life on another planet altogether.  It would only make sense that in this vast universe/multiverse that there should be many other life forms.  What purpose would it serve to have such an incredible amount of space without any living beings to explore and experience physical lives on?  The fact that there are billions of planets and billions of stars in our own galaxy alone is enough to make you wonder what could possibly be out there.  We haven’t even scratched the surface yet as far as exploring or navigating the known universe, let alone what we don’t know exists.  So in order to accept the possibility of intelligent life outside of our known world, we must be open to the fact that we really have very little knowledge of what really is out there.  If you are already convinced that human beings are the only intelligent life form and that we are at the ‘top of the food chain’, then you are really coming from a place of ignorance and arrogance.  For those that are open to the existence of other intelligent life, it doesn’t necessarily require proof, but simply an acceptance that we are still on the path of discovery and that we already have a pool of data to search through.  You don’t have to look far for it, and when you do start to accumulate enough knowledge of what we already have discovered, it only makes sense that there is plenty of life out there.  We just aren’t ready to accept it yet on this planet as a whole.







“The evidence is overwhelming that Planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft. In other words, SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not. It’s clear from the Opinion Polls and my own experience, that indeed most people accept the notion that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. The greater the education, the MORE likely to accept this proposition.” ~ Stanton Friedman, Defense Contractor, Nuclear Physicist


     Let’s start with the modern data – stories and evidence that we are being visited by intelligent life forms and why they are here.   The Western modern day phenomena really took off with the Roswell Incident in 1947, although there are many more documented stories before that.  1947 is also is when the term ‘flying saucer’ came about as a description of unidentified flying objects or UFOs that were seen in the sky, or in the case of what happened at Roswell, were found crashed into the ground.  The incident caught the public’s attention, including the attempt to cover it up.   Ever since then, there have been numerous reports of UFOs by any number of people with some of the most famous cases being the Phoenix Lights, The Battle of Los Angeles and the Rendlesham Forest Incident at Bentwaters.  The question is, what could these objects be and are they from this planet or not?  Much of what has been reported is so extraordinary that it really does make you think that they do not originate from here.  We also have many accounts of encounters with beings that either results in an enlightening experience or a negative one.  The negative experiences are what get the most attention, such as human abductions, cattle mutilations, and black-eyed children.  Cattle mutilations are interesting because no traces of blood are found and parts of animals are removed with extreme precision with no evidence of tools or footprints.  We also have crop circles, which have actually been around for over 1000 years.  Yes, there have been numerous crop circles that have been debunked, but there is still a percentage that cannot be explained by any conventional means.  The crops in these circles have actually undergone cellular changes with measurements of radiation inside the area.  These circles are quite intricate and could not have possibly been formed overnight by a couple of people using wooden planks.  What they are is a communication from the Extraterrestrials that are watching over us, but we have yet to decipher their messages.

     Some of the more famous human cases include Barney and Betty Hill and Travis Walton.  There are of course many other experiences that have been reported, including those that have claimed to been abducted from an early age and continue to be abducted either against their will or that travel willingly (known as star travelers).  One famous case is that of Whitley Strieber, who actually has a foreign implantation in his ear, which has so far not been successfully removed.    The majority of cases involve people who do not remember most of what happened to them and when they are put under hypnosis, they are able to recall a mostly negative experience which includes being paralyzed and taken aboard a craft, experimented on physically or sexually and then being placed back or near where they were originally abducted from, usually several hours later.  This where cases of condensed time or missing time have been reported, where people have simply not been able to recall several hours or days at a time and if they are traveling, find themselves at a location much farther away from where they were supposed to be.  So the phenomena of negative encounters with alien beings are all too real, which begs the question of why.   With the research and wisdom from people like Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and Dolores Cannon, among many others, we can see that there is a hybrid program with humans and Extraterrestrial beings which have been ongoing since ancient times.  The program itself is not a negative one, as the purpose is to help other alien species and our own.  In fact, according to Dolores Cannon, there are several waves of volunteer souls that have incarnated on this planet in modern times to be in a physical body that has upgraded DNA for the purpose of evolution.    These souls are bringing in a new world, one that will be much more enlightened.  They are pure souls, directly from God source and have no previous karma.  They have actually volunteered, before coming into a physical body, to be abducted.  Subconsciously they are aware, even if consciously they are not.  The implants that are given to them are either communication devices or there to help with medical illnesses or malfunctions (due to these types of souls not being used to a human body) and basically to track their own kind.  So these souls are quite brave and powerful, coming to work from the inside, since Extraterrestrials are not allowed to interfere from the outside.

