Who Is Jesus Christ?



“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” ~ Gautama Buddha, Spiritual Teacher


     Coming from a conservative western religious background and being opened up to a much wider scope of spirituality than any religion has ever taught me, I would like to share my views on the entity we refer to as Jesus Christ.  Many people believe, and with good reason due to their religious teachings, that Jesus was/is the unique ‘son of God’ who came to Earth to bring us ‘salvation.  Salvation, by western religious terms, means being saved from your ‘sins’.  Which means that without a savior, we are pretty much doomed to some kind of ‘hell’.   At least this is the interpretation that I was given in my younger days.  As the story goes, Jesus was sent to Earth by God, put to death for his teachings and was resurrected, which fulfilled a prophecy and in turn saved all of us.

     Now if you’ve explored this website, you will understand that there are many misinterpretations in this story.  Salvation is nothing more than being conscious of your ego.  There is nothing to be ‘saved’ from other than the illusion that we are separated and are only our physical bodies.  The only ‘hell’ that exists is the one you create in your mind.  So what then exactly was the reason for the incarnation of Jesus and who exactly is this entity many of us worship? 

     First, we have to realize Jesus is not the unique ‘son of God’ but is simply much more highly evolved than any of us.  It’s a simplification term because ‘God’ is not human.  His vibration is just closer to the universal God (source energy).  Referring to the Michael Teachings, Jesus is an Infinite Soul and resides on a very high plane of existence.  The higher vibrationally you become, the more you know that you are one with everything and that you are literally God.  Physical illusions such as time and space do not exist at these higher planes of existence.  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj breaks down these illusions and presents an understanding of our oneness in his teachings covered in the book “I Am That”.  Being separate is part of the illusion of being physical.  We are all one God (source energy) at the highest planes of existence.  This is what Jesus represented.

     Being so highly evolved, Jesus is able to consciously know and utilize many truths about being in a physical body that most of us literally forget while we are here.  This is why he was able to perform ‘miracles’.  His teachings are from pure knowledge, but most of his followers could not fully comprehend them, nor do many of us understand them today.  This is why he had to speak in parable and things were lost in translation.  The whole truth could never have been understood or communicated through our interpretation in written texts (there are some who have channeled the essence of Jeshua (Jesus) – Pamela Kribbe through “The Jeshua Channelings” and Robert Schwartz in  “Your Soul’s Plan” are good examples.  We also have documentation of groups of people coming into contact with Jesus and receiving a different message than what traditional Christianity gives us).  We were simply not evolved enough to put it all together.  His teachings were then turned into a religion and its interpretations were shared with the masses by way of authority. 

     The story of his death and ascension is certainly very probable.  Yes, there are arguments against its validity, but there is enough evidence to prove that Jesus’ life and death were something out of the ordinary.  First, we need to define the difference between resurrection and ascension.   Resurrection is the return of a soul back into a body after that body has physically died.  The resurrection of Lazarus is a good example of this.  It takes an ascended master like Jesus to perform such a task.  Ascension, on the other hand, is something completely different.  Those that achieve ascension are advanced souls transforming themselves into a higher state of conscious being without even having to undergo a ‘normal’ physical death.  It takes many years to achieve this state of being.  There are more than 160,000 documented cases of ascension happening in Tibet and China alone in which advanced masters have achieved the state they call the ‘Rainbow Body’  (Taoists call it the ‘Diamond Body’ & Gnostics call it the ‘Radiant Body’).  Paramahansa Yogananda shares a story in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi” from his guru ascending and returning in spirit form to give him an incredibly detailed account of the higher planes of existence and the forms of karma that exist there.  You can either return into your physical body or move back to the spiritual planes after ascension.  You may also go between planes at will.

     As far a Jesus goes, he also achieved ascension.  In Dolores Cannon‘s book “Jesus and the Essenes“, her hypnotically regressed subject is witness to his ‘death’ and ascension in a previous lifetime.  She explains that Jesus died (by choice) quickly on the cross (not from a natural physical death, as it was too quick), ascended into the higher spiritual planes and returned in spirit form to the people to prove that physical death was not the end of life.   His physical body was turned to ash in the tomb from the help of spiritually evolved masters on the spiritual planes.  This is why his body was never found and only his clothing was.  This was done as a means of destroying the physical body so that resurrection was not possible, leaving ascension as the only option. 