     The planet as a whole is not ready to accept or believe what is happening yet.  However, there are more and more people that feel that they are ready to know the truth or that would be willing to accept it.  Continual sightings and encounters only fuel the need to really know what is going on, although we are only seeing a sliver of really is out there (the reason is because their craft resides on a higher vibrational level, similar to the spiritual planes, so we cannot see them.  They have to slow down their vibration to be seen).  Governments around the world are opening up and releasing previously classified information regarding Extraterrestrial contact.  There are many countries that have disclosed information already.  It just shows that our governments know much more about what is going on than they are letting us know.  It’s either out a fear of a worldwide panic or that of control.  Much of what is reported is covered up or denied.  A good example is Area 51 in Nevada.  Accounts by Bob Lazar, a former employee, and John Lear, a researcher, tell a much different story than the official one, which includes alien craft reverse engineering and even recovered alien bodies.  This kind of activity is not going to be admitted by the United States government under the guise of military operations.  Speaking of military operations, there have also been many reports of sightings of UFOs around nuclear missile sites during a testing operation.   There is a definite reason for Extraterrestrials to have an interest in nuclear weapons, as the energy that is given off by these types of explosions has a direct effect on other planets, galaxies, and systems in the universe (the only reason that they are allowed to interfere with nuclear weapons).   Since we are not aware of the effect and the influence we have on the rest of creation in the universe, Extraterrestrials are monitoring and disabling nuclear weapon test launches before they are set off.  A big reason why UFO activities have increased after World War II is because of the testing and use of the atomic bomb.  This is another reason that Extraterrestrials are among us today, not only visiting from other worlds but actually living among us.  However, they will not reveal themselves to us until we as a planet are ready to know the truth.

     Even if we are ready to know the truth, it is still a difficult process for highly evolved beings or beings that exist in higher energy states to bring themselves to the lower energy state that we exist in as physical beings (this goes for beings in the spirit realm as well as highly evolved beings on this planet such as yogis or infinite souls).   This is because their energy has to be condensed to get to a lower energy state, which is like trying to get a tornado inside of a glass – very difficult and sometimes painful.  This is why we don’t actually see these beings very often.  Highly evolved beings do not require a physical body and can manifest any way they wish.  Many can travel by thought energy alone and can de-materialize at will.  This is why we have many stories of Extraterrestrials traveling right through walls or windows and transporting humans with them.  In fact, being inside of crafts is a way to protect their pure energy state; otherwise, they would not even need them.  So not being able to sense these beings with your 5 physical senses does not mean they don’t exist, as we can only sense a very small part of the known vibrational spectrum in our physical plane.

     As for the reason that they came to Earth to begin with, we have to start with the ancient past, which is riddled with clues to their existence.  In fact, there were many past civilizations that were destroyed by power and greed, and the Extraterrestrials are amongst us now to make that does not happen again.  So let’s look at the evidence that we have which shows us that they really have been here for a very long time…far back into antiquity.





ET Ancient


If we want to set out on the arduous search for the truth, we must all summon up the courage to leave the lines along which we have thought until now and as the first step begin to doubt everything that we previously accepted as correct and true. Can we still afford to close our eyes and stop up our ears because new ideas are supposed to be heretical and absurd?” ~ Erich von Däniken, Researcher, Author “Chariots of the Gods


     Much of what Extraterrestrial contact in the ancient past is based on is either from ancient texts (Apocrypha Texts, The Mahabharata, etc), anomalous items, ancient civilizations and archaeological sites.  In order to begin, we have to define where the word mythology comes from.  Most people think these are made up stories, coming from the imagination of ancient people, and are passed off as fiction.  But in fact, some mythology stories are the actual testimony of historical events given by priests and kings.  Over time they may be embellished or changed, which gives us the impression that they are not true.  There are so many incredible accounts throughout history that you really have to take a closer look and examine their origin and validity.  Of course, it’s all in the way you interpret these stories or accounts.   For instance, hundreds of ancient religious texts have their own version of what God is, but are these texts referring to God as a force of nature, a universal intelligence, a consciousness or referring to physical beings?  And could references to angels be the same thing?  This is not to say that all references in these texts can be connected this way, but there are certainly some that make you wonder if we are really reading about accounts with actual beings (we can call them gods with a lower case ‘g’ – and not the universal God consciousness.)  And whatever happened to the ‘God’ in the Old Testament of the Bible anyway?  Taking a closer look at every ancient culture’s history, we find that all of them had major events in their history that referred to a creation story and all have similar ideas about God.  So how did all of these ancient cultures have similar stories, all at different points around the world, with no communication with each other?  Could there have been a communication with Extraterrestrial species all across the planet that was mistaken for gods and angels?  It’s not a far stretch, considering the level of technology at the time that they would have been mistaken for a god.  Seeing a craft flying through the air, communicating with your people and having them show you advanced technology would certainly give you the impression that you were dealing with God.  The idea that God comes from the heavens could certainly be linked to a spaceship making contact with you from the sky.

     Many ancient cultures reference star systems as their place of origin, especially the Sirius star system and Orion’s Belt (construction of the Egyptian Pyramids).  Native Americans, for example, believe that their people were created from the ‘star people’.  Many Indian cultures refer to the star people as their ancestors and to themselves as their children.  They believe the star people still watch over them and many have regular sightings still today.  A fascinating account of the relationship with Indian culture and Extraterrestrials can be found in the book “Encounters With Star People” by Ardy ‘Sixkiller’ Clarke, which documents a number of interviews with Native Americans and tells their stories.  Many account abductions, craft sightings, close encounters and even ongoing relationships with Extraterrestrials.  The Native American-ET connection runs deep and the claim is that while to them the stories are common and accepted, the white man turned them into ‘myths’.  This is just one example of how established knowledge can be turned into fable.  Stories that have been passed down for generations are a way of life for Native Americans, and we simply cannot dismiss their knowledge just because we are so short sighted.

     There are many other accounts as well, with some of the most well-known ones coming from the Bible.  For example, the ‘Ezekiel’s Wheel’ story accounts a flying chariot containing wheels within wheels being powered by angels.  This could either be someone’s imagination or an actual account of a craft that could not be explained with the terminology available at the time of its writing.  And what about the story of Jonah and the Whale?  Whatever it was, it was important enough to be recorded.  There are also many accounts within the Bible of people being taken into clouds or the ‘heavens‘ and being shown around, or chariots in the sky emanating fire and smoke with loud sounds and bright lights.  The Vedic Sanskrit texts of ancient India account flying machines called Vimanas.  We have stories of gods fighting battles in the sky with weapons.  The Mahabharata gives us much information about these battles.  This is only a slice of the numerous accounts of what seems to be contact or witness to events that cannot be easily explained.

     In addition to the ancient texts, there are many places around the world that are full of mystery.   One of the most well known is the Egyptian Pyramids.  Found on the Giza Plateau, they are towering layers of very heavy stones which are precisely built and aligned.  Considering the complexity of such a structure, especially in ancient times, it really makes you question how such heavy cut stones were put together so accurately.  Not only are the stones flat and parallel, they exhibit complex math ratios and alignment to the Earth and the stars.  So how were they built?  If you were to theoretically quarry, carry and place 5 stones a day (a monumental feat considering the size, weight, and precision of which they are built) it would take about 500 years to complete the Great Pyramid at Giza.  This does not sound like a very practical method for building a massive structure for supposedly holding a tomb for mummies (which have never been found in the Great Pyramid).  Even attempts at building a smaller scale pyramid with modern day equipment have been unsuccessful.  There has also not been any evidence of advanced tools found.  So how could they have possibly been built?  The answer may lie in sound wave technology that was used to levitate the stones in place.    Similar to what was thought to have been done at Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida.  It’s a technology given to us by the ‘gods’.  The Egyptian Texts may also refer to extraterrestrial contact.