“Jesus was an emissary from another level of spiritual reality which is much closer to God than we are. His level was not directly below God. In other words, there are levels which are more complete than Jesus. However, he was from a level which no man before had ever been from. The human mind has trouble comprehending many of these concepts. Therefore they must be couched and phrased in terms which human comprehension will accept.” ~ Dolores Cannon, Author, “Between Death and Life


    We can see that Jesus is not alone, though.  There are many very highly evolved beings that reside in higher planes of existence (and many others that never incarnate into physical form) such as Krishna, Lao Tzu, Babaji and Buddha, as well as other advanced souls on the physical planes, which have not been as well documented, that can attain this state of being and transcend the physical planes at will.  They serve on the higher planes of existence and rule the physical planes.  This is due to their very high state of consciousness and understanding of the highest laws of the universe, those which most of us have a hard time understanding.  Their ultimate truth is that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.  Baird T. Spalding‘s account of highly evolved beings in the series “Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” is an example that there are spirits that have transcended the physical realm and achieved a higher state of consciousness known as the ‘Christ Consciousness‘.  In his conversation with God book “Home With God“, Neale Donald Walsch explains that Christ Consciousness is living in the state of being with the conscious, subconscious and superconscious levels all being realized consciously.  It is knowing that on some level of consciousness you are creating everything into your being.  This is the way of being of the most elevated masters in the universe, however, it is something we can all achieve.

     So you can see that the story of Jesus’ death and ascension is misunderstood.  Early founders of the Christian religion understood it as the ‘son of God’ ascending back into ‘heaven’, thus ‘saving’ us all from our ‘sins’.  While this sounds like a great way to attain followers for a church, it certainly doesn’t hold much truth.  The explanation for sin is a rationalization for karma, which was necessary at that particular time and place.  The true meaning of his teachings has nothing to do with being saved from our ‘sins‘, as the meaning of the word ‘sin’ (missing the mark) gets misunderstood.  It is about being saved from ourselves, in other words, our ego and the illusion of separateness.   He came here to teach universal love, which is the highest vibrational form of energy in existence.  He taught that we can transcend the karmic wheel and showed that we are much more than the physical body.  What we need to learn is that we are God and since we created ourselves, we can do everything that Jesus did and be everything that Jesus is.  The ‘second coming of Jesus’ is exactly this, a realization of this higher conscious way of being.  We will all have a ‘second coming’, only to experience life again at a higher consciousness level.  He is an example for us to emulate, just like every other evolved being that comes into a physical body to teach.  We must understand that what he taught what was relevant for the soul age at that time and at that place in the world.  It does not necessarily apply for all places throughout all of time (many religions make this claim).  He spoke in parable and reiterated the commandments because that explanation of karma is what the people at that time (baby souls) needed to hear, as they were not ready to understand the greater picture.  Anything more would be akin to teaching college level material to elementary students (there are many contemporary teachers that go much deeper into spirituality).  There must be an understanding of the planes of existence, why we incarnate into physical forms and why we carry out karmas in order to grasp the purpose for an entity such as Jesus.   People feared his teachings because he was so enlightened.  He was misunderstood by many, which is why he was put to ‘death’. 

     Many today still do not understand his teachings but there are also many that do carry great knowledge from teachers such as him.  There are more evolved entities on this planet and throughout the universe than ever before.  Many of us are ready to understand the true nature of love, which begins with tossing away the traditional dogmas that have existed for so many years.  Opening yourself up to a broader range of spirituality will accomplish this.  There is nothing wrong with adoring and admiring a highly evolved entity like Jesus as his teachings are universal and timeless, but just be aware that there are many other highly evolved entities as well.  You too can become like any of these masters, and its the reason why you choose to incarnate here over and over.


“My message was that the Christ energy is present in all human beings as a seed. When you look up to me as some kind of authority, you have misunderstood my message. I wished and still wish to invite you to believe in yourself, to find the truth within your own heart and not to believe in any authority outside of you. Ironically, the official Christian religion has placed me outside of your reality as an authority figure to worship and obey. This is quite the opposite of what I intended. I intended to show you that you can be a living Christ yourself. I now ask you to recognize the Christ within and to return my humanness to me. I am Jeshua, man of flesh and blood, and truly a friend and brother to you all.” ~ Jeshua, Channeled through Pamela Kribbe, Author, “The Jeshua Channelings


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