     Searching elsewhere around the world, you can find many other places with structures that defy conventional logic.  Puma Punku, found in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia is one of those examples where stones can be found that are extremely flat, precise, parallel, smooth and fit right into each other like Legos.  There are bored holes and what look to be machined grooves in some of the blocks that, according to researcher and machinist Christopher Dunn, would only have been possible with modern milling machinery.  There is also no evidence of tools found there, so how were these blocks quarried and shaped?  And why does the area look like it was destroyed?  Could it have been a nuclear blast?  It’s an intriguing mystery that can certainly be linked to an Extraterrestrial influence, as the Aymara people, indigenous to the area, point to the ‘gods’ for the building of Puma Punku in one night.  You can also find pyramid structures all around the world in places like China, Mexico, and Peru, which can be dated to older than 5,000 years.  There are pyramids in Bosnia that are thought to be the oldest and largest on Earth but have their existence denied, as they are covered in greenery.  Researching ancient Chinese literature, you will see that emperors stressed that the pyramids in China did not originate from Earth, but from the ‘Sons of Gods’ who came down in ‘fiery metallic dragons’.  Could it be a myth or does it imply Extraterrestrial beings traveling in spacecraft?  What’s interesting is that these pyramids have a similar structure, so how was this knowledge passed from one culture to another so long ago?  Some other intriguing places (and there are many) include the Ajanta Caves in India, Teotihuacan (The City of the Gods), Macchu Pichu (home of Viracocha, the creator ‘god’ of the Incas), Mohenjo-Daro (which was destroyed as well), The Temple of Baalbek, The Stone of the Pregnant Woman, The Stones of Carnac, Easter Island, Oannes, The Dropa Stones of Tibet,  The Ollantaytambo Slabs in Peru, The Gate of the Gods in Peru and Lalibela Rock Churches in Ethiopia.  All of these places have massive structures or stones that cannot be explained by conventional historical records.  The people at the time period when these structures were being built simply did not have the tools or the knowledge to complete such elaborate tasks, at least according to modern accepted research.

     We also have an impressive amount of items that do not fit very well into mainstream historical data.  The Antikythera Mechanism is one such item, which dates back about 2,000 years.  It’s an intricate piece of machinery with a wooden structure and driven by bronze gears, which are designed comparable to 14th-century astronomical clocks. It appears to be able to simulate planetary motions and predicts the position of the moon and stars, amongst other things.  How could this piece of technology actually have been put together at that time period?  The Piri Reis Map is another item that defies mainstream science.  It’s an intricately detailed map of the world from 1513 that accurately shows outlines that should not have been known at that time, which were charted from earlier maps, as stated on the map itself.  So where did the knowledge come from?  Much like mysterious places around the world, there are numerous items like these that exist, only to throw a wrench into what we are taught through our history books.  We have Crystal Skulls, the Saqqara Bird, Baghdad Batteries, Tello Obelisk, perfectly aerodynamic Goldflyer Wings, the Lid of Lord Pacal’s Tomb, Olmec Heads, The Oronteus-Finaeus Map, the stone spheres of Costa Rica and much research into extreme human antiquity, which proposes that humans may have been around for millions of years.  Once you begin to explore some of these items, you really begin to ask questions.  It only takes one anomaly to disprove a theory which is that we developed as a linear society with high technology only being developed in very modern times.  The possibility that either there were advanced civilizations that developed here on Earth on their own or with the help of Extraterrestrial contact is not a part of what the mainstream wants us to believe.







“There is no literature on Earth that gives you a true picture of these beings. All of the gods came here to learn and to enhance their own development through working with creativity, consciousness, and energy. Some became very successful and mastered their own lessons, while some made quite devastating errors.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Channeled Wisdom from the Pleiadians, Author “Bringers of the Dawn


     If we are to say that Extraterrestrials exist and have been around this planet for a very long time, there has to be a reason for why they came here in the first place.  It has to be stated first that there isn’t just one race of Extraterrestrials that are around, but many races – similar to the number of races around the world (and may actually explain why we have so many different races on this planet).  So what would they come here for?  The answer is to help seed intelligent life on this planet.  But first, we have to start with how life started on the physical planes.

     We know that science theorizes that the universe started with The Big Bang and all life evolved from a primordial soup.  Religions tell us that the universe was created by ‘God’ and that life was created in his image.  Christianity, for example, tells us that the universe was created in 6 daysArchbishop James Usher in 1650 AD concluded the age of the Earth was only 6000 years old based on lifespan calculations of people in the Bible dating back to Adam and Eve.  Since then, science has shown us that the universe and the Earth are much older than that.  So where does the Bible creation story come from?  And where does the theory of evolution come in, and why does it seem to completely contradict the creationist story?  The answer will lie in an explanation of what is defined as ‘God’ and the role of Extraterrestrial intervention.  We must take the theories of Intelligent Design, Creationism and Darwinism Evolution and use them for a complete explanation of how life was started on this planet (and elsewhere in the universe).  There really is no reason to take one side of the argument over another and completely disagree with each other.  The answer lies somewhere in the middle, with all sides taken into consideration, as well as the consideration of other evidence.


“Eons ago, Earth was but a thought in the minds of great beings who had set before themselves the task of creating new forms of existence. Many of these beings affected the creation of this universe, and you have termed them God.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Channeled Wisdom from the Pleiadians, Author, “Bringers of the Dawn


     To begin, the universe has always existed and so have we.  It just hasn’t always existed in a lower vibration physical form, which is where we are experiencing our lives right now.  Where it has existed is in pure universal knowledge, which you can also call God.  Our true home on the spiritual planes is the embodiment of this knowledge, where every thought energy has ever existed.  In order to experience this knowledge, a physical plane with relative experiences and emotions had to be created thru consciousness.  So this is where it all got started, with the infinite differentiation of souls from the God source and the creation of physical matter as a medium for our souls to experience in.  You could say that God created this physical realm but also keep in mind that we are also God, so really we as a whole created it.  There is no separation between us and God, and this is very important.  The creation of physical matter was accomplished by the manipulation of energy, with solid objects being simply compressed forms of pure vibrational energy.  When you manipulate energy you can turn it into any form you wish, with its shape and form determined by frequency and vibration.  Highly evolved souls can accomplish this at will.  Keep in mind that energy never dies, it just changes form.

     So the initial creation of the physical universe(s) was accomplished in this way.  You could say that it was the Big Bang but the energy that was used to create it was always there.  This is how ‘intelligent design’ can be explained – with creation from pure conscious energy (God) into physical form, ultimately leading to mankind being created in God’s (our) likeness.  The Big Bang is science’s attempted explanation for the conscious creation of physical matter from pure energy.  It’s the steps to get to God’s likeness that needs to be further explored because the initial creation forms were simple.  It was through evolution that these forms became more complex and suitable for pure conscious energy (our souls) to merge with and experience the dense physical realm.  It’s not an instant creation of mankind like The Bible would have you believe, but a gradual one.  In fact, the creation story in The Bible is really just mankind’s interpretation of another creator (Extraterrestrial) giving a less evolved life form a new consciousness level.  And these Extraterrestrial life forms were created by another previous life form and so on.  The road to get from a simpler life form to a more complex life form is what is known as physical evolution (not to be confused with spiritual evolution).

     There are 2 types of physical evolution – micro and macro.  Microevolution is the gradual changing of physical life forms over long periods of time due to environmental changes and adaptability in order to survive.  This is the main focus of the Darwin Evolutionary Theory, natural selection.  But the theory only a partial explanation of evolution and is by no means complete (remember it is only a theory).  In fact, Darwin himself admitted that there were holes that he could not explain.  He could show that species were likely able to evolve at a very slow and gradual pace over a long period of time.  It does a great job of explaining the survival of the fittest, but he could not explain the big jumps in evolution that we find in our earth’s history, such as in the large change in human DNA in the last 5,000 years.  This Macroevolution is where the Darwin Theory starts falling apart.  There are numerous ‘missing links’ that have still not surfaced.  The intermediate fossil records showing the link between apes and humans is simply not there.  Also, the link between non-flowering plants and the sudden arrival of flowering plants is not there.  And why do non-flowering plants still exist?  Again, there is no evidence of a more developed intermediate species like you would expect.  We also have no real precursors to wheat, corn or rice.  It seems like these came into existence from plant breeding, but by whom?  There is also no satisfactory explanation for very complex animal biological functions like eyesight, blood clotting or DNA replication.  In fact, Francis Crick, one of the co-discoverers of the structure of the DNA molecule, suggests that human DNA is much too complex and intricate to have originated simply by evolution or from Earth’s primordial soup.  His theory, along with Fred Hoyle, has to do with panspermia, where initial life was distributed on earth through comets, asteroids or meteors.  This may be a viable explanation for some life on Earth, but it still does not explain macroevolution.  Our complex language skills are also a mystery.  The FOXP2 gene, partially responsible for language, is coded differently in humans than in other animals, but why?  Many ancient texts state that language was given to us by the Gods.  What does this mean?  We also have the ‘Big Bang of the Brain’, which is a 2004 University of Chicago study showing that the human brain underwent a fast evolution 50,000 years ago in a short amount of time.  How is this possible?

     So with all of these holes in the Darwin Evolution Theory, how do you explain them?  Especially since we know that humans are anywhere from 97-99% genetically similar to chimpanzees.  Where is the link?  There are no slow transition periods in the fossil records from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural society in humans.  It happened around the world in a relatively short period of time.  In fact, the fossil records generally show that new fully formed species appear out of nowhere, exist for a long time, remain mostly unchanged (save some microevolution) and then die out as the result of some catastrophe.  There are many records of these earth catastrophes where entire species were wiped out and new ones came into existence (evidence can be found in ancient texts of nuclear war).  Even Ancient Hindu texts have their own cosmological cycles.  In the case of modern humans, there were 6 civilizations (Egypt, Indus Valley, China, Mexico, Peru, and Mesopotamia) around the world that suddenly came into being around 3000 years ago with knowledge that was previously unknown like taming irrigation for agriculture, metallurgy or advanced math knowledge.  This knowledge came into existence just on the heels of the stone age, where hunter-gatherer societies were the norm.  There is no real genetic or evolutionary basis for the sudden appearance of societies like these; it would take much more time for this advanced knowledge to develop.  All of these civilizations had similar knowledge, similar advanced tools, built similar structures and had similar creation stories, despite being spread across the globe with vast oceans and land between them.  How would they have communicated this knowledge?  If they didn’t then why are they all so similar?  So given the sophistication of the technology, the similarity and the short period of time to develop it, a logical conclusion could be made that the knowledge came from someone that already knew it.  In other words, outside intervention.

     So in order to explain the big jumps in evolution (macroevolution), we will use what we read in ancient texts and decipher them.  Most notable are the Book of Genesis in the Bible, the Nag Hammadi texts, the Book of Enoch, Ancient Sumerian Texts, the Popul Vuh and the like.   These texts explain how the ‘gods’ created us and also gave us knowledge.  The book of Genesis Ch 6, for instance, explains how the ‘Sons of Gods (Nephilim) mated with the daughters of men’ and bore children.   The Book of Enoch tells us that ‘fallen angels’ mated with human females.  The Sumerian texts tell us about the ‘gods’ Enlil and Enki, among others, who gave them advanced knowledge about agriculture, mathematics, trades, writing and technology that they did not previously have.  These 2 gods in particular fought with each other over the control of man and the importance of procreation.  It is said the ‘great flood’ was caused by Enlil, who wanted to destroy their creation.  The Maya, Aztecs, and Inca civilizations also have ancient texts which document advanced knowledge and creation stories.  Either we can interpret the ‘gods’ or ‘angels’ in these writings as the traditional religious creator God and his Angels or we can look at them a different way and interpret them as actual flesh and blood beings.  Either people all around the world in ancient times had direct contact with God, or they believed they were in contact with God but were merely in contact with beings that seemed like they were God because of their knowledge and power.  Interestingly, we come across stories in modern times that depict isolated primitive cultures which come in contact with modern humans and come away believing that these modern humans are actually gods.  Good examples of this are of John Frum and the Tanna People (In John They Trust) and Michael Leahy’s exploration of Papa New Guinea.

     Looking then at the traditional creation story found in the Genesis book of the Bible, we can now interpret it a different way.  In Ch 2, we know the story that Eve was created from the rib of Adam by God.  But could this ‘god’ actually be a flesh and blood Extraterrestrial creating what we know today as Homo Sapiens from Homo Erectus?   Ch 3 tells us about the Garden of Eden and ‘God’ searching for a man, with a man seeing ‘God’.  But is it actually ‘God’ that man is seeing, or is it a flesh and blood being?  Why would God need to search for anyone?  Going back to the concept of spiritual evolution, if we are advanced enough in the evolutionary path, we start to put away the childish notion of a separate ‘God’ that magically created us, gave us knowledge but forbade us to use it, abandoned us and left us searching for him.  We start to embrace a universal presence that never left us or was ever separate from us.  We then can take what we find in ancient texts that were written by much less evolved (spiritually and technologically) humans and interpret them in a different way.  The people that wrote these texts were not speaking of the universal God consciousness (they did not understand what this was anyway) but actual beings that came here for their own reasons and took an already semi-intelligent life form and genetically manipulated it for their own benefit.  What resulted is the creation of many different intelligent races all around the planet that we see today.  It’s not that big of a jump to go there, considering not only the absolute vastness of the known universe and the evidence found in ancient texts, but the hypnotic regression of modern people who tell us exactly why Extraterrestrials came here in the first place and what they did.







“Information was distorted when those who came from the skies to move you along in your development were turned into Gods.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Channeled Wisdom from the Pleiadians, Author, “Bringers of the Dawn


     The premise for mankind’s sudden jump from a more primitive ape-like creature to modern intelligent human beings lies with the notion that Extraterrestrials came here many thousands of years ago and genetically altered our DNA.  The work of Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretation of the Sumerian texts, while controversial, basically tells us that an advanced Extraterrestrial race, the Annunaki, came to Earth 200,000 years ago and genetically altered primitive man in order to be slaves to mine gold for use on their planet.  This interpretation, like any other, is subject to scrutiny, but there are other resources as well (interestingly enough, the book “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton documents a hypnotic regression therapy session with a person who states that the human voice box was too restricted before 200,000 years ago for any meaningful human incarnations.)  An incredible body of consistent research comes from Dolores Cannon, who has done hypnotic regression therapy and channeled information through many people who have not felt like they ‘fit in’ to the human physical essence.  Through regression, we find that many of these people have incarnated into physical bodies in modern times that were not human in previous lives, but rather evolved in previous lives on other planets.  Many of them are experiencing human existence for the first time and are free of the karmic experiences that most of us evolve through as human beings in previous lives.  For this reason, their souls are ‘pure’ and have a more direct connection with intuition.  What is found during regression therapy is that these souls (like any other souls on this planet) chose to come here (in several waves) at this time to start a push forward in spiritual evolution.  These are the souls that are being abducted by Extraterrestrial races and are actually being used for a hybridization program that is creating new, more evolved human being.  They may not know that consciously it was their choice, but subconsciously they are aware of exactly what their purpose is.  Their volunteer program started after the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945 in an effort to influence the planet in a more positive direction.   Barbara Marciniak‘s ET channeling research in her book “Bringers of the Dawn” also reveals a program for the rearranging of DNA structure to 12 strands (chakras) to become more evolved and to access lost information about the planet and the cosmos.

     So now we can tie in modern accounts of Extraterrestrial contact with ancient accounts.  There are actually many different alien races observing and experimenting on Earth.  ‘The Watchers‘ are explained in several different books, including “The Custodians’” by Dolores Cannon and “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts.  These beings are tall and blond and are benevolent.  Other races include The Greys and Reptilians, which are more negative beings.  Barbara Marciniak explains who these ‘Gods’ were in Chapter 3 of her book “Bringers of the Dawn“.  Through regression, we find that a hybridization cycle happens all over the universe (through the directives of the overseeing Extraterrestrial Council) and has happened in our ancient past with ape-like creatures.  Genetic manipulation was carried out with intuition and psychic powers being introduced as a way of raising consciousness levels. In fact, we were seeded from the very beginning of single cell life on this planet, with a combination of natural microevolution and minor genetic intervention to push things along (natural evolution would have taken much longer as humans had evolved naturally to a point where they would have just continued on to be in a neanderthal state).  After the genetic modification to modern humans, Extraterrestrials then brought culture, knowledge, and technology previously unknown to the most intelligent species (Egyptians, Babylonians, Indus Valley, Atlantis, Lemuria etc).  This ancient genetic modification on our planet was used as a program to create workers that could build structures (like the pyramids) but not too intelligent that they questioned authority.  This is why you see many accounts of anger, jealousy, control and judgment from ‘gods’ in ancient texts like the Bible.  After the program was finished, several Extraterrestrial races were involved in deciding if the experiment (humans) was worth keeping and wars broke out between the Extraterrestrial races.  You may recall ‘gods’ and giants fighting it out in what were referred to as mythological stories, but these were actual accounts of a war.  Humans were eventually allowed to carry on and generally left alone to their free will (although the story of Noah and the flood refers to an attempt by the gods to wipe out ET sexual contact with humans as an experiment gone ‘wrong’).  Corrections are made from time to time due to environmental changes and disease control, but for the most part, we are just being watched over with the limited revealing of their presence as we need to learn on our own.  We will eventually carry this genetic manipulation on to other less evolved beings (we do this now to a limited extent to lab animals).  From a metaphysical aspect, this continuous physical evolution pattern results from our collective consciousness wanting to experience a more evolved state of being and to explore individuality, all the way from a single cell up to modern physical states. 

     Another interesting part of this creation story was that Earth was really meant to be a ‘Garden of Eden’ with the ability given for all life here to live forever, but a meteorite hit earth in the distant past and brought unexpected bacteria and disease.  The evolution program was allowed to continue by the overseeing Extraterrestrial Council (that are still looking out for us today) despite this event.  With the new genetic modification program, Extraterrestrials are attempting to bring this back so that we are evolved to the point to where are no sicknesses and we can choose to exit the physical body when we are ready to do so.  This is how ‘death’ happens on other evolved planets in the universe.   The new restructuring of DNA will make us more conscious and more vibrationally connected through thought and feeling.  So while it seems like abduction phenomenon is frightening and against our will, it is actually for the benefit of the human race.  When we are ready to accept this knowledge, we will be given full awareness as well as access to more advanced technology and knowledge, just like we were given in the ancient past.  Then we can become a part of the universe’s Galactic Federation, which has many members throughout the universe.  We are not quite ready for it yet, as we need to become responsible with our current technology first.  A new consciousness will achieve that.

     This is a lot to swallow for the person who has not come across this kind of information before.  You may not have even heard of a lot of it, mostly because we are not taught about alternative ways of looking at our Earth’s history, the origination of consciousness or human origins.  Like religion, science has its own set of dogmas, preserved by the academic elite, which are operating under their own agendas rather than the truth.  The education institutions that we are familiar with are government supported and most of the teachers under that system do not question the established views.  The establishment does not have a desire to change, even with the presentation of new ideas and findings.  They are suppressed or ridiculed to the point to where they have been cast aside.  When anomalies are presented, they generally do not fit the established theories so they are discarded.  You have to ask yourself whom can you trust.  If you can accept that mainstream textbooks do not take the whole picture into account then you start to look elsewhere for ideas.


The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye. ~ The Obama Administration


     We are also not being told anything by our governments about these alien beings, which have actually been in contact with our governments for a long time now.  In fact, alien technology had been exchanged for genetic experiments, something that was abused by governments.  In turn, governments are no longer trusted by Extraterrestrials and now only give limited knowledge to select people (volunteers).  All of this information has been suppressed in fear of panic and loss of control.  Also remember that much of what you are taught from a scientific point of view is just a theory – the Theory of Relativity, the Theory of Evolution, the Big Bang Theory, etc.  Science still can’t explain gravity.  We have no idea what Dark Matter is.  We are discovering new, possibly habitable planets every day.  How many planets are there in the universe anyway?  And how many planets in our own galaxy have the ability to have complex lifeforms?  It’s a lot of unknown information that we have yet to prove out.  One thing to remember is that what we can sense with our 5 physical senses is only a very small fragment of what is in existence.  Modern science has been discovering this for a while now.   So as with anything else presented here, keep an open mind, you may be surprised at what we don’t yet know.  The search for the truth never ends.  It’s what keeps people like myself continuously pushing the boundaries of what we understand.  And I’m not alone.


